How Much Does Wakuneco Cost?

Last Updated on January 12, 2024
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Cat lovers know that each feline has its own charming and quirky personality. Now, thanks to the incredible artistry of Wakuneco, you can capture your cat’s unique essence in a custom felted wool portrait. These amazingly lifelike creations immortalize your beloved pet in 3-D felt.

In this article, you’ll learn all about Wakuneco’s handcrafted cat portraits. We’ll cover how this Japanese artist manages to sculpt such realistic depictions of cats, how her popularity skyrocketed on Etsy, what her felting process is like, how much her cat portraits cost, and where you can buy these one-of-a-kind creations. Read on for an inside look at the purrfect way to honor your furry family member!

How Much Does Wakuneco Cost?

Given the special handmade quality and custom artistry involved, Wakuneco’s cat portraits are priced in the luxury goods range. So a custom Wakuneco felted cat portrait costs around $200-$400+ in total. While not cheap, most pet owners find her artistry well worth the price! Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to pay:

  • Basic Portrait: A simple head/shoulders portrait without extras like framing starts at around $165-$250. Larger or more complex portraits are higher.
  • Add-Ons: Options like framing, bases, backdrops, naming, etc. range from $15-$50 each. Multiple add-ons increase the total price.
  • Memorial Portraits: Portraits made in remembrance of a deceased pet tend to range from $200-$400+ depending on size, detailing, extras, etc.
  • Shipping: There is an additional international shipping fee of around $35 USD for most destinations outside Japan.

There are also options for payment plans on larger portraits. And you can request rush processing for an extra fee if desired. Just ask Wakuneco about your budget and needs.

The official Wakuneco website states that the price of a final auction was 330,000 yen which is about $2,300, but the customer ultimately decides the price.

On Etsy, prices for Wakuneco products range from under £20 to over £100, with some items being sold for around $250 USD.

Wakuneco and Her Incredibly Realistic Cat Portraits

Wakuneco is the professional name of Sachiko Susa, a talented Japanese artist based in Saitama, Japan. She has mastered the craft of needle felting, using wool roving and a barbed needle to sculpt 3-D portraits of cats. Her creations look so real you feel like you could reach out and pet their fuzzy heads!

Wakuneco first started felting personalized cat portraits to memorialize a beloved pet. When she posted photos of her work online, the reaction was immediate. Cat lovers from all over the world fell in love with her uncanny ability to capture a cat’s true essence in felt.

Soon, Wakuneco’s Etsy shop was booming with orders for custom felted cat portraits. In 2020 alone, she made over 10,000 sales on Etsy! Her intricate handiwork and skill in recreating cats’ unique personalities explain her runaway success.

How Does Wakuneco Achieve Realism in Felted Cat Portraits?

From fluffy Persian kittens to sleek Siamese cats, Wakuneco’s portraits look exactly like her customers’ pets. So how does she manage such realism in felt? Here are a few of her secrets:

  • Detailed Photos: Wakuneco requests several high-quality photos of your cat to perfectly recreate its likeness. Multiple angles allow her to sculpt a lifelike 3D portrait. Close-ups of your cat’s face let her precisely render features and expression.
  • Masterful Felting Skills: It takes a steady hand, patience, and great talent to turn wool roving into a realistic cat portrait. Wakuneco has perfected her needle felting technique over years of practice. Her artistry shines through in each handcrafted portrait.
  • Careful Observation: Wakuneco studies the photos closely, taking note of every distinctive whisker, patch of fur, and subtle shade. Her intense observation enables her to recreate all your cat’s unique markings and personality in wool.
  • Passion for Cats: As a cat lover herself, Wakuneco has an innate understanding of felines. Her affection for cats is evident in the care she takes with each portrait. She brings out the endearing details that capture your pet’s charm.

Wakuneco’s skill, artistic flair, and love of cats all contribute to her uncannily realistic felted portraits. It’s no wonder cat owners are eager to immortalize their pets through her amazing talent!

Wakuneco’s Cat Portraits Became an Etsy Sensation

Wakuneco began selling her needle felted cat portraits on Etsy in 2017. At first, it was just a small shop for memorializing beloved pets. But soon her incredible talent attracted attention, and orders came pouring in!

Here are some key factors behind Wakuneco’s meteoric Etsy success:

  • Unique Product: There were no other Etsy sellers offering such lifelike, custom felted pet portraits. The novel idea and quality craftsmanship made Wakuneco’s shop stand out.
  • Perfect Timing: As Etsy grew rapidly in the mid-2010s, Wakuneco’s shop took off. The handmade goods market was ready for her imaginative cat portraits.
  • Winning Formulas: Listings with titles like “Custom Felted Portrait of Your Cat” drew in cat-loving shoppers. Offering framed and unframed options was another smart move.
  • Glowing Reviews: As happy customers received their portraits, they left 5-star reviews praising Wakuneco’s artistry. This built trust and social proof.
  • Social Sharing: Wakuneco’s portraits were irresistibly share-worthy creations. Cat lovers on Instagram and other sites helped spread the word.
  • Etsy Marketplace: By 2019, Etsy’s huge visitor numbers gave incredible exposure to Wakuneco’s shop. Her products now appear in key marketplaces.

