How Much Does Michaels Custom Framing Cost?

Last Updated on February 6, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Getting your art and photos professionally framed can really make them pop but custom framing doesn’t come cheap. So what can you expect to pay for Michaels custom framing and how can you save?

This guide breaks down Michaels’ framing costs, services, and deals to help you make the most of its picture framing expertise without blowing your budget.

When you invest in custom framing from Michaels, you pay for the skill and artistry of its framing consultants. Their expertise ensures your cherished art and memories get the quality framing they deserve for a lifetime of enjoyment. Of course, all that talent and handiwork doesn’t come free.

How Much Does Michaels Custom Framing Cost?

On average, expect to pay $75 to $200 per custom frame at Michaels. Simple designs start around $75 while more complex projects with specialty matting, glass, or framing run $150 to $200+.

A Reddit user reported an estimate of around $230 for framing an 18×24 Mondo print at Michaels.

Homeguide.com states that custom framing costs $50 to $500 on average in-store, with professional framing businesses offering a wider range of sizes, colors, and materials than craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby but typically charging more. It also mentions that large retail craft stores offer basic services for a relatively modest fee.

Michaelscustomframing.com provides specific prices for different picture frame sizes, such as $49 for 5×7, $69 for 8×10, $79 for 11×14, and $99 for 16×20.

The exact cost depends on factors like the frame size, materials, design complexity, and services.

Factors That Determine Michaels Framing Costs

Michaels charges by the project based on the specifics of your custom frame but these key factors play the biggest role in determining the price of custom framing:

  • Frame size – The biggest driver of cost. Larger frames require more materials and labor.
  • Frame style – Simple metal and wood frames vs. ornate or designer frames.
  • Mat choices – More intricate mattings drive up costs.
  • Glass selection – Standard glass vs. specialty UV/glare-reducing upgrades.
  • Design complexity – Elaborate multi-mat layouts and custom frame treatments add cost.
  • Additional services – Canvas mounting/stretching, shadowboxes, rush orders, etc.

The starting price for a small 8”x10” print in a basic metal frame with simple matting might run $75-100. A complex 24”x36” custom framing project with designer moulding, specialty mats, and UV glass could easily hit $400+.

Why Invest in Framing Your Memories?

Custom framing may seem expensive but it’s worth investing in to preserve, present, and protect your cherished photos and artwork. Quality frames not only make art look its best but also:

  • Prevent damage from light, dust, moisture, and pests
  • Provide UV protection to prevent fading
  • Allow safe handling and display with shatter-resistant glass
  • Complement your décor with personalized styles and colors
  • Showcase memories in creative shadowboxes and gallery walls
  • Give photos and artwork the prominence they deserve

So while the cost of custom framing might give you pause, the expertise and care that go into creating enduring displays for your cherished memories make the investment worthwhile.

Why Choose Michaels for Custom Picture Framing?

With over 1,200 stores across North America, Michaels is accessible, experienced, and equipped to handle all your custom framing needs. Key benefits include:

  • Huge selection of quality frames, mats, glass, etc. – From basic to designer, traditional to trendy, Michaels stocks endless options to suit any style.
  • Experienced framing consultants – Friendly experts guide you through the process to design beautiful, creative frames.
  • In-store ordering and pickup – No need to ship off your valuables. Leave with confidence your art is in good hands.
  • Volume discounts – Multi-piece and large orders can receive 10-15% off standard pricing.
  • Ongoing sales – Frame projects, mats, and other supplies frequently go on sale for 40% off or more.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – Michaels stands behind its products and services with a happiness guarantee.

While local frame shops have appeal, Michaels offers exceptional selection and expertise you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

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Custom Framing Options Galore at Michaels

The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your framing at Michaels. Consultants help tailor every detail:

Frame Material and Style

  • Wood frames – Classic cherry, maple, walnut, rustic barnwood, and more in various stains and finishes.
  • Metal frames – Sleek silver, gold, black, bronze in thin, wide, ornate styles. From modern to vintage.
  • Poster frames – Lightweight for easy mounting and protection of posters or prints.
  • Photo frames – Designed specifically for preserving photos behind glass or acrylic.
  • Canvas frames – Stretch and mount canvas pieces for a clean, gallery style finish.


  • Color choices – Select mat colors to complement or accent your art.
  • Materials – From standard paper to cotton, linen, suede.
  • Specialty mats – Features like hand-painted details or decorative cuts.
  • Double matting – An inner bevel-cut mat surrounded by a wider, decorative mat.

