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How Much Does Hobby Lobby Custom Framing Cost?

Last Updated on May 30, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

As one of the most popular craft and home décor retailers in the U.S., Hobby Lobby is a top choice for custom framing due to its broad selection of frame styles and finishes, customizable options, and competitive pricing. But if you’re wondering exactly how much it costs to get custom framing done at Hobby Lobby, this comprehensive guide will provide all the details.

We’ll break down the many variables that affect the final price, from materials and size to matting and glass choices. You’ll find a cost comparison with other major framing providers so you can see where Hobby Lobby’s prices stand. And we’ll share insider tips on utilizing coupons, sales events, and other savings strategies to get the best deal.

How Much Does Hobby Lobby Custom Framing Cost?

Hobby Lobby custom framing projects can range from $15 to $300, depending on the size of the frame, with small frames costing $15 to $60, medium frames ranging from $40 to $150, and large frames priced between $100 to $300.

To give you a better idea of what to expect cost-wise for custom framing based on common frame dimensions, here are some typical price ranges at Hobby Lobby:

Small Frame Sizes

5” x 7” to 8” x 10”: These smaller frame sizes for individual photos or small prints range from $15 on the low end for basic plastic frames up to $60 for solid wood frames with upgraded matting, glass, etc.

Medium Frame Sizes

11” x 14” to 18” x 24”: In this mid-range size suitable for posters and medium wall art, expect prices between $40 for a simple 11” x 14” metal frame and $150 for an intricate 18” x 24” solid wood frame with premium options.

Large Frame Sizes

22” x 28” to 36” x 48”: Oversized frames for displaying large format photos, paintings, mirrors, and more generally run $100 to $300 at Hobby Lobby. The final cost depends heavily on materials, design, and customization selections. For example, a 24” x 36” basic plastic frame may retail for $100, while a Solid wood frame of the same size with decorative matting could cost over $200.

These price ranges account for Hobby Lobby’s standard custom framing costs. Specific pricing can vary based on the complexity of your project and exact customization details.

According to the official website, Hobby Lobby offers custom framing services with a range of framing options, including standard, deluxe, and conservation-grade framing. The cost of framing at Hobby Lobby starts at around $40 for standard framing, with more expensive options available for larger or more complex projects.

Houzz discusses framing costs for prints, mentioning that the prints themselves are inexpensive, typically less than $30 depending on the size. However, framing can cost $100 or more once the frame and matting are included.

One user on the Fred Miranda forums shared their experience, stating that they paid $125 for a frame and mat at Hobby Lobby, which included acid-free vacuum press and no glass, with the frame being a not too wide hardwood.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Custom Framing

The price of custom framing depends on several important factors:

Frame Material

The material the frame is constructed from plays a major role in cost. Hobby Lobby provides frame material options including:

  • Wood: The most popular choice that offers a classic, elegant look. All-wood frames made from solid wood cost more than composite wood frames. Prices typically range from $20 for a small 8” x 10” composite frame to over $200 for a large 24” x 36” solid wood frame.
  • Metal: A sleek, modern option available in various finishes like silver, gold, and black. Pricing is mid-range, generally $30 to $100. More ornamental styles with gold leaf accents or coloring will be at the higher end.
  • Plastic: The most budget-friendly material. Basic plastic picture frames cost as little as $10 for a 5” x 7” size. They offer a simple way to display photos.

Size of the Frame

Hobby Lobby Frame ColorsNaturally, the larger the frame, the higher the price. An 8” x 10” frame will cost significantly less than a 24” x 36” frame, often by a factor of 3 to 5 times as much. Carefully measure your photo, painting, mirror, or other piece to determine what frame dimensions you need when estimating cost.


Matting refers to the decorative, constructed layers that create a border within the frame around your art or photo. More intricate matting with higher-end materials will increase the price, while opting out of matting altogether can reduce the cost. Expect to pay $10 to $15 for basic pre-cut mats at Hobby Lobby and $25 to $60 for more elaborate designer mats. Museum-grade archival mat boards can cost over $100 for premium custom framing jobs.

Glass or Acrylic

Frames are topped with either glass or acrylic for transparent protection. Glass is more traditional and offers crystal clear optics, but it comes with added weight. Acrylic is lighter and shatter-resistant, although not quite as optically clear. There are also anti-glare and UV filtering options that provide added benefits while increasing cost. In general, glass runs $1 to $3 per square foot while acrylic ranges from $3 to $5 per square foot.

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Labor and Service Fees

Part of what you pay for with professional custom framing is the expertise, design skills, and effort that go into creating your frame. This includes consultation, assembly, fitting, finishing, and more.

