Icare® Tonometer Cost

Icare Tonometer Cost

Icare® Tonometers are lightweight and portable devices, manufactured by Icare Finland Oy, that measure intraocular pressure without the need for anesthesia or air puffs. These instruments were made with easy usability in mind, requiring no eye drops to operate them nor any specialized skills whatsoever.

The probe is designed to make momentary contact with the cornea, which allows for accurate and painless measurement of eye pressure. Using patented rebounding technology, this device is currently being used by optometrists, ophthalmologists, and emergency departments alike.

How much does an Icare® tonometer cost?

When new, the Icare tonometer will usually cost somewhere between $3,300 for a unit designed to be used by an individual at home, to more than $5,500 for a piece that is made to be used in a clinic or hospital. The actual price will usually be influenced by factors like the exact model, where you purchase it from, and its general condition.

Model Average Price Reported
TA01i $3,050
ic100 $3,450
PRO $5,250
HOME $2,250

Looking through the GSA Advantage catalog, one listing states that the Icare tonometer model TA01i that comes with a case is $3,598.

The Icare® tonometers product line

Icare® ic100 – The Icare® ic100 is a nifty little device that can measure your intraocular pressure in just the blink of an eye. The lightweight probe, coupled with state-of-the-art software uses patented rebound technology to evaluate deceleration and contact time after creating a momentary contact on your cornea. It also features an advanced navigation interface, automatic measuring sequence series with single-mode and button, intelligent positioning assistant (for correct alignment) as well as many more options available through its intuitive graphical user interface.

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Icare® HOME – The Icare® HOME device is a new technology that helps monitor people’s eye pressure when they are not in the clinic. It can identify IPOP variations and spikes, record time of day and quality rating for immediate feedback to patients who use it, as well as uploading this information by using the Icare LINK software service.

Icare® TAO1i – The Icare® TAO1i is the perfect tool for screening difficult or hard-to-reach patients. This device can provide accurate, objective readings of intraocular pressure in a matter of seconds and will require no special training and no drops to operate – making it ideal for people who work internationally.

Icare® TONOVET Plus – Icare® TONOVET Plus is the new and improved tonometer for your animal patients. This device measures IOP without any anesthetic needed! With a press of a button, this advanced interface provides red/green positioning lights to help you find the correct angle so that it will be right in line with the middle of their cornea every time.

Any additional expenses to consider?

A $55 to 85 box of 50 disposable tips will be necessary for at-home tonometers. The price depends on the specific model they are being used with, and these probes must never be cleaned or sterilized according to company recommendations. They have to be used just once each and then thrown away.

These advanced devices are designed with parts that will not wear out. However, the probe base can collect dust or particles and these could cause it to misalign. To keep your device in perfect shape for years of use we recommend replacing the base every six to 12-months. The price for this replacement ranges between $65-$150.

The TA01i and ic100 both use four AA batteries. These will cost an average of $1 to $2, so budget accordingly. The HOME version requires two CR123 batteries which can be purchased at a higher price point of about $3.50 per battery.

You can also spend on staff training to use these devices if you were to open a professional office, but this is something optional.

Important things to consider

The actual lifespan of this device would be somewhere between 10 and 15 years, as stated by the manufacturer.

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