How Much Does Hyros Cost?

Even though Internet marketers spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns, it is still difficult for them to track ad data across multiple traffic sources. In order to solve this problem, Hyros was created. This is already used by popular brands such as SamCart, ClickFunnels, Theory, and others.

How Much Does Hyros Cost?

The costs of the services provided by Hyros start at $369 per month and will go up depending on your needs. The software is delivered through the cloud and can be accessed on a subscription basis, with options for monthly or yearly plans. There are no unforeseen costs, so you will always understand what you are paying for.

Below, you can find Hyros costs in relation to revenue tiers:

Tracked Revenue Tiers Start End Platform Management Fee ($)
$0 $40,000 $369
$40,001 $83,000 $691.90
$83,001 $280,000 $1,153.90
$280,001 $750,000 $1,725.90
$750,001 $1,250,000 $2,308.90
$1,250,001 $1,600,000 $2,887.50
$1,600,001 $2,080,000 $3,465
Unlimited Tracking $4,620

Hyros does not make its pricing public. Plus, this platform is invite-only. You are not able to just sign up for Hyros and start getting advantage of their services. Firstly, you must be accepted by Hyros.

If you want to use Hyros, you must meet the two next criteria:

  • You must have a revenue of more than $40,000 per month;
  • You must spend more than $10,000 per month on ads.

Hyros Refund Policy

In case you don’t like Hyros services, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. This is more than the accepted standard refund policy for software companies. Most have a guarantee period of 14 to 30 days.

Hyros pricing overview

The name Hyros comes from Hyper-Accurate Tracking for Digital Business. This is an advanced attribution and tracking tool designed for large media buyers. It was specifically created for businesses that spend more than five figures per month on ads.

The aim of Hyros is to offer users a better understanding of how their money is spent on ads, helping them to optimize their sales funnels. Also, it is a helpful tool for minimizing the waste of money on ineffective advertising.

Characteristics of Hyros Tracking

Superior Integration

Here are the lists of Hyros integrations:

Landing Page Integrations:

  • LeadPages;
  • Shopify;
  • Unbounce;
  • ClickFunnels;
  • And many more.

Ad Campaign Integrations:

  • Madgicx;
  • Facebook;
  • Snapchat;
  • Google;
  • ManyChat;
  • TikTok;

Payment Processor Integrations:

  • Magento;
  • PayPal;
  • ClickBank;
  • ClickFunnels;
  • Kajabi;
  • SamCart Ecommerce;
  • And many more.

Call Tracking Integrations

  • GoHighLevel;
  • Calendly;
  • Schedule Once/Once Hub;
  • me
  • And many more.

Long-Term and Accurate Ad Tracking

Using Hyros you can track all your ads from a single dashboard. It gathers all the scattered data across multiple sources under one “roof”.

Hyros is even more useful after the IOS 14 update because it is getting harder to track clients with Fb Pixel. It is only 70% to 80% accurate to track customers with Facebook Pixel.

It would not be effective to track high-ticket conversations with Fb Pixel, but Hyros does perfectly this job.

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Also, Hyros can track data over the long term. For instance, if you are selling a high-ticket product, most probably, your clients will not convert immediately. It would be difficult to track these clients with Fb Pixel, but Hyros can do this from the first click until the end of the customer journey.

The main advantage of Hyros is that you get accurate data and you are able to compare the results of several platforms. This helps you to see which platforms are the most performant and double down on them.

With Hyros you can track the analytics of your call, revenue, ad click, email clicks, ROI, conversions, organic traffic, etc.

Accurate Reporting

Hyros comes with a Chrome extension that takes only two clicks to set up. Using this extension, you can see the reports in the dashboard of Facebook Ad Manager and Google Ads.

The Artificial Intelligence of Hyros is great at learning as it uses ten data points to collect data.

E-mail tracking

Hyros can be easily integrated with any popular e-mail marketing tool. You can get a 360-degree view of your email marketing campaigns with Hyros. It can be set up within seconds and helps you to separate the paid traffic from the organic e-mails. So, your ROI will be crystal clear.

This way you will know which exact e-mail determined your clients to sign up for your newsletter or which e-mail led them to go to your website and make a purchase.

Call tracking

It is common to be on the phone with customers when closing a high-ticket conversation. In general, it is not easy to convince such customers and take a personal touch to close a sale.

You can track your calls with Hyros by placing the watcher code on your header.  They claim that they are able to track calls even if your customer calls one year later.

Hyros alternatives

  • WickedReports

The cost of Wickedreport starts at around $270 per month. They target quite larger businesses than Anytrack.

  • AnyTrack

The cost of Anytrack starts at about $50 and goes up to $310 per month. They offer similar services as Hyros but target smaller businesses.

How did Hyros appear?

Hyros was created by the entrepreneur and skilled media buyer, Alex Becker. He was spending more than $10,000 per day for ads across platforms like Google, Facebook, and others, but couldn’t track the data from all of these in a single place. He missed a lot of opportunities due to the absence of such a tool. This determined him to create a product to solve this problem. This is how Hyros appeared.

Who is Alex Becker?

Before starting Hyros, Alex Becker was an influencer across different platforms. More than 1.23 million people are following him on YouTube, where he shares content about NFT and Cryptocurrency.

Also, Alex has more than 250,000 followers on Instagram and more than 300,000 followers on Twitter. Besides being the founder of Hyros, Alex also runs the e-mail marketing agency MarketHero.

Hyros review

Hyros DocumentationIf you want to use Hyros, you will have to install a “watcher code” on your website, that integrates itself with different data points, like cookies, IP addresses, phone numbers, payment processors, and others. It collects data across 10 different data points.

By tracking several touchpoints, Hyros tries to get as much information as possible about your clients. This is why Hyros is special. Now it is easy to track clients with Hyros as it collects data across multiple points.

Even if a client changes their e-mail or browser, Hyros can track them using their IP address. This works through server-side tracking as opposed to client-side tracking.

The watcher code is loaded on your website, while the Facebook pixel follows the client. This is why the client’s tracking is more accurate.

Hyros can make an accurate client profile and help with campaign optimization because it collects data at so many touchpoints. This way the LTV of clients is calculated. Also, Hyros can feed data to the AI of ad platforms like Facebook and Google.

Hyros Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Hyros can increase your revenue and minimize your costs by 10%
  • They have a great support team that’ll cater to your needs.
  • It is a great solution if you have multiple sources of traffic.


  • They don’t offer a free trial version.
  • You must spend a minimum of $10,000 per month to use Hyros.
  • You must arrange a call and explain your business to Hyros.
  • They are not transparent about their costs.
  • They are more expensive than their competitors.

Final Words

This article gave you all the information you need to make a decision regarding Hyros. They offer the best service in the market even though they are more expensive than their competitors.

But if you are just starting with ads, Hyros is not for you. Before investing in Hyros make sure your business is profitable enough.

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