Leyland Cypress Tree Cost

Last Updated on January 5, 2022
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Cupressocyparis x leylandii is an ornamental shrub species also known by its popular name of Leyland cypress. It is part of the Cupressaceae family and surprises with its vigorous, lush appearance, and is ideally planted as a hedge. It is evergreen, grows quickly in height, and adapts easily.

How Much Does a Leyland Cypress Tree Cost?

The cost of a Leyland cypress tree depends on many factors such as the height of the tree, the nursery you buy it from, and the age of the tree. However, the average cost of a Leyland cypress tree will usually be anywhere between $10 and $170.

For example, a four-inch tree that you purchase online and is shipped in a pot will set you back around $12. A tree that is a little bit taller, like 2.5 feet can be bought for $18 to $35, while a tree that is in a three to four feet range will set you back anywhere between $45 and $70. The price of a six-foot or larger tree would be anywhere between $90 and more than $170.

For instance, Lowe’s sells a 2.25-gallon Leyland Cypress for around $30.

At the BrighterBlooms.com online nursey, you can find Leyland Cypress trees at prices that start at $20 and go up to $110, depending on the size of the tree.

In the table below you will find the average costs of different sizes of Leyland Cypress trees.

Size Average Price
10 to 12 feet $350
8 to 9 feet $200
6 to 7 feet $125
4 to 5 feet $80
3 to 4 feet $50
2 to 3 feet $40
1 to 2 feet $20

Leyland Cypress details

Depending on the stage of development and the degree of maturity, this species of shrub reaches and exceeds heights of 40 feet. Due to its accentuated development, periodic pruning and cleaning are recommended.

It grows optimally once planted on clayey or sandy soils, which have an alkaline, acidic or neutral pH. It prefers its location in bright places, but the semi-shady spaces are also favorable. Beware, Leyland Cypress Leaf can cause skin irritation.

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Of course, depending on the climatic and soil conditions, the Leyland Cypress will reach its maximum height in 10 to 20 years from planting. It can be attacked by pests such as conifer aphids, so if necessary, it is recommended to go to a specialized plant protection store.

In addition to the green Leyland, there are golden-yellow varieties (Castlewellan Gold, Gold Rider, Excalibur Gold) as well, that have more moderate growth and reach heights of up to 33 feet.

What are the extra costs?

Leyland cypress trees are some of the easiest to plant. You can get a professional gardener to do it for you, but there will be an extra fee depending on how big your project is and what kind of price range they fall under, from $35 to $110. They might also charge per hour, prices ranging from $55 to $90 per hour.

Online shopping is convenient, but be sure to factor in additional shipping fees when ordering a large tree. If you live too far away from where the nursery is located and you need to have your tree shipped via a freight option you will have to pay an extra cost.

You can make your evergreen tree grow faster by fertilizing it with a special fertilizer during its first few years. This will help the plant develop strong roots and achieve maximum growth potential. Fertilizers designed specifically for trees usually cost about $7 to $20.

If you live in a dry climate then mulch will keep your soil cool and retain some of the moisture. Shredded bark is most commonly used as mulching material around trees, but it should only be laid about two-three inches thick around the tree.

Important things to consider

Planted Leyland CypressIt is found in nurseries and is cheaper than thuja, as it grows faster.

In the spring, the long shoots are cut from the side, then at the end of July, they will be cut again. This cutting stimulates the subsequent thickening. From the second year, it is recommended to cut them once a year, in summer. The tip is cut only after it reaches the desired height.

In order to form a hedge up to 6.5 feet high, it is recommended to plant it at a distance of 28-36 inches from other trees. To create a fence higher than 5.6 feet, the distance between plants must be greater, respectively approx. 36 – 48 inches.

A Leyland hedge grows quickly in height, but its branches are very poor in needles at first. In order to be kept in shape, it needs 2-3 cuts per year.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that these evergreens need very little water. If you do not provide them with the necessary water, including winter, you will soon lose them, and dry needles will appear. In winter, when the ground is frozen, the water stays in the needles. On sunny days, the water in the needles evaporates. When the soil is thawed, water the plants, especially in the first 2 years after planting. Once they have stabilized well and developed their roots, there is no need for such frequent watering, unless it is not raining or snowing enough.

How can I save money?

The more you buy, the more you can save. Purchasing in bulk will help you save around 25% of the whole bill.

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