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Navesink Country Club Membership Cost

Navesink Country Club Membership Cost

Navesink Country Club is a four-season, family-oriented club located on the banks of the Navesink River in Monmouth County. They offer memberships that will provide you with benefits and privileges from sports to dining and social perks for your entire family. With access to a range of facilities including golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and spas there’s never going to be an excuse not to get active while you’re a member of this club.

How much does a Navesink Country Club membership cost?

The president of one New Jersey community college pays $39,000 a year to belong to the exclusive club. This is just shy of what he makes in an entire work year. While we can’t get information on how much it costs for someone new to join this club, reports say that initiation fees are around the high hundreds of thousands, around $500,000; making membership worth pretty much the same as other country clubs nearby.

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Navesink Country Club details

Navesink Country Club From AboveThe clubhouse, located in a four-story building nearly 100 years old and recently expanded to 63,000 square feet houses many amenities for members of the club. Members have access to different