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How Much Does H&R Block Cost?

Last Updated on July 11, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Filing taxes can be confusing, stressful, and time consuming for many Americans each year. H&R Block offers a wide range of tax preparation services and expertise to simplify the process. But how much does using H&R Block actually cost?

This guide examines H&R Block’s online and in-person service tiers and associated costs in detail, outlines what key factors influence final pricing, provides cost comparisons to leading DIY software alternatives, shares insider tips for maximizing value, and analyzes premium add-on offerings. Read on for an in-depth breakdown of fees to expect from H&R Block, how their experts can provide tax savings beyond the cost of services, and advice for streamlining your tax prep without overspending.

How Much Does H&R Block Cost?

Standard basic online filing of federal returns through H&R Block starts at $0 and ranges up to $120+ for self-employed filers, while in-person assisted services typically start around $80 and go up to $500+ based on complexity.

Final cost depends on the intricacy of your tax situation, specific forms required, level of expert support needed, audit protection desired, and additional services requested.

H&R Block’s Online Filing Service

Free Online – Federal 1040 return e-filed for $0. Best very simple tax situations with standard deduction.

Deluxe Online – Federal and state returns from $55+. Itemized deductions, health savings accounts, student loan interest, and more.

Premium Online – Federal and state returns from $75+. For homeowners, investors, rental income, freelancers, and side businesses.

Self-Employed Online – Federal and state returns from $110+. Full service with expense tracking for reporting self-employment or small business income.

Tax Pro Review – $55-$95 for having an expert review your return.

Prices scale up based on complexity, number of states filed, and add-ons. State returns cost $54+ each.

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H&R Block’s In-Person Filing Services

Basic In-Office Service – Federal and state from $80+. For simple W-2 income without deductions.

Deluxe In-Office Service – Federal and state from $150+. For homeowners, health insurance, retirement plans, student loans and more.

Premium In-Office Service – Federal and state from $300+. For investments, rental income, small business expenses, etc.

International In-Office Service – Federal and state from $300+. Specialized expertise for citizens living abroad or with foreign assets.

In-office costs increase based on number of states and complexity from additional forms and schedules required.

The H&R Block website provides detailed pricing information for their tax preparation services. According to their website, the cost for their basic federal and state tax return preparation starts at $59 for the DIY online filing option.

For in-person tax preparation, their prices range from $69 for a simple tax return to $249 for more complex returns. They also offer additional services like audit representation, tax planning, and bookkeeping, with prices varying based on the specific needs. [https://www.hrblock.com/tax-prep-pricing/]

NerdWallet has an article comparing the costs of H&R Block versus other tax preparation services. The article states that H&R Block’s in-person tax preparation services typically range from $69 to $249, depending on the complexity of the return.

For their DIY online filing option, the cost starts at $59 for a basic federal and state return. The article also mentions that H&R Block offers various discounts and packages that can lower the overall cost.

Kiplinger provides a breakdown of H&R Block’s pricing structure. According to their research, H&R Block’s in-person tax preparation services start at $69 for a simple return and can go up to $249 for more complex returns.

Their DIY online filing option starts at $59 for a basic federal and state return. The article also notes that H&R Block offers various add-on services, such as audit representation and tax planning, which come with additional fees.

Consumer Reports has an article comparing the costs of different tax preparation services, including H&R Block. The article states that H&R Block’s in-person tax preparation services range from $69 to $249, depending on the complexity of the return.

For their DIY online filing option, the cost starts at $59 for a basic federal and state return. The article also mentions that H&R Block offers various discounts and promotions that can lower the overall cost.

Factors Influencing the Price of Tax Preparation

  • Overall complexity of your tax situation and required supplemental forms or schedules
  • Level of tax advisor expertise and assistance needed
  • Total number of state tax returns being filed
  • Optional audit support, identity protection, and other add-on services desired
  • In-person assisted preparation versus convenient DIY online filing
  • International considerations like foreign income exclusions and asset reporting

The more complicated your finanaces and taxes, the more robust H&R Block services you’ll need and higher your costs. Taxes rarely are one-size-fits-all.

