How Much Does Patio Furniture Cost?

Patio furniture, also called garden furniture or outdoor furniture, is an essential feature for your outdoor living space. It transforms your patio into a comfortable, functional, and stylish area to host your guests, a perfect oasis to use seasonally or all over the year.

This type of furniture can be found in many different sets, such as sofa sets, dining sets, loveseats, and many others.

Patio furniture is made from specific weather-resistant materials to protect it from rain, sun, and other environmental factors.

How Much Does Patio Furniture Cost?

The cost range of patio furniture is anywhere from $100 up to $6,000 and more. Depending on the size of your deck, the material of the furniture, the style, the brand, and from where you purchase it, the costs will vary considerably.

Low-end patio furniture can cost somewhere from $100 to $500 and it is usually made from plastic, metal, or raisin. However, its lifespan may be limited and the comfort may not be as high as high-end furniture.

Mid-range patio furniture may cost between $500 and $5,000 and is made from wicker, wrought iron, and teak. These are more durable and stylish than the lower-end options.

High-end patio furniture costs can range from $1,500 to as much as $6,000 or even more. Generally, these are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, or even natural stone. Their unique styles and features will definitely be worth the cost, transforming your outdoor space into an elegant area.

We did some research and we listed in the table below, different stores from where you can purchase patio furniture, as well as their cost range:

Big Lots Patio Furniture $50 to $2,000
Costco Patio Furniture $100 to $5,500
Ikea Outdoor Furniture $50 to $1,500
JCPenney Patio Furniture $300 to $1,500
Kmart Patio Furniture $150 to $6,000
Lowe’s Patio Furniture $80 to $7,500
Menards Patio Furniture $90 to $3,500
Sears Patio Furniture $100 to $9,000+
Target Patio Furniture $70 to $9,900
Walmart Patio Furniture $70 to $1,800
World Market Furniture $200 to $3,300

These costs will vary based on the size, material, quality, design, features, brand, and from where you purchase it.

Patio furniture comes in different styles, they are very versatile, with different uses, and can be purchased as sets or individually.

For example, bistro sets can range between $50 to $1,500. These sets are chic and perfect for small decks.

A dining set can cost as little as $200 to as much as $8,000 or even more. A dining set consists of a dining table and chairs, that can seat 2 to 12 individuals, the number of seats bing a big cost factor.

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Sofa sets, some of the most popular patio furniture can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000. Depending on the material from which it is made, the comfort, the style, and how many people can seat, the cost will vary.

However, patio furniture can also be purchased as individual parts. For example, coffee tables have many styles, sizes, and features, and the cost range can go from as little as $50 to as much as $4,000 if you purchase a stainless steel table with a marbled headboard.

Patio chairs can be purchased as individual items and the cost can be anywhere from $20 to $500 per chair, depending on the quality, style, and brand. Also, retail stores sell patio chair sets that can cost up to $5,000, based on the quality, brand, and number of chairs.

Loveseats can also be found in the outdoor furniture department store. The cost range can be from as little as $50 to as much as $4,000 for the high-end, luxurious ones. A mid-quality and cost-effective loveseat costs between $500 to $1,000.

Patio Furniture ExampleChaise lounges are also patio furniture to be considered and their cost range is between $50 to $6,000. The cost variation is mostly for the material from which they are made. High-end brands will manufacture a highly flexible chaise long, that gives extra comfort and also durability.

Patio furniture has many design, utility, and durability options. All these factors, including the brand or the store from where it was purchased, will affect the total cost and may heavily vary.

For example, a bistro set made fully from metal by the Astoria Grand Company is listed at $177.99 on Wayfair.com, while one made from metal and stone table top and chair seat is $320.99 from the same company.

At Walmart, a set of two chairs and a table made from rattan can cost around $90, a set of four seats is around $167.99, while one of eight seats can cost $349.99.

Strathwood is a popular brand of patio furniture, that sells various pieces at different costs. For example, the cost of a lounge chair for a patio that usually reclines or rocks can be around $190 for the Strathwood Harwood Chaise Lounge, or $230 for Strathwood Gibranta, which comes in a pair of two chairs. However, a lounge chair from Living Accents Adirondack chair can cost around $60 per piece.

