Cost to Get off Probation Early

How Much Does It Cost to Get Off Probation Early?

Last Updated on September 12, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Probation in criminal law is a period of supervision of an offender, imposed by the court, being an alternative to imprisonment, a way of intervention through activities with a socio-pedagogical foundation, characterized by a combination of supervision and assistance.

This expresses a form of the leniency of the rule of law for the criminal, it is a “second chance” granted to those who have committed a crime with a lower social danger, starting from the assessment that complies with the law and adopting a behavior in accordance with the law will be possible only through the formation of appropriate attitudes and behaviors regarding family, religion, workplace and the way of spending free time.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Off Probation Early?

Getting off probation early is possible, but it comes at a cost that depends on several factors such as the ability of the individual to pay, the type of offense committed, and the length of probation sentence. In general, the costs can be anywhere from just $200 to more than $10,000, and these can be split into three main costs related to the early termination of probation:

  • expenses associated with supervision;
  • extra costs related to early release;
  • court fines and fees.

Expenses associated with supervision

People on probation may have to for specific services like counseling, monitoring by a probation officer or drug testing. Depending on the duration of needed services and their type, these costs may vary significantly. Also, in some jurisdictions you may have to pay the cost of supervision and, if it is a long probationary period, the costs will increase. Most of the time, you won’t spend more than $35 to $100 per month on supervision.

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The addition of features such as electronic monitoring, counseling, community service, and other conditions of your probation can increase the overall price of the product by up to 50%.

Court fines and fees

An individual who has been found guilty of a crime may have to pay fines and court fees as part of his/her sentence. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the case was heard and the severity of the offense, these fees may vary widely. In some situations, if the person is able to demonstrate financial hardship, then he/she may be able to negotiate a reduced fee. Also, some jurisdictions offer payment plans for those who are not able to pay the entire sum at once.

Extra costs related to early release

Besides the fines and court fees, you may have to pay extra costs related to early release. For instance, you may have to pay transportation expenses associated with meeting with your probation officer or court hearings. Also, in order to be considered for early release, you may have to get documents like proof of employment or letters of recommendation.

What are the financial implications of early release from probation?

Before deciding on whether or not to pursue the early termination of probation, you should analyze the financial implication of this action. On one hand, you may have to pay extra fines and costs in order to be eligible for early release, while on the other hand, you may save money by avoiding the expenses related to a longer probationary period.

Potential savings from early release

You may be able to avoid the expenses related to a longer probationary period if you get off probation early. These costs may include counseling, drug testing, and other services the court requires. Also, you may be able to avoid the cost of services that would have been needed during the remainder of your probationary period.

Cost of legal representation

In some situations, you may want to hire a professional lawyer to help you with the process of needed to terminate your probation early. It could be costly but will be worth it considering the fact that they will make sure that your rights are protected and that you meet all the legal requirements. Also, a lawyer is able to negotiate a more advantageous outcome, like lower fines or a reduced sentence.

Impact on credit score

It is very important to also take into consideration the impact an early termination of probation has on your credit score. Thanks to this, you may get a higher credit score, depending on your history of delinquency and the severity of the offense. On the other hand, your credit score may decrease if you don’t meet the terms of your probation.

Extra costs associated with early probation

Probation OfficerIn order to be considered for early discharge from probation, you may have to pay extra fees, besides the costs presented above. These additional costs may include the hiring of a probation officer, completing required programs, obtaining documentation, and meeting with the judge.

Cost of hiring a probation officer

In some situations, you may have to hire a probation officer if you want to be considered for early release. In general, a probation officer charges an hourly rate, so this could be a costly expense. Also, you may have to pay for any needed travel costs related to the probation officer’s tasks.

Cost of getting documentation

You may have to provide documentation like proof of employment, letters of recommendation, or other documents, in order to be considered for early termination. So, you will have to pay for mailing or photocopying these documents.

Cost of meeting with the judge

You may have to present in person in front of a judge and this could be a high expense as you will have to factor in travel costs and court costs. Also, you may have to pay for any legal representation necessary during the hearing.

What are the costs of shortening a probation term?

There are some costs associated with shortening a probation term such as the cost of acquiring any necessary documents, travel costs related to meetings with probation officers, and court hearings.

Cost of meeting with probation officers

In order to be considered for shortening a probation term, you may have to meet with your probation officer. This may include costs related to the services provided and the travel expenses. Also, you may have to pay for others like drug testing and counseling sessions.

Cost of traveling to court hearings

You may have to travel away from home for the court hearing and this will involve costs such as lodging, transportation, and meals. Also, you may have to take time off work for attending court hearings and this will result in a lower wage.

The monetary impact of ending probation earlier

The ending of probation ahead of time has some financial implications like substantial fines, costs for hiring a law firm or a defense attorney, and other costs related to completing required programs. These programs may include counseling, anger management, drug treatment, and other services.

Final words

There are some costs you need to consider when deciding to file a motion for early termination of probation. But it can be a beneficial attempt as you may avoid all the costs associated with a long probationary period.

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