Mahogany Wood Cost

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Mahogany is a top choice for wood species because it can be used in construction, furniture crafting, and decking. Mahogany comes from Central America, Asia, and South America and there are many different uses for it across the world.

How much does mahogany wood cost?

The cost of mahogany wood can vary depending on the type and quality, as well as where it is purchased from. Unfinished mahogany wood will usually range between $6 to $30 per board foot, but some species may be more expensive than others based on specific qualities or finishes. The price for flooring or decking pieces typically ranges around $6-$10 a square foot in most cases.

One of the most common boards you can find is a 4×4. A board that size could cost anywhere from $4 to upwards of $8, depending on where it’s bought and what type it is. A decent option can be found at AdvantageLumber, which offers its customers a quality product at $6 per piece.

Mahogany wood floors range from $7 for a single sample board to as much as $65 per board. Woodworkersource offers 20-piece packages at an average price of about $250+ per package. Mahogany cabinets will be priced somewhere between $25 and $45, depending on quality or design preference.

Mahogany is one of the most expensive woods in the world. Apart from construction pieces, mahogany wood dining plates can be bought for anywhere from $25 to $55 per plate; furniture pieces like a mahogany conference table could potentially cost up to $1,200. One Old House article states that some people will pay up to $68 for Cuban or West Indian Mahoganies boards.

Any additional expenses to consider?

Mahogany WoodWhen installing a deck or hardwood flooring, it can be easy to wrack up the costs of hiring an installer. You should also consider labor charges and not just materials when determining your budget for installation. The average cost is $20+ per hour with many contractors beginning at this rate and going from there depending on their experience.

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If you’re looking to remodel your house or just need a new floor, building materials are readily available at local lumberyards and home improvement stores. All the cuts can be done for free but if you want an extra measure of customization like custom cuts, then this is where additional fees come in. These costs could range from $10-$20 depending on what type of cut it is. Paint, stain/varnish will also have to be applied which may require some more time and money as well. Lastly, delivery charges vary by company.

Important things to consider

The thing about Mahogany wood is that it will have smaller ovals, which are called ellipses. The pattern should be neat with rows of oval-shaped holes lining up neatly and not all over the place. It’s fairly common for other types of woods to also be described as mahogany but you can find out by asking a lumber yard expert if youțre unsure what type of wood it really is. It would be a shame to be tricked into buying a different kind of wood that only looks like Mahogany.

As an example, you should know that Philippine mahogany not only is different from mahogany, it isn’t even in the same family of trees.

Is there any way to spend less?

You can try to look for wood that is on clearance, especially for smaller jobs. You might even find pieces of wood that just need a little polish to look like brand new.

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