How Much Does the John Maxwell Certification Program Cost?

Last Updated on February 21, 2024
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John Maxwell is a renowned leadership expert and coach who has trained over 6 million leaders worldwide through his books, seminars, and certification programs. As interest in leadership development continues rising, many aspire to get certified by the John Maxwell Team. But what exactly does this certification involve and how much does it cost?

In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth overview of the John Maxwell certification program, including the cost structure, curriculum details, financial considerations, and enrollment process. By understanding the key components of Maxwell certification, you can determine if the investment is worthwhile for advancing your leadership abilities and career.

How Much Does the John Maxwell Certification Program Cost?

The core tuition fee for the John Maxwell Certification is $2,495 when paid upfront. This covers:

  • Access to the certification portal with training materials
  • A 5-day in-person seminar or online virtual sessions
  • Ongoing mentorship and coaching
  • Official John Maxwell certification diploma

Payment plan options spread costs over 3-6 months for around $425-$830 per month. Those facing financial limitations can also apply for scholarships and discounted rates.

Beyond tuition, expect extra expenses averaging $500-$1,500 for:

  • Travel and accommodation – for in-person seminars
  • Textbooks and workbooks – provided during training
  • Professional coaching – 6 months recommended

So in total, budget approximately $3,000 to $4,000 for full certification costs.

Leadership Principles from John Maxwell

Founded in 2014, the John Maxwell Certification prepares leaders through a comprehensive curriculum based on Maxwell’s 40+ years of insights.

The program aims to help leaders:

  • Master leadership principles – for business, ministry, education, etc.
  • Develop coaching skills – to guide and empower others
  • Become certified trainers – teach Maxwell’s content

Core topics covered align with Maxwell’s philosophy of intentional leadership development:

  • Growing yourself to grow others
  • Focusing on lasting legacy, not short-term success
  • Investing in relationships and earning influence
  • Leading with humility, curiosity and care

The certification provides a framework for applying Maxwell’s teachings in coaching, training, and your own leadership journey.

Certification Details

The John Maxwell Certification offers three progressive levels:

John Maxwell Team Certification

The initial certification focuses on becoming an exceptional coach, trainer, and influencer.

The 6-month curriculum covers:

  • 21 leadership competencies
  • Interactive workshops
  • Coaching skill development
  • Training to facilitate Maxwell programs
  • Ongoing mentorship

After completing coursework and a final project, you earn the John Maxwell Team Certification.

John Maxwell Certified Coach

The second level develops advanced coaching abilities through an ICF-ACTP accredited program.

The 6-12 month curriculum includes:

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  • Coaching mastery course
  • 100+ hours of coaching sessions
  • Mentor coaching
  • ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment
  • Oral and written exam

Once finished, you get the John Maxwell Certified Coach designation.

John Maxwell Certified Trainer

John MaxwellThe master-level certification trains you to deliver Maxwell’s curriculum and facilitate workshops.

Over 6-12 months you complete:

  • Advanced instructional skills course
  • Platform training
  • Shadow coaching
  • Facilitation practicum
  • Oral and written exam

With this certification, you’re approved to teach as a John Maxwell Certified Trainer.

Financial Considerations

While the upfront cost for certification may seem high, flexible payment plans help ease the burden through monthly installments.

You can also recoup your investment through increased earning potential. As a Maxwell certified coach or trainer, you can:

  • Offer leadership coaching or workshops
  • Teach Maxwell programs and get royalties
  • Build your brand as a sought-after expert

Most students earn back their tuition within 2 years of getting certified. The potential income combined with lifelong leadership lessons makes the program a savvy long-term investment.

Benefits of Certification

Beyond monetary rewards, John Maxwell certification delivers immense professional and personal value, including:

  • Leadership development – Gain a deep understanding of leadership principles.
  • Coaching abilities – Become an influential coach and mentor.
  • Training skills – Master dynamic facilitation and teaching.
  • Professional opportunities – Expand your career possibilities.
  • Global network – Connect with an exclusive community of leaders.
  • Personal fulfillment – Experience profound growth and meaning.

These benefits enrich not just your work but also your life. You’ll be equipped with transformative tools for greater success and significance.