Glass and Plastic

  • Standard glass – Provides a clear view and prevents dust buildup.
  • UV protective – Reduces fading from light exposure for longer-lasting art.
  • Anti-glare – Minimizes reflective glare especially on photos and puzzles.
  • Acrylic – Shatter-proof alternative ideal for kid’s rooms or accident-prone spaces.

Special Services

  • Shadowboxes – Highlight memorabilia in 3D framed displays.
  • Collages – Frame multiple photos, prints, mementos together.
  • Canvas mounting – Gallery wrap and stretch canvas pieces.
  • Custom mat cutting – Any size or shape opening to best display art.
  • Rush turnaround – Complete projects quicker for an added fee.

Saving on Michaels Picture Framing Services

Custom FramingWhile Michaels’ custom framing expertise comes at a cost, you can trim expenses with savvy shopping strategies:

  • Join Michaels Rewards for discounts on custom framing and everyday savings.
  • Watch for weekly sales advertised in stores and online offering 40% off framing projects.
  • Use mail/email 20% off coupons which can apply to framing costs over $100.
  • Purchase mats, glass, and frames when they go on sale to cut DIY project costs.
  • Opt for simple metal vs. ornate wood frames to save on moulding costs.
  • Choose standard glass over UV/anti-glare upgrades.
  • Request a bulk discount for large or multi-piece projects.
  • Reuse frames from old projects to cut material costs.

With good timing and some flexibility, you can potentially save $50 or more per custom frame. Taking advantage of sales, coupons, and volume discounts provides the greatest framing savings at Michaels.

What to Expect: The Custom Framing Process

Creating your custom framed masterpiece at this retailer follows a simple process:

  1. Consultation – Set an appointment to review project goals, frame options, costs, and timelines. Bring your item to visualize sizing and materials.
  2. Order – Select all materials and details for your custom frame. Pay a 50% deposit.
  3. Creation – Michaels’ framers meticulously cut mats, assemble frames, and position artwork. Anywhere from same day to two weeks turnaround.
  4. Review – Return to approve the finished piece. Cover the remaining balance.
  5. Enjoy! – Leave with your treasured art beautifully presented and protected for years to come.

The consultation is key for conveying your vision, exploring possibilities, and setting expectations. Come organized with ideas of preferred frame styles, colors, and overall vision. Photos of your space help consultants recommend design options to match your decor.

Leave sufficient lead time for creating quality custom frames – at least one week for simpler projects, ideally two or more for complex designs. Rushing the artistic process risks subpar results, so build in time to do it right.

Reviews Praise Knowledgeable Help and Quality Materials

Michaels earns overwhelmingly positive reviews for its custom framing expertise. The most common feedback highlights:

  • Friendly, skilled framing consultants who provide guidance bringing projects to life.
  • Top-notch materials and handiwork resulting in quality, enduring frames.
  • Creativity in designing beautiful, personalized frames matching cherished memories.

Of course, the higher costs draw some complaints, especially in comparison to DIY options. But most agree Michaels’ expertise delivers excellent value that makes the investment in custom framing worthwhile.

Final Words

To recap, investing in quality custom framing preserves your artwork while elevating its display. Michaels offers an unparalleled selection of frame materials and designs to suit any project. Their experienced consultants provide guidance to protect your cherished memories and display them attractively.

While Michaels’ pricing is on the higher side, sales, coupons, and bulk discounts can reduce costs considerably. Timing framing projects around weekly sales makes the premium service more affordable. With the right strategies, you can save over $50 per frame.

For true archival-quality framing and professional design expertise, Michaels remains a top choice to showcase everything from diplomas and photos to fine art. Custom framing transforms pieces from average to extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get something framed at Michaels?

The typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. Simpler designs may be ready in a few days. Large or complex projects need 2-3 weeks. Let consultants know your timeline and discuss options for rush orders if needed.

Is it worth paying for custom framing?

For valuable, meaningful art and photos, professional custom framing is absolutely worthwhile to preserve and present them attractively. For inexpensive prints, DIY can suffice. But for heirlooms or investments, it pays to have Michaels’ experts handle framing.

Can you return custom framing to Michaels?

Michaels guarantees satisfaction with its custom framing work and will redo or refund projects if issues arise. Save receipts and packaging to return unfinished framing work for a full refund or credit within 60 days.

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