Dining sets are usually pricier even on the low end of the range, due to their assemblies such as tables and chairs, and functionality. An affordable dining set can be purchased from Target at the cost of $250, made by the Bromley company. A mid-priced set done by Cascade is sold by Target for the cost of $1,200, while a high-end brand, such as Mississippi, has its 9-piece dining set at the cost of $2,985.

The cost of patio furniture is a matter of preference, budget, and needs. There are multiple options available on the market, differing in cost, style, size, and utility.

Factors that can affect the cost of patio furniture

Before purchasing a patio furniture, consider the following factors:

  • Deck size – Having a large deck or patio will definitely increase your budget if you want to cover all the area. Also, it may need different types of outdoor furniture such as a sofa set, a dining set, a loveseat, or a lounge chaise, to make it more versatile and to cover the space. Small spaces may not require as much furniture, but you will want to make it more functional. In this case, modular patio furniture, even for a small area, may get expensive.
  • Material – Patio furniture is made from several types of material that are typically weather resistant. The most common pieces are made from plastic, wicket, wood, and aluminum. According to our research, wicker is one of the most affordable materials, however, it may not be too durable due to its low resistance to humidity. On the high-end of the range, treated wood and aluminum are the most durable and stylish materials, but may heavily increase your overall cost.
  • Design – The simpler the design is, the cheaper the patio furniture will be. For items that don’t have very complex shapes or a lot of features, the costs will be pretty affordable.
  • Source – The location from where you purchase the patio furniture is another big cost factor. For example, if you purchase it from a local store you will save money on the shipping and handling fees.
  • Brand – As with any product, branded names will always come with a higher cost.

Patio furniture overview

Choosing patio furniture may be a hard choice to make, due to the various styles of furniture that can be found on the market.

For example, bistro sets are chich pieces of furniture, assembled from one small table and two matching chairs. Usually, these are made from metal, and some of them even have a stone top for the table and chair. Bistro sets are perfect for a small deck, or a stylish outdoor corner.

When it comes to a dining set, these can be found in different sizes and models. Usually, this type of outdoor furniture can accommodate between 4 and 12 individuals, depending on the size and the number of chairs. Most common sets are made from rattan or metal, and usually, the plastic ones are cheaper.

Patio sets are the most versatile. Depending on the size and the number of individuals they can accommodate, this furniture can be found in sets of chairs and a table, or a sofa, chairs, and table and it may also have some small side tables. Generally, these are featured with comfy cushions for the seat and the backrest.

What are the extra costs?

Choosing to purchase the patio furniture from an online retail store, may come with an added fee for shipping and handling.

When purchasing patio furniture, it is worth considering an umbrella for protection from the sun or light rain if one isn’t included with the set.

Patio furniture is made from weather-resistant material, being considered outdoor furniture. However, you may want to acquire some covering to have extra protection so that you can store it and keep the dust away. These covers, usually purchased separately, will be an extra cost to consider.

Depending on the type of material from which the patio furniture is made, a refinish may be needed in the future, to refresh its look and for protection as well. Depending on the material, shape, size, and the professional that does the job, the cost may be between $70 to as much as $550 or even more, per piece.

Whether you did the patio furniture did not have cushions included or you want some more for extra comfort, the cost per cushion may range from $10 to $80, depending on the model, style, material, size, and from where you purchase it from.

Important things to consider

Even though these patio furniture pieces are specially made for outdoor space, consider covering them in bad weather, to extend their durability and looks if you don’t have a storage space to keep them.

Consider trying out the patio furniture before purchasing it. Ordering one from an online store may give you the look but not the comfort. Check your local store and try the furniture, as it may not be as comfortable as it looks.

For a longer lifespan, purchase furniture made from metal, teak, or cedar. These are said to be the most durable materials when it comes to outdoor furniture.

How can I save money?

Consider purchasing patio furniture in the extra season to save up money. Being seasonal furniture, retailers make substantial discounts at the end of the season, and also when a new collection will appear.

Also, retailers may often offer discounts or promotions such as buying a patio chair at full price and the second one for half of the price. Look out for the deals that may appear.

You can also consider purchasing used patio furniture. For example, on platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Craiglist you can find several listings at affordable costs.

Also, you can take a look at the local garage sales, people are often selling good used items at a cheap cost.

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