Kiwi Bird Cost

Kiwi Bird Cost

The Kiwi Bird is an amazing bird because of its physical look and some particular characteristics. This bird stems from New Zealand and is the country’s national icon.

Just how much does a kiwi bird cost?

The Kiwi bird, due to being an endangered type of bird, can’t be offered for sale in the United States. The Kiwi bird has 5 species and all are endangered due to the damage of their natural environments and partly due to predators. Even if you managed to buy one, New Zealand, where the birds are belonging to, prohibits exportation. Even if you had the ability to lawfully own one as a pet, zoologists say that they are known to be really shy and would hide anyways.

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You can, nevertheless, donate some money to breeding programs and sign up with companies to aid in saving the kiwi bird.

Tips to keep in mind

The bird has a roundish build and can grow at about 16 inches to 18 inches high, weighing around 7 pounds usually. The bird species differ in size and are found in pretty different areas, primarily in forests. The bird finds its nest in thick greenery, burrows, and hollow logs.

The female kiwi bird, typically, is bigger and weighs more than the male.

Kiwi Bird in the WildThe male and female kiwis carry out dance rituals throughout the breeding season, normally from March up until June. The kiwis are loyal companions to one another and might stick with each other till one passes away. When the female produces an egg, its weight will be around 15 percent of the female kiwi’s body weight. The bird can be protective as it would protect its area and its young and would make bird calls to let its species know of any threat from predators.

One special characteristic of the kiwi bird is that it can not fly as its wings do not have any muscle to aid with flying. Nevertheless, the bird has very powerful feet, making it a quick runner, helping it walk around rapidly to prevent threats from predators.

This bird has a long beak – about one-third of its body. The bird has nostrils at the tips of its extended beak, and its body is covered with hair-like plumes. The wings are physically combined with the remainder of the body in a manner that you might need to take a better look to actually see them.

The nostrils work in probing and seeking foods such as bugs, worms, fallen fruits, seeds, little worms, and invertebrates. Its sense of smell is extremely developed and the bird utilizes it to the very best advantage – looking for foods. The bird is nocturnal, being active in the evening to avoid predators.

In the wild, the Kiwi bird can live from 25 to 50 years depending upon the kind of species and its geographical location.

As already pointed in the article, you won’t be able to own a kiwi bird, so you should look for another type of exotic pet. If you’re really into birds, there are a lot of parrots of a bigger size that are easier to obtain and are great pets to own.

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