At Hobby Lobby, there is a custom framing service fee that starts around $15 for small projects up to $50 for large, complex framing jobs. This covers the workmanship and care that goes into a high-quality end product.

Specific Custom Framing Options

Now let’s take a detailed look at how the customizable parts of a custom framed piece come into play when determining the total cost of your project:

Frame Material Types

As mentioned earlier, the frame material makes up a significant portion of the overall price. Here is a recap of typical frame material prices at Hobby Lobby:

  • Wood Frames: Range from $20 for a small 8” x 10” composite wood frame to over $200 for a large 24” x 36” hand-carved solid wood frame. There are many styles and wood types (oak, maple, birch) to choose from at different price points.
  • Metal Frames: Span $30 for a basic 11” x 14” silver metal frame to $100 for an ornate large gold leaf frame. Black, silver, gold, and other finishes are available.
  • Plastic Frames: The most budget option, as low as $10 for a small 5” x 7” basic plastic frame. Larger sizes remain very affordable, usually under $50 even for a 20” x 30” frame.

Matting Materials and Design

Adding matting is a great way to complement your art while allowing focus on the image itself. Here’s an overview of matting costs:

  • Basic Pre-Cut Mats: Start at around $10 for an 8” x 10” size. These provide an affordable way to add a subtle framed border.
  • Designer Mats: Custom matting with intricate details, premium papers, and unique openings or shapes range from $25 for a 14” x 18” size up to $60+ for larger ornate mats.
  • Museum Mats: Archival quality acid-free mat boards start at $50+ and can exceed $100 for larger frame sizes. They offer the highest protection for valuable artwork.

Glass vs. Acrylic

Protecting and displaying your image clearly is crucial. Glass and acrylic options include:

  • Regular Glass: The most affordable at just $1 per square foot. Provides classic transparent optics.
  • Non-Glare Glass: Reduces reflective glare for improved viewing. Ranges from $2 to $3 per square foot.
  • UV Acrylic: Provides shatter resistance and UV protection to prevent fading. Cost is $3 to $5 per square foot.

For a 24” x 36” frame, glass would cost around $24 while acrylic may run $36 to $60.

Labor and Service Fees

As mentioned previously, Hobby Lobby charges a custom framing service fee to cover expertise and effort. For smaller projects under 16” x 20”, this runs $15 to $20. For larger framing jobs, it ranges from $20 for a 20” x 24” frame up to $50 for a sizable 30” x 40” frame. This helps ensure care and quality workmanship.

Saving on Custom Framing at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby already provides very fairly priced custom framing compared to competitors. But you can save even more and make the costs fit your budget by using these tips:

Take Advantage of Coupons and Discounts

One of the best ways to save on custom framing at Hobby Lobby is to use their coupons. They regularly offer percent-off coupons, including:

  • 40% off One Regular Price Item: Can be applied to offset the cost of your custom frame.
  • 50% off One Regular Price Item: Even better discount for extra savings on your framing costs.
  • $10 off $50 Purchase: Helpful if buying multiple items like frames and supplies.

Shop Seasonal Sales Events

Hobby Lobby hosts major sales around peak holidays like Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas, etc. Frames, custom framing services, and supplies can be deeply discounted, which is the perfect time to tackle large projects. You may save 50% or more compared to regular prices.

Ask About Price Matching

If you find a competitor running a promotion with cheaper custom framing pricing, ask Hobby Lobby about a potential price match. They may honor it and save you money.

Reuse and Refurbish Old Frames

An eco-friendly way to save is to reuse old frames you have around your home. Give them a fresh coat of paint or stain, replace damaged glass/acrylic, and update the matting to customize them into “new” frames at a fraction of the cost.

Opt for Acrylic Over Glass

When the strength and shatter-resistance of acrylic isn’t imperative, go for affordable glass instead. Acrylic does offer great benefits, but glass can save $1 to $2 per square foot.

By combining these cost-saving strategies, you can enjoy Hobby Lobby’s custom framing services while sticking to a reasonable budget.

Hobby Lobby’s Custom Framing Process

When you choose to have your framing project completed by the experts at Hobby Lobby, you’ll benefit from a professional custom process resulting in high-quality results. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:


The first step is sitting down with a knowledgeable framing specialist at your local store. They will assess your piece and goals, provide recommendations on optimal materials, colors, matting, sizes, etc., and answer any questions you have.

Design and Material Selection

Next, you’ll select all the components for your custom frame including the frame, mats, glass or acrylic, backing, embellishments, hardware for hanging, and any finishing touches. The framing consultant can help guide your choices.

Mounting and Assembly

Your artwork, photo, mirror, jersey, or other piece will be professionally mounted, secured, aligned, and assembled into the frame materials with meticulous care and technique.

