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Movie Tavern is a theater restaurant chain that serves traditional cinema staples such as buttered popcorn, Also, it offers a large variety of classic American dishes such as gourmet hamburgers, chicken wings, seasoned fries with bacon, and cheese sauce.

Here you can find the best of two pleasures in life: movie-watching and dining. For sure you will have a great experience enjoying a tasty meal while watching your favorite movie. In the table below you will find the latest Movie Tavern food menu prices, so you can get an idea about how much you should budget for visiting this place.

Movie Tavern Menu Prices

Delicious Menu Items Prices


Bucket of Popcorn $10.29
Classic Tomato Soup $6.84
Fried Dill Pickle Spears $9.14
Fried Mozzarella $10.29
General Tso’s Cauliflower $12.02
Honey Butter Potato Chips $12.02
Nachos Grande $12.59
New York Pretzel Bites $11.44
Roasted Red Pepper-Hummus $12.02
Spinach and Artichoke Dip $11.21
Sweet Potato Tater Tots $10.87
Tomato Goat Cheese Fondue $10.87
Wings By The Pound $19.49


Baked Rigatoni With Spinach & Portabella $17.19
Hand-Cut Steak & Shrimp $20.64
Roasted Salmon Over Brussels Sprout Cranberry Walnut Salad $17.19
Short Rib & Green Chile Max & Cheese $17.19
Tavern Stacked Short Rib Sandwich $17.19
Vietnamese Rice Bowl $16.04

Garden Picks

Harvest Salad $14.89
Italian Chopped Salad $16.04
Mediterranean Salad $13.74
Pepper-Crusted Ahi Salad $16.04
Ramen Bang-Bang Chicken Salad $14.89

Side Salads

Brussels Sprout & Cranberry Walnut $9.2
Caesar Salad $5.46
House Salad $5.46

Sandwiches & Burgers

BLTA Sandwich $13.74
Buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich $14.89
Crispy Chipotle Soldiers $14.89
Grilled Chicken $15.24
Portabella Mushroom & Fontina Sandwich $16.04
Portabella Mushroom Black Angus & Swiss Burger $16.04
Roasted Red Pepper And Black Bean Garden Burger $15.24
Tavern Black Angus Cheddar Burger: Our War $14.66
Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Classic Tomato Soup $13.74

Fare & Pizzas

Chicken Quesadilla $12.02
Game Day Platter $19.49
Margherita Pizza $14.89
Mediterranean Pizza $18.34
Portabella & Pepperoni Pizza $16.04
Southern Chicken Tenders $15.47
Wings By The Pound $16.95/lb

Kid’s Meals (with drink)

Cheese Pizza $10.29
Chicken Tenders $10.29
Mac & Cheese $10.29
Tavern Sliders $10.29


Brownie Bottom Sundae $7.99
Double Chocolate Mousse With Caramel Popcorn $7.99
House-Made Churros $7.99
Key Lime Tartlet $7.99
Movie Theater Candy $5.69


Bottled Water $5.69
Coffee $3.39
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade $5.69
Icees (large) $7.99
Icees (small) $6.84
Lipton Iced Tea $5.69
Shakes $6.84
Soft Drinks $5.69


Hawaiian Sunset $11.5
Scorpion $16.1
Tavern Tiki Colada $13.8


Classic Margarita $10.35
Frosty Modelo Rita $13.8
Frozen Signature Tavernrita $11.5
Patron Strawberry Margarita $12.65
The Blue Thing Margarita $10.35
The Perfect Patron Margarita $12.65


Berry Spritzer $11.5
Caribbean Rum Punch $10.35
Cosmopolitan $11.5
Manhattan $12.65
Mojito $10.35
Mudslide $11.5
Old Fashioned $10.35
Peach Bellini $11.5
Salty Q Dog $10.35
Titanic Tea $11.5

Brand history

Movie Tavern was founded in 2001. It was purchased by New Orleans-based Southern Theatres, that is a company of Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS), a private equity firm, in 2013.

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In 2018 the twenty-two Movie Tavern locations, with 208 screens were purchased by the Milwaukee-based exhibitor Marcus Theatres for $126 million.

Currently, there are more than eighty Marcus Theatres locations, including Movie Tavern restaurants, in seventeen US states such as Virginia, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, Kentucky, New York, Louisiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Our review

Movie Tavern has a menu that includes surprisingly tasty meals. They offer a wide selection of food and drinks, beyond the classic popcorn and coke that you can find in regular theaters.

Some of the customers’ favorites include the grilled salmon, nacho deluxe, egg rolls, and stake & shrimp. These can be paired with a glass o wine, beer, or margarita.

Movie Tavern Menu ItemsThe starters such as a tavern platter, a classic bucket of popcorn, chicken wings, chewy pretzel sticks, quesadilla, nachos Grande, seasoned fries, fried pickles, and others, are priced at $5 to $20. For a pizza, you will have to pay anywhere between $12 and $17, and you will be able to choose from veggie, BBQ chicken, carnivore or you can create your own.

Movie Tavern serves breakfast options such as simple fried egg sandwiches, stromboli, biscuits & gravy, and pancakes. Each of these costs anywhere between $8 and $14.

If you would like to take your children to a movie and have a good meal as well, then Movie Tavern is the right place for you. The movie tavern food menu also includes items for kids such as kid’s cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, little cheesy pizza, kids’ green salad, kraft mac-n-cheese, French fries, fresh fruits, and others.

You should try their desserts that are absolutely delicious and cost anywhere between $2 and $8. These would include red velvet cake, freshly baked cookie of the day, brownie bottom pie, and theatre candy.

As for beverages, you can choose between shakes, smoothies, soft drinks, coffee, bottled water, and fresh frozen lemonade. Be prepared to pay anywhere between $4 and $7 for each of these.

Their staff is very helpful and accommodating, and they are always smiling. Also, they respond very quickly to the “blue light” that the clients can turn on during the movie if they need anything.

Movie Tavern FAQs

At what time does Movie Tavern open?

Most Movie Tavern restaurants open at 12:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday. Though, it may vary from one location to another, so you should visit the company’s official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does Movie Tavern close?

In general, Movie Tavern units close at 22:00 p.m. every day. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week. You should verify this information on their official website.

When was Movie Tavern founded?

Movie Tavern was opened for the first time in 2001.

Does Movie Tavern by Marcus Theatre offer free popcorn refills?

Yes, the price for a movie is only $5 and there are free refills for popcorn.

Is Movie Tavern by Marcus Theatre popcorn vegan?

Their popcorn, and all of the related food products (buttery topping, popping oil, and salt) are gluten-free and dairy-free, but they can not call the products vegan. This is because they are not sure if the brand salt, Flavorcol, that they use is processed in a Vegan-friendly environment.

Did Movie Tavern get bought out?

Yes, Movie Tavern was acquired by Marcus Theatres in November 2018.

Where can I purchase movie tickets for Movie Tavern?

You can purchase movie tickets at the box office where the movie is playing, from the official website, or from the Marcus Theaters mobile app.

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