H&R Block Vs Leading DIY Options

H R Block LocationTurboTax Self-Employed for standalone entrepreneurs runs $120+ with state while H&R Block Self-Employed online starts slightly lower around $110. However TurboTax offers greater specialized guidance for complex self-employed tax situations and deductions.

TaxAct’s online products position as a budget-friendly alternative, with tiered pricing from $0 to $35 for simple to more advanced tax scenarios. However users sacrifice robust guidance and audit support safeguards.

For basic tax returns, H&R Block’s free file option gets the job done with no upsell pressure while still providing credible backing. Overall H&R Block strikes a helpful balance between DIY user experience and access to expert assistance.

Expert Tips and Best Practices

  • Carefully compare online versus assisted in-office costs to choose the best value tax prep method for your needs.
  • Consider convenient DIY online filing if you’re tech-savvy with a simple tax situation. Add expert review for extra assurance.
  • Review precisely which supplemental forms and schedules you actually need for your situation to avoid overbuying services.
  • Proactively gather your tax documents early to allow ample time and avoid rush fees.
  • Take advantage of seasonal promotions like early bird or referral discounts for additional savings.
  • Triple check your return for accuracy before filing – you hold responsibility for your taxes!

With some savvy preparation and cost comparisons, H&R Block can facilitate smooth tax prep and maximize deductions without overspending on unnecessary services.

Is H&R Block Worth the Cost?

For filers with complex tax situations, investments, businesses, or require technical expertise, H&R Block’s assisted services and access to CPAs may warrant the higher costs compared to fully DIY options. Support ranges from toll-free help lines to year-round audit representation.

However, for younger tech-savvy taxpayers with simple W-2 income and basic deductions, low-cost DIY software often suffices with significant savings over human guidance. Evaluate your confidence level managing tax intricacies.

Add-On Products

  • Audit Support – $50 per year. Licensed tax pros handle IRS audit assistance and representation if randomly selected for review. Worth the peace of mind.
  • Identity Protection – $30 per year. Dark web monitoring and identity theft insurance. More important in the age of data breaches.
  • Refund Advance – 0% interest loan of up to $3,000 on expected refund for early access, repaid from refunds. Carries a roughly $40 application fee.

While providing useful safeguards, these extra products do tack on costs. Assess your specific risks.

Location and Deductions

  • Living in a state with income tax adds $54+ per state return filed beyond federal. Significant difference versus states with no income tax.
  • Homeownership and pursuing itemized mortgage interest, property tax, and other deductions demand more expensive tiers of service.
  • Self-employment, side businesses, rentals, investments, and educational expenses also increase costs through added schedules.
  • Claiming credits like education, child, or retirement savings leads to extra forms and potential fees.

Complicated finances drive costs higher at H&R Block but also enable greater tax savings. There’s value in expertise.


The process of completing tax returns often necessitates professional assistance to maximize deductions and avoid mistakes. H&R Block’s tiered range of services aims to provide credible tax filing solutions for filers of any income level and situation.

With the right preparation and plan selection, filing taxes doesn’t need to elicit financial stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does H&R Block charge per form?

H&R Block charges around $15-$50 per additional required form or schedule beyond the base 1040 depending on complexity. So a Schedule C for self-employment income might cost $35 while a simpler Schedule A could be $20. Always confirm precise costs.

Can I delete my tax return and start again with H&R Block?

Yes, with H&R Block online services you can delete your in-progress or submitted return anytime before the filing deadline and conveniently start over. This allows fixing any errors you or H&R Block may have made at no penalty.

Can expats file US taxes electronically?

Yes. H&R Block facilitates electronic filing for Americans living overseas. You provide your required foreign address and confirm it matches your bank details during online preparation. Digital signatures and submission work the same.

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