Enrollment Process

To enroll in John Maxwell certification:

  1. Submit an online application explaining your goals and qualifications.
  2. If accepted, you’ll complete an interview and enrollment details.
  3. Review the preparatory reading list and start your leadership journal.
  4. Attend the 5-day onsite or online certification seminar.
  5. Begin your customized curriculum and coaching.

The selection process is competitive – around 1,300 are certified globally per year. Candidates must demonstrate:

  • A passion for leadership development
  • Prior experience in coaching, ministry, teaching, etc.
  • Personal/professional accomplishment
  • Commitment to John Maxwell’s philosophy

With focused preparation and a compelling application, you can get accepted into this prestigious leadership program.

Is Maxwell Certification Worth It?

Yes, John Maxwell certification is generally worth the investment for serious leadership development. While the tuition and expenses exceed $3000 on average, you gain expertise, credentials, and opportunities that can greatly elevate your career and earnings potential.

More importantly, Maxwell’s program transforms how you approach leadership, empowering you to achieve deeper purpose and growth. The ROI goes far beyond financial to deliver immense personal rewards.

Still, weigh the costs against your specific goals. Other considerations include:

• Affordability – Can you manage the tuition plus expenses? Get clear on the total budget required.

• Time commitment – Certification takes 6+ months, requiring 10-20 hours per week. Determine if you can dedicate the time.

• Personal needs – Assess how the program fits with your leadership ambitions. Will it provide what you need to reach the next level?

• Career payoff – How will certification build your professional opportunities and salary potential?

Through an honest self-assessment, you can gauge if Maxwell certification is truly worth the demands. For many leaders, the program unlocks their higher purpose and greatest growth.

Is Maxwell Leadership Certification ICF Accredited?

Yes, the John Maxwell Certified Coach level is ICF-ACTP accredited. This International Coach Federation credential provides external validation of the program’s training quality and professional standards.

To earn ICF credentials, coach training must include:

  • In-depth curriculum covering ICF Core Competencies
  • Mentor coaching from an ICF credential-holder
  • Observed coaching sessions
  • Performance evaluations

The John Maxwell coaching certification meets these requirements through:

  • Extensive coursework on ICF competencies like ethics, mindfulness, communication, etc.
  • 75+ hours of mentor coaching from ICF-credentialed mentors
  • Observed coaching practice with feedback
  • Rigorous oral, written, and performance exams

By completing this ICF-aligned training, you can confidently represent yourself as an accredited coach. The external endorsement also brings credibility when attracting coaching clients.

However, to receive your own ICF credential after graduation requires additional steps – the Maxwell program alone doesn’t qualify you. You’ll need to pursue separate ICF certifications like the ACC, PCC, or MCC. Still, the Maxwell curriculum delivers excellent preparation for these advanced ICF credentials.

What is the Highest Coaching Accreditation?

The highest and most prestigious accreditations for professional coaches include:

  • ICF MCC – Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation
  • EMCC Senior Practitioner – From European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • ACPC Master Coach – American Coaching Process Credential
  • CCE Board Certified Coach – Center for Credentialing Education

These pinnacle-level credentials represent the top 1% of the coaching field. They require extensive experience, education, mentoring, and exam performance.

For example, to qualify for ICF MCC certification, you need:

  • 10+ years of coaching experience
  • 200+ hours coach training
  • 100+ mentor coaching hours
  • Five observed coaching sessions
  • Passing score on oral and written exams

The high standards ensure MCCs demonstrate the strongest coaching abilities. Only about 2% of ICF coaches hold this elite credential.

Other top-tier certifications like EMCC Senior Practitioner have similar requirements with rigorous assessments.

While John Maxwell certification provides excellent foundational training, you’ll need to pursue independent accreditation from ICF, EMCC, ACPC, or CCE to validate mastery as a world-class professional coach. The pinnacle credentials allow you to highlight your expertise.

Investing in a premium certification like ICF MCC or EMCC Senior Practitioner can help you stand out and attract clients as an expert coach. While time-intensive, the journey culminates with credentials recognizing your place among the top professionals in the field.

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