How Much Does Foot Zoning Cost?

Last Updated on February 13, 2023
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Foot zoning is a therapy method that is usually done in multiple sessions. It is a type of therapy that uses strokes, pressure, and some other techniques and systems to change the signals that the feet send. These are the signals that are telling your body’s systems, tissues, and organs, how to approach and fix all problems that might arise.

To make sure that every system and signal is working as it should, a map of the four zones of the feet will be used with every session. Although each body will react differently to the procedure, each foot zoning therapy will usually follow the same steps for each person.

Foot zoning therapists are able to find energy blockages, imbalances, and disturbances anywhere in a particular zone just by feeling and sometimes looking at the feet.

The approach of foot zoning is to see the body as a whole system and not to focus on one organ or a specific illness. Getting rid of any energy blockages should be a way of helping our DNA and cells to balance, renew, restore, and fix our bodies from within.

How Much Does Foot Zoning Cost?

The full cost of foot zoning will ultimately depend on several factors like the type of session you go for and the massage center you pick. A 60-minute foot zoning session will cost about $80, while a 30-minute session should cost between $25 and $75.

A clinic in St. George, for example, offers food zone therapy for $30 to $80, depending on the age of the patient.

Below you will find an example of a pricing table for foot zone therapy that you might come across in different clinics around the US:

Foot Zone Therapy Sessions                                  Time Pricing
Infant and Toddler 50-60 min $30
Child Session (Ages 3-12) 50-60 min $50
Adult Sessions (package of 5) 50-60 min each $340
Adult Sessions (package of 3) 50-60 min each $205
Adult Sessions (package of 10) 50-60 min each $675
Adult Session (Ages 13 and up) 50-60 min $80

Keep in mind that these prices might differ from one clinic to another.

Benefits of foot zoning

Foot Zones for TherapyThe Foot Zone technique is designed to help the whole body to start working better because the feet are split up into four different zones. Different messages and signals are sent all throughout the body each time these zones suffer changes. With the stimulation of foot zones, your tissues and organs will get important messages through your spinal cord and brain. Every part of the body will start working harder when different foot zones are triggered.

Therapists use foot zone techniques as a way of reading the signals from your feet, to understand how the body is functioning. The feet are not only able to tell you what problems you have, but they can also force your body into making changes in order to heal and get better.

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With every foot zone treatment, your cells should be renewed and your organs should be stimulated. These foot zone techniques, although done at the foot level, will be whole-body approaches, taking into account all the problems you might have in your organs and cells. You should also understand that these techniques take time to perfect and you will have to work with a certified zone therapist for the best results.

You will get the most out of the foot zone technique session for your mind, body, and emotions, as long as you work with a practitioner with a decent amount of experience. You will most likely need more than one session split over a few months in order to set up the healing processes inside your body and detoxify it properly.

The therapist can make a schedule to fit all your needs and ensure an improvement of your health as soon as they know your balance point. As you go through the sessions, you might notice that your body also starts letting you know when it’s time for the next foot zone session.

Foot zone techniques are recommended for people that suffer from the next symptoms:

  • Sports injuries
  • Digestive problems
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Back pain
  • Menstrual disorders like PMS
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Stress and related conditions
  • Digestive disorder
  • Tension, headaches, and migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Insomnia

Who benefits from foot zoning?

There is no individual that wouldn’t find some kind of benefit in a foot zone massage. In a baby, for example, the kidneys, lungs, and lymph system can sometimes be affected due to what their mother eats during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Foot zoning actually works great for babies and kids as well. A lot of parents will notice an improvement in their kids’ ability to focus and calm down after zone massage.

Helping boys and girls alike to go through the process of becoming teenagers is another benefit of this therapy. This is because it will help keep your hormones in balance. This means that it can also help with PMS symptoms, emotional problems, water retention, cramps, and even muscle aches.

Women going through menopause might also need it. Regular foot zone treatments seem to improve hormone balance in them as well. Some people even claim that it can slow down aging, helping your body keep away wrinkles or gray hair from becoming common occurrences.

Zone massages also help athletes recover and improve their blood flow and oxygen intake.


This therapy is worth trying, considering the many benefits people claim it offers. Compared to the benefits you might experience, the price of foot zoning is nothing to be afraid of.

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