Inspection and Adjustments

Before final completion, you’ll have the opportunity to inspect the framed piece and request any adjustments or changes if needed. This ensures you’re 100% satisfied with the end result.

Pick Up and Enjoy

When finished, you’ll pick up your custom framed creation packaged and ready to hang on your wall. Then you can proudly display your art or special memories!

Hobby Lobby has dedicated framing specialists on staff, rather than general retail associates, so you can trust you’ll receive knowledgeable guidance resulting in a quality final product you’ll love.

Hobby Lobby’s Prices vs Competitors

To give you the full picture, we’ll provide a detailed price and service comparison between Hobby Lobby and some of the other top national retailers offering custom framing:

Hobby Lobby vs. Michaels

Michaels has grown to be Hobby Lobby’s biggest competitor in the retail crafting space. They offer very similar frame styles, matting, glass, and acrylic options for custom jobs. However, their regular everyday pricing tends to run 10% to 20% higher than Hobby Lobby for comparable custom framing work. Even when Michaels runs sales or coupons, they rarely discount custom framing as deeply as Hobby Lobby tends to do.

Hobby Lobby vs. JOANN Fabrics

JOANN has expanded its framing assortment in recent years, though not yet to the breadth of Hobby Lobby’s selection. Their custom framing pricing is competitive with Hobby Lobby’s rates, but still around 5% to 15% higher on average for similar materials, sizes, and services. JOANN does frequently offer coupons, which can sometimes close the gap.

Hobby Lobby vs. Target

For smaller, simpler custom framing jobs, Target can potentially beat Hobby Lobby’s prices. However, their selection of frame mouldings, matting, glass, and acrylic is very limited compared to the specialized craft stores. Target’s everyday pricing is on par or lower for essential 8” x 10” and 11” x 14” frames, but Hobby Lobby tends to win out for larger and more intricate custom framing projects.

Hobby Lobby vs. Online Framing Companies

Popular online custom framing providers like Framebridge, Pictureframes.com, and EasyCanvasPrints offer convenience but fall a bit short on selection, quality, and pricing. For very basic projects like framing an 8” x 10” photo with a simple black wood frame, their base prices may be $5 to $10 less than Hobby Lobby when factoring in shipping costs.

However, for more complex framing scenarios with premium mouldings, custom matting, oversized dimensions, or specialty mounting, most online companies end up costing a good 25% to 30% more than Hobby Lobby. They also can’t match the intricate designs, solid wood carvings, and ornate detail work often requested for high-end custom frames.

Get the Best Value on Custom Framing

If you’re looking for ways to save money on custom framing while maintaining quality, consider these budget-friendly tips:

  • For simple, minimalist designs, go with DIY framing using ready-made standard frames and basic supplies from Hobby Lobby. You save significantly doing the assembly yourself.
  • Opt for solid wood frames with clean lines rather than heavily ornate or carved frames to get an elegant look at a lower price point.
  • Use acid-free paper backing and cardboard spacers instead of specialty mats and mounting boards. They offer budget-friendly functionality.
  • Prioritize UV protection with acrylic instead of crystal clarity with glass. Acrylic runs $1 to $2 less per square foot.
  • Buy frame bundles that include everything you need. Hobby Lobby regularly offers bundle deals that provide savings off piecing components individually.
  • Repurpose and refresh old frames from around your home with new spray paint, stenciling, matting, or embellishments for an instant transformation.

With creativity and smart choices, you can achieve beautiful custom framing results while spending less.

Final Words

When it comes to custom framing, Hobby Lobby offers an unbeatable combination of fair pricing, broad selection, knowledgeable service, and quality results. By understanding the factors that make up the costs and utilizing coupons, sales, and other savings strategies, you can get beautifully designed, professional custom frames that fit your budget.

Hobby Lobby’s prices are very affordable compared to local frame shops charging premium rates. They also compete favorably with major national retailers like Michaels, JOANN, and online companies. With some creativity and smart choices, you can save even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is custom framing worth it?

Yes, custom framing is usually worth the investment because it allows you to create an ideal display for treasured photographs or artwork. The materials are designed to preserve the image while the matting, frame style, and mounting enhance visual appeal. It results in a professional gallery-style presentation.

What makes framing so expensive?

Framing costs are driven up by the use of solid wood frames, premium matting materials, decorative embellishments, specialized glass/acrylic, and professional assembly. The expertise of custom framing also adds cost. However, the final product is a high-quality, tailored frame worth the price.

Why does custom framing take so long?

Each step of custom framing like designing, cutting mats, mounting, and assembly requires care and precision, which takes time. The frame elements must be specifically made to fit your piece. Any adjustments or remakes also extend the timeline. However, the result is a frame built just for your art or photo.

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