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How Much Does it Cost to Move a Toilet?

Does your bathroom remodel vision involve relocating fixtures? Toilets top the list of biggest plumbing moving challenges. Rerouting drain lines while upholding structural integrity and codes takes skill. What should you be ready to spend if considering giving your toilet a new home?

Below we’ll go over common factors shaping toilet move costs. You’ll understand price ranges and variables so you can set realistic plans. Read on to learn if undertaking bathroom layout changes fits your remodeling budget!

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Toilet?

Many homeowners wish their existing toilets sat in more convenient or aesthetically pleasing positions. But because toilets connect to drain lines below floors, moving them affects major systems.

On average, the cost to move a toilet is between $2,500 and $3,500 when talking about a new location several feet across a bathroom.

Save Our Water Rebates notes that moving toilet plumbing, including parts like below-floor pipes, plumbing, electrical cables, insulation, etc., can cost anywhere from $700 to upwards of $1,000. Labor rates for plumbers and/or contractors typically charge per hour. The total drain re-routing labor cost is estimated to be $720 – $800, including re-routing supplies and equipment allowance.

A Homewyse article says that the basic cost to move the toilet drain plumbing is estimated to be $877 – $1,061 per piping run. The cost can vary significantly with site conditions and options.

Porch gives a national average cost for materials to move a toilet drain plumbing of $164.13 per line, with a range between $153.56 to $174.69. The total national average cost (labor and materials) for 1 line is $746.11, with a range between $670.85 – $821.36.

Reddit users discuss that the cost to move a toilet can range from $400 to $800, depending on access to the plumbing and the specific job requirements.

A Bay Cities Construction article says that the cost to move a toilet as part of a bathroom remodel is mentioned to be $2,500-$3,500 per fixture.

But what goes into that type of work?

Drain Line Rerouting

To function properly, toilet drain pipes must slope gradually downward to feed into the main waste lines. Your plumber must disconnect the original drain and then correctly re-slope a new pipe run to tie into the home’s plumbing infrastructure at an ideal height.

This tricky alignment dance limits viable new toilet placement options. And if foundations sit on concrete rather than raised subfloors, jackhammering, and digging adds more sweat and price to the equation.

Vent Line Updates

Proper drainage relies on vent lines too. These pipes release waste gases while allowing fixture water to siphon optimally. Vents must reconnect within 5 feet of the relocated toilet and escape through the roofline. If bathroom walls block that ideal path, plumbers must reroute vent pipes creatively.

Wall Reconstruction

Whether opening concrete or reframing studs, contractors will cut new toilet supply and drainage access holes somewhere. Patched drywall, baseboard trim repairs, and paint touch-ups seamlessly blend affected areas afterward.

Final Install & Inspection

The final toilet setting, water/drain connections, caulking, and local permit inspections also affect the cost of this complex job. This toilet tweak goes way beyond just picking up and moving over a few feet!

Factors Impacting Toilet Move Expense

While $2,500-$3,500 covers typical toilet transfers, unique circumstances could make this quote go higher, like:

Condo Restrictions – Shared plumbing walls or owning only partial systems may limit renovations or require association permissions. Management companies sometimes have additional fees too.

You might also like our articles about the cost of unclogging a toilet, flushing a toilet, or installing a toilet.

Multi-Story Reroutes – Extending vent pipes through roofs is one thing. Penetrating bathroom floors to align drain lines across building levels massively adds to the price.

Cast Iron Plumbing – Older metal pipes don’t cut and patch as cleanly as modern PVC. More coupling parts also introduce potential leak risks.

Designer Fixtures – Fancy modern toilets cost way more than basic replacements if damaged. Protect your pricey purchase from contractor issues!

Unforeseen Surprises – Unfortunately, some unseen complexities hide in walls and flooring only exposed mid-project. This may require a budget increase above the initial quotes.

In general, reasonably straightforward, single floor toilet shifts won’t break $5,000. But challenges increase quotes fast.

Additional Costs to Consider

Moving a ToiletOn top of direct toilet move expenses, factor in wider remodeling issues like:

Permits & Planning – Don’t skip municipal approval and licensed pro hiring! Permit fees are around $200-$500.

Professional Design Services – Architectural planning minimizes hassles and fixes remodeling regrets before they start.

Temporary Toilet Rentals – Bridging the days-long gap between toilet teardown and rebuild without bathroom access means rental unit fees.

Water/Energy Utility Service Interruptions – Shutoff transitions to new plumbing locations often come with utility provider fees ranging from $100-$300.

Specialty Finishes – If toilet relocation frees up space for a luxurious stand-alone tub or custom tile work, budget for those additions as well.

Savings Tips for Toilet Moves

What if quotes are too steep for your budget? Try these creative solutions:

Scale Back Layout Changes – Consider less invasive tweaks like sink relocations over full toilet moves when possible.

DIY Demo/Finishing – Save on labor by handling your own cabinet tear-outs or drywall patching around adjusted pipes.

Buy Discounted Materials – Check Habitat for Humanity ReStores and clearance outlets for marked-down tiles or fixtures.

Use Pro Contract Bidding Sites – Name your budget for legally vetted specialists to place competitively priced bids.

Barter Services – If a plumber needs marketing help or photography services, see about a skills trade arrangement.

Schedule Off-Season – Slower winter months often allow pros to offer smaller project discounts.

Set a Budget That Makes Sense

What seems like a straightforward toilet relocation actually requires extensive coordination impacting your whole home’s plumbing system. As with any complex remodeling job, leave modifications to qualified experts.

Their skills make toilet moves possible in the first place – and make sure you can actually flush happily ever after!

The Takeaway
Dream bathrooms balance vision and practicality. I help clients manifest ultimate sanctuaries affordably every day. But reaching goals relies on transparent planning as much as tile choices.

If a redesign tempts you, reach out! Let’s transform your space focusing first on how to make layout changes work best for your home and budget.

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