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How Much Does MiraDry Cost?

Excessive sweating can be caused by a medical condition called Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can cause excessive sweating in all kinds of places like hands and feet, although it is more common in the underarm area. This condition is known to cause a lot of embarrassment and affects people’s self-confidence.

Underarm sweating causes stains on clothing and bad odor, which forces you to use antiperspirant frequently and causes deodorant stains. Many things can trigger excessive sweating in hyperhidrosis like physical exertion, emotion, or temperature.

Still, there are some patients who sweat even without a causing factor. The beauty market is full of treatments that address axillary hyperhidrosis, which is excessive underarm sweating, like laser therapy, Botox®, and, of course, the MiraDry® treatment.

MiraDry® is one of the few innovative non-surgical treatments made especially for fixing axillary hyperhidrosis. MiraDry® is known to target odor and sweat causing glands under the arms to reduce underarm sweat. This sweat treatment is FDA approved.

How Much Does MiraDry Cost?

The average cost of the MiraDry treatment is $1,950, although the actual price you will face is anywhere between $1,250 and $3,000 per treatment, according to past customers.

This FDA-cleared treatment destroys overactive sweat glands with the help of electromagnetic energy to reduce excessive underarm sweating. Some patients experience a sweat production reduction rate of up to 80%, a single treatment with the MiraDry device being able to reduce odor and sweat production considerably.

MiraDry costs in U.S. states

The table below contains the average out-of-pocket cost of MiraDry in several U.S. states, based on our research.

Georgia $2,172.50
Texas $2,105.40
California $2,055.90
Ohio $2,025.10
Pennsylvania $2,066.90
Florida $2,090.00
Illinois $1,888.70
New Jersey $1,950.00
New York $2,090.00
North Carolina $1,929.00
Connecticut $1,939.30
Michigan $1,850.00
Arizona $1,880.00
Virginia $1,900.00

Is MiraDry sweat reduction worth the money?

Based on recent studies, MiraDry has around 80% success rate among its customers. So most people are happy with their investment, although the treatment itself doesn’t offer a good experience to everyone.

Positive results are known to last for at least two years, although some past customers said the treatment meant a permanent change in their lives. Online reviews show most customers are happy with their results, noting an impressive reduction in sweat, body odor, and stains.

Going for this treatment might enable you to completely remove antiperspirants and deodorants from your daily life, which means you will also save a small amount of money. You will also be able to cut down on shaving supplies, as MiraDry also impedes underarm hair growth. Some people also argue that you will spend less on laundry bills due to the lack of sweat stains.

Among the unhappy patients, are those who said that MiraDry results didn’t last for long, sometimes only lasting for a couple of months, while others said that the results were less impressive than they’d expected.

There are a few that also talked about side effects like scarring, hyperpigmentation, or even blistering from severe burns, swelling, or soreness. There are a few isolated cases in which people experienced lingering nerve pain in their armpits restricting their movement for a few months, open wounds, or infections, even needing surgical repair.

It will ultimately come down to you and your provider to determine whether this is the treatment you will need and whether it is within your budget. This is why it is very important to do proper research beforehand and even get a consultation with an experienced doctor before going for this treatment option.

Among the most common alternatives are:

  • Qbrexza – This is a prescription medicated wipe used to block receptors responsible for underarms sweat gland activation. This is a great potential non-surgical option to explore.
  • Botox – Some people also have success with using Botox injections to stop wetness. They usually work for about three to six months after the treatment.

Some of these methods, as well as others, like glycopyrrolate cream, for example, might be covered by your health insurance if you’ve been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis.

Is the MiraDry treatment covered by insurance?

The MiraDry treatment is not covered by most insurance plans. This is because it is considered an elective treatment, which isn’t a medical necessity. This will be the case even if you’ve been diagnosed with axillary hyperhidrosis.

You might still be able to pay for this hyperhidrosis treatment using your FSA or HSA account.

You might be able to make things more affordable by going to one of the many providers offering financing options or monthly payment plans.

Factors influencing the cost of MiraDry treatments

There are several factors that will influence your MiraDry price, among the most important ones being:

The practice location.

The cost of MiraDry is influenced by the place where you are treated. Providers that practice in areas where the cost of living is higher will usually charge more, to account for their overhead.

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You will also find higher prices in locations where the demand for MiraDry is higher.

Getting the treatment in areas where there is competition between multiple providers for the same patients might enable you to take advantage of seasonal discounts or other types of promotions.

The credentials and expertise of your provider

MiraDry ProcessMiraDry treatments, as any other medical and beauty treatments, require experience, training, and a lot of skill so that you’re safely numbed and the exact amount of heat will be applied. Most of the people experiencing side effects have received the treatment from inexperienced hands.

This is why it is vital that you have your MiraDry procedure in a physician-supervised office even if the plastic surgeon or dermatologist isn’t the one directly treating you. The staff should also be properly trained to use the device and the anesthesia injection.

Some clinics prefer to have the physician administer the anesthesia and then turn the treatment over to members of their staff or trained technicians.

The number of MiraDry® treatment sessions you need

Over 80% of the patients will receive their desired results from the first MiraDry treatment, according to clinical research, although people with more severe axillary hyperhidrosis cases might need Clinical research shows that about 80% of patients need only one MiraDry treatment to reduce wetness by 82%, but people with more severe cases of axillary hyperhidrosis might need to redo the treatment about three months later.

Only about 3% of all the patients will ever need to go for a third treatment, and this is in cases of severe axillary hyperhidrosis.

Each additional treatment session will add to your total bill and will be charged at roughly the same price as the first session. There are still providers that offer discounts when you purchase a package of at least two treatments paid upfront. So if you think you’ll need more than one session, ask about this.

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