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How Much Does it Cost to Install Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay has become a very popular feature that drivers want to install mostly on newer types of cars. It enables you to integrate Apple devices like an iPhone with the car’s infotainment system. This makes it very easy for you to use the car’s dashboard controls to use the phone’s messaging, music, and navigation apps. This system also enables you to not only make but also receive calls, as well as talk to your personal assistant, Siri, to ask any questions while you are driving.

But even if you have an older type of car, like a 2004 Toyota Camry, that still runs pretty nicely, you don’t have to keep using a maps app on your iPhone on a mount while traveling.

There’s actually an interesting workaround to install Apple Carplay even on older cars that don’t have any obvious way of mirroring the display of your car on the dash screen of the vehicle. This means that you can become one of the cool guys and have all messaging, navigation, podcast, and music apps run on one convenient car screen. So how much does it cost to install Apple CarPlay and how will the process work?

How Much Does it Cost to Install Apple CarPlay?

A simple installation of Apple Carplay on your car will cost somewhere between $150 and $600, while more complex installations can easily reach prices of $1,000 or even more. The price of Apple Carplay installation will vary based on several factors like the person installing it for you, the type of installation, and the type of car you have. 000.

If you’re looking to buy a new car, then you might be able to find one that has the Apple Carplay system preinstalled. Quite a few manufacturers offer their cars with this system already installed, including Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Kia, Hyundai, and Honda, although it is more likely to find the CarPlay function on newer models. So when talking with your local car dealer about the available cars, be sure to ask whether they come with CarPlay pre-installed or not.

Why is CarPlay Important?

Aside from being very convenient, as it will enable users to access apps like navigation and music while driving, the Apple CarPlay system also represents an important safety feature for drivers. This is because it will enable them to use their phones while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. And of course, it will make your car slightly cooler, increasing its price in the event you will want to sell it.

Can you install the Apple CarPlay system by Yourself?

Yes, you can install the Apple Carplay system as a DIY project, and you can do this even for older cars that have no way of mirroring a phone. This will enable you to save the money you would spend on the installation. Below, you will find the necessary steps for installing this system.

Find a dash screen

The first thing you will have to do is find a dash screen that goes with your car’s make and model. Some of the most popular third-party suppliers are Sony, Kenwood, Alpine, and Pioneer. All of these make in-dash touchscreens that are made to be compatible with the CarPlay software.

Sites like Crutchfield will give tell you whether your car can be connected and made to work with aftermarket screens. You will generally be able to get a screen that is 6 to 9 inches across. The website will ask for information like your car’s year, make, and model, and then give you all models of screens that work with it.

Some car brands, like Porsche, for example, offer display upgrades for older cars in their own shops, although most of them won’t, so it’s up to you to change the screen. Porsche also offers a CarPlay upgrade on its cars through the “Porsche Classic Communication Management System”. This enables you to add a 3.5-inch screen to cars as old as the 1960s that were made by this German manufacturer.

Of course, most people are stuck to driving less fancy rides, so they will need to look for an aftermarket screen that works for their car brand. You are likely to spend around $250 to $300 for a CarPlay-compatible touchscreen dash unit, although there are models that easily reach $1,000, like the 11-inch screen model made by Alpine.

You can also get other features for most displays that allow CarPlay connections, which also means a higher cost. Among the most popular features are HDMI connection, backup camera, SiriusXM radio connectivity, or HD radio. Some units also enable connecting to other systems like Android Auto or Amazon Alexa. The simpler the unit you get, the less you are going to spend on it.

Install the screen

What is Apple CarPlayAfter you buy the unit. you can go ahead and place it into the car, connect it to the power source, and ensure it is working properly. Most dash screens are simply installed into the space where a stereo should go. Most cars will use the standard DIN, which is the size for interchangeable audio units, so you can be sure that a unit following the same standard will fit in that place.

Installing the unit yourself won’t be all that complicated, although you will have to follow the instructions you get in the manual of the unit. Keep in mind that there is some prep required before you start, like disconnecting the car’s battery and bringing the needed supplies so that you can connect the cables and wires as safely as possible.

Of course, some experience with working around auto electronics won’t hurt. You can always use online tutorials like those found on YouTube to get an understanding of the needed tools and car-specific installation steps.

Connect the screen to your iPhone

Once you are sure that the display is properly installed in your car, you’ll want to use it to listen to your favorite audiobooks, play music, or show directions while traveling. Well, wait a minute. There is one last step you need to consider: getting it connected.

Not all aftermarket displays will connect in the same way to your iPhone, just as not all CarPlay systems built into cars at manufacturing will work in the same way. While some units will connect wirelessly using Bluetooth, others might require USB connector cables.

But as soon as you figure out how the unit will connect to your phone, all you have to do is pair the iPhone with the CarPlay system inside the car. As soon as they are connected, you can use Apple Maps, or any other navigation app you have on your phone, directly on the big screen.

What Apps Can You Use on CarPlay?

A lot of Apple apps will be supported by Apple CarPlay, including Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, and Apple Music. You will also be able to access things like the calendar, messages, or contacts you have on your phone directly on the big screen, and you will also be able to make and receive calls.

Is Apple CarPlay Worth It?

If you are a fan of the Apple ecosystem and you want to add the car to it, making your driving more convenient and safer, while also increasing the price of your car in the event that you will be selling it, then sure. the Apple CarPlay system will totally be worth it. The only downside we see about it is its price, but as long as you have the money to spend on it, go for it.


Apple CarPlay can be a great addition to your car regardless of whether you want to use it for yourself or increase the price of the car before selling it. Using it, you can access the phone’s apps for messaging, navigation, or music, in a safe and convenient way, while driving.

The cost of Apple CarPlay installation will be between $200 and $1,000 or more, depending on factors like the make, model, and year of the car, the type of installation, and the installer you work with. If you’re looking to buy a new car, make sure you check with your local dealer, as there are quite a few car manufacturers that offer newer car models with pre-installed CarPlay systems.

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