How Much Does Wakuneco Cost?

Wakuneco Cost

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a cat lover, you want to show off your furry friend in a very fun and creative way, or you’re just trying to remember one of your pets in a special way, then Wakuneco might be the best option. This very popular handmade 3D cat portrait service is designed to give people the chance of immortalizing one or more of their feline companions, creating a unique statue using a technique called needle felting.

But let’s go over how much Wakuneco portraits cost and what factors influence the price of the prints made by Wakuneco.

How Much Does Wakuneco Cost?

The cost of a Wakuneco portrait is somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500 for smaller prints, while more complex portrait designs can easily reach prices of over $2,000. These prices will depend on factors like the complexity of the portrait that you’ll want to create and its size.

Realistic Art WakunecoAccording to a post on the official website, it was pretty hard for the artist Wakuneco to set a price for their portraits, but based on the signals they got from their prospective clients, they set an auction price of 330,000 yen, which is about $2,366.68, although this price is not set in stone, and will depend on each client’s needs and expectations.

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As a general rule of thumb, the more intricate the details and the bigger the portrait, the more you will end up spending on it.

Currently, the artist only makes cat portraits, but there is still hope if you have other types of pets you want to immortalize in a 3D needle felt painting. You can find other people, doing similar work on websites like Etsy, selling their personalized art for anywhere between $15 and $500.

If you want to do the work yourself, you can learn the process of needle felting through online tutorials and ebooks. While YouTube tutorials of the technique are free, most ebooks will cost somewhere between $2 and $20.

Keep in mind that this technique will take a lot of time to learn and your results will probably be a lot worse than what Wakuneco can build for you. You will also need to order a needle felting kit to start working on your first project.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Wakuneco

Although the cost of a Wakuneco portrait doesn’t fluctuate a lot, it will still depend on several factors like the complexity of the details and the size of the portrait, and let’s see why.


The overall details of the project and their complexity will influence the cost quite a lot. When working on a portrait that has a lot of intricate details, the artist will charge a lot more than what they would charge for a simpler portrait that takes less time to make.

Its Size

Another very important factor to affect the final cost is the size of the portrait. As larger portraits take more time to be made, they will also be more expensive than smaller portraits.
<h2″>What is Wakuneco?

According to the official website, “Wakuneco” means “Frame Cats”. This is a handmade 3D cat portrait making service created by a Japanese artist. Wakuneco creates very realistic 3D cat statues based on the content of a photo of your cat, using a technique called needle felting.

Each 3D portrait does a great job of capturing the unique style of the artist in combination with capturing a beautiful side of your cat’s personality.

Why Do People Buy Wakuneco?

There are several reasons for people to want to buy a Wakunecocat portrait. While some people buy it as a gift for someone else, others want to immortalize their favorite pet, and some use Wakuneco as a way of remembering a cat that has passed away.

Regardless of the reason, a Wakuneco portrait will be a beautiful addition to your home décor and will show off your pet in a unique way.

Final words

Regardless of the reason why you get a Wakuneco portrait, it will be a great way of capturing the uniqueness of a cat, either for you or a loved one and a great way of making sure the pet is never forgotten. The price you are going to pay for the Wakuneco portrait will depend on its size and complexity.

Expect a price of around $2,366, based on the artist’s own words, although there have been people that were able to buy a portrait for $1,000. If this is too much for you or you need to immortalize a different pet, like a dog, for example, you can go on websites like Etsy, where artists using a similar technique will sell their art for anywhere between $15 and $500.

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