How Much Does It Cost to Dye a Dress?

Last Updated on February 6, 2024
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Dyeing a dress allows you to transform the color and give new life to old garments. But before you embark on a dye job, it’s important to understand the costs involved. This guide breaks down the typical price range and factors that influence dress dyeing costs.

Changing up the color of a dress can completely change your style. It’s an affordable way to update your wardrobe without buying new clothes. Dyeing also lets you customize pieces to match your preferences. However, to get the best results and avoid mistakes, it pays to understand the costs.

The cost of dyeing fabrics can fluctuate significantly, primarily contingent on factors like the choice of fabric, dyes, and techniques employed. Specialty fabrics and dyes often come at a higher price point, while opting for simple, solid dyes can be a more budget-friendly option compared to custom patterns.

To ensure a successful and cost-effective dyeing project, thorough research and preparation are essential to avoid any costly mistakes. Additionally, savvy shoppers can save money by employing tips such as buying dyes and materials in bulk, which can lead to lower overall costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Dye a Dress?

The typical price to dye a dress ranges from $10 to $100. Professional dress dyeing services generally charge $30 to $80. Rates depend on the complexity of the process and type of fabric. DIY dress dyeing costs between $10 to $30 for materials.

Factors like fabric type, dye selection, and whether you DIY or use a pro largely determine the final dyeing expense.

Professional Dyeing Service Rates

Expect to pay $30 to $50 to dye a simple cotton dress at a professional shop. More delicate fabrics like silk may cost $50 to $80 or more per dress due to special handling.

Rush orders usually add $10 to $15 to the base price. Additional customization like ombre effects or tie-dye can cost $15 to $30 extra.

Cost Comparison: DIY vs. Professional Dyeing

DIY dress dyeing has lower material costs of $10 to $30. But you need practice to avoid mistakes that ruin the dress. Professionals have experience to produce consistent results.

The convenience of professional services also has value. They handle the mess and labor of dyeing – often within a day or two. So, the higher fees of $30 to $80 can be worth it for flawless results.

Reddit users reported paying around $100 to $150 to have a coat professionally dyed.

Renegade Bridal mentions that the estimated cost for an allover gown dye service is $925, while for an ombré dip dye service the price is about $540.

Factors Influencing Dyeing Costs

Several factors determine how much it costs to dye a dress to your desired color:

Type of Fabric

Delicate fabrics like silk or wool may require special dyes and treatment. This typically costs more than dyeing sturdy cottons or linens. Prices per dress range from $30 for simple cottons to $80+ for silks.

Dye Selection

Natural dyes made from plants cost $15 to $30. Synthetic dyes offer a wider color selection for just $5 to $10. But they may fade faster than natural pigments.

Complexity of the Dyeing Process

Tie-dye, ombre gradients, or multipattern designs require extra work. So dress dyeing shops charge $15 to $30 more for these custom techniques. Solid color dyes are simpler and cheaper.

Professional Services vs. DIY

As mentioned earlier, pro dress dyeing averages $30 to $80 per garment but ensures excellent results. DIY dress dyeing costs $10 to $30 for materials but requires practice and labor.

How to Choose a Dyeing Service

Dyeing ClothesThese tips will help you select a qualified dress dyeing service for great results:

  • Check reviews and examples of their work dyeing similar fabrics. Avoid places with many complaints.
  • Ask about their experience with your particular fabric type and dyeing method. Look for specialists.
  • Get a quote for the exact service to avoid surprise add-on costs.
  • Ask about damage protection guarantees in case of dye bleeding or other issues.
  • Choose services using environmentally friendly dyes for less waste and fading.

DIY Dress Dyeing

With some practice, you can dye dresses at home. Here is an overview of the process:


  1. Select a dye compatible with your dress fabric.
  2. Prepare your workspace with enough room to move the wet dress and protective coverings.
  3. Follow the dye instructions for mixing and soaking times.
  4. Soak the dress then wring out just enough water to stop dripping.
  5. Add the mixed dye and move the dress continually for even coverage.
  6. Once the desired color is reached, rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.
  7. Wash and dry the dress according to the fabric care instructions.

Cost Breakdown

  • Dye kit suitable for your fabric: $10 to $20
  • Large container for soaking: $5 to $10
  • Protective gloves, aprons, towels: $5 to $10
  • Washing supplies: $5
  • Total: $25 to $45

With practice, you can dye dresses at home for 1/4 the cost of professional services. But the results carry more risk of irregular coloring or damage.

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Cost-Saving Tips for Dress Dyeing

Here are some ways to keep your dyeing costs low, whether DIY or professional:

  • Choose budget dyes like Rit All-Purpose Dye for under $5
  • Dye dresses in large batches to get volume discounts
  • Use discount coupons from dyeing services when available
  • Opt for solid color dyes instead of ombre or custom patterns
  • Avoid silks and wools which are pricier to dye gently
  • Buy dyes in bulk amounts rather than small packets
  • Reuse your dyeing tools and supplies for multiple projects


Dyeing a dress offers an affordable way to refresh your wardrobe for $10 to $100. Consider the key factors of fabric type, dye selection, and custom techniques when estimating costs. With smart choices and preparation, you can keep your dyeing budget low.

The convenience of professional dress dyeing services comes at a higher price of $30 to $80 per garment. But their expertise may be worth it to ensure mistakes don’t ruin the clothes. With some practice, DIY dress dyeing can save you money on materials under $30.

By understanding the typical price range and following these dyeing cost tips, you can confidently transform the color of dresses. Refresh your style with renewed hues or fun designs at a reasonable cost.


What is the most expensive clothing dye?

Natural dyes made from plant materials like indigo or cochineal are the most expensive clothing dye options, costing $15 to $30 per dress. These artisanal dyes create beautiful, natural color tones.

But the dyeing process is labor intensive, requiring extensive soaking and treatment. Commercial synthetic dyes offer a wider color palette for lower costs of just $5 to $10 per dress.

Can I dye a printed dress?

It is very difficult to successfully dye a printed dress. The existing printed patterns on the fabric often resist the new dye unevenly. This results in a muddy, blotchy color.

Printed fabrics also frequently use dyes that are incompatible with common clothing dyes. For best results, stick to dyeing solid-colored dresses without prints. Or use spray paint made specifically for fabric if you want to alter a printed dress.

Do clothes shrink after dyeing?

Clothes can shrink slightly during the dyeing process. The warm water and agitation cause fibers to relax and tighten up. Natural fabrics like cotton and wool are most prone to shrinking.

Closely follow the dyeing instructions for your fabric type to minimize shrinking. Soak and rinse in cool water, not hot. Also, air dry the dyed garment to avoid added shrinkage from heat drying. Stretching and blocking the dress as it dries can help retain the original dimensions.

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