With imaginative products, perfect timing, and cat-loving fans helping promote her, Wakuneco carved out an enormously successful niche on Etsy. Her shop is still going strong today thanks to her top-notch artistry and craftsmanship.

Felting Process for Wakuneco’s Cat Portraits

Curious about how Sachiko Susa transforms a pile of wool into a perfect recreation of your cat? Here’s an inside look at her artistic process:

  • Consultation: It all starts with you sending Wakuneco quality photos of your cat from multiple angles. She’ll consult with you if she needs any additional shots to work from.
  • Sketch: Using your photos as a reference, Wakuneco sketches a pattern for your cat’s pose and proportions. This helps guide her work.
  • Shaping: She takes wool roving and begins sculpting the basic shape of your cat’s head, body, legs, tail, etc.
  • Detailing: Using her needle felting tools, Wakuneco adds all the intricate details – whiskers, fur texture, precise facial features. This is where your cat truly comes to life.
  • Finishing Touches: The final flourishes like paw pads, collars, eye color, and any other custom touches get handcrafted. The finishing makes the portrait pop!
  • Shipping: Wakuneco carefully packages up your darling felted cat in a box with padding and sends it on its way to you. Enjoy your new purrfect art piece!

Wakuneco pours all her skill and artistic passion into crafting each portrait by hand from start to finish. Her meticulous felting process results in heirloom-quality cat art every owner will treasure.

Where Can You Buy Wakuneco’s Wool Cat Portraits?

Realistic Art WakunecoWakuneco has become so popular that many sites now carry her products! Here are the best places to shop for an original Wakuneco creation:

  • Wakuneco’s Etsy Shop: This is the official source for custom felted cat portraits. Her Etsy shop has the largest selection and options.
  • Wakuneco’s Website Shop: Wakuneco’s own website is the other main option. It has a similar offering to the Etsy store.
  • Japanese Craft Books: Wakuneco has published instructional books on felting cats. These are available on Amazon and at specialty retailers.
  • Going Japan: This shop focuses on Japanese lifestyle products. It carries some of Wakuneco’s smaller items like keychains.
  • eBay Auctions: You may be able to find a premade Wakuneco cat portrait auctioned on eBay. But custom ordering directly is best.

For the largest selection, ability to custom order, and shopping assurance, I recommend Wakuneco’s Etsy and website shops. Browse her portfolio of past cat portraits to find inspiration for honoring your own feline in felt!

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Preserving Memories of Your Cat with Custom Felted Art

For cat lovers, our furry friends are part of the family. When a beloved cat companion passes away, it can be incredibly hard. As an antidote to grief, many turn to Wakuneco to commission a custom felted portrait as a memorial.

The exceptional artistry of these wool tributes provides comfort and joy to those mourning a pet loss. A realistic sculpture immortalizes the cat’s unique personality and locks in memories in a tangible form. Displaying the portrait helps keep fond recollections alive.

Wakuneco’s customers say her tender, imaginative approach to memorial portraits provides solace. She pours love and care into her work, as evidenced by the intricate details and lifelike finishing. The final piece becomes a lasting keepsake to cherish always.

For cat owners, a custom felted portrait provides a meaningful way to pay homage to a cherished pet. The art transforms heartache into happy nostalgia and gives the cat lasting life in fiber form.

Honoring Your Own Cat with a Custom Felted Wool Portrait

After reading about Wakuneco’s magical ability to capture a cat’s essence in wool, you’re probably eager to commission a portrait of your own kitty! Here are some tips for ordering your own custom felted art piece:

  • Choose the Right Pose: Select a characteristic pose showing your cat’s personality – lounging, playing, sitting attentively. Avoid busy backgrounds.
  • Take Quality Photos: Sharp, close-up photos from multiple angles are key. Follow Wakuneco’s tips for best results.
  • Pick Optional Extras: Consider a frame, base, backdrop, name added, etc. to make it personal. Ask Wakuneco if you need guidance.
  • Order from Etsy or Website Shop: Place your order through Wakuneco’s official Etsy or website storefront for smooth service.
  • Expect Some Wait: Be prepared to wait 2-6 weeks for your made-to-order portrait. Rush orders are possible for an extra fee.
  • Display Proudly: Flaunt your new cat art piece in your home! It will bring you joy and fond memories for years to come.

While waiting for your custom Wakuneco portrait to arrive, browse her shop and social media for inspiration. Seeing her imaginative, expressive past cat creations will build your excitement!

Capturing Your Cat’s Unique Charm in Wool

As a cat lover, you know your feline friend has endearing quirks and personality all their own. Professional artist Wakuneco has a gift for bringing out a cat’s unique spirit in her handcrafted wool portraits. Her imaginative style makes these custom pieces unforgettable keepsakes.

With Wakuneco’s custom felted sculpture of your cat, you can always preserve its charming looks and personality. Her art offers a whimsical way for cat lovers to celebrate their furry best friends. For memorial pieces, it provides a meaningful, lasting tribute.

From the playful kitten to the noble, wise old cat, Wakuneco captures your beloved pet at their best. Her portraits evoke happy memories and showcase your cat’s distinctive appeal. When words aren’t enough, let a handmade wool sculpture speak volumes. With Wakuneco’s talents, your cat’s true spirit can live on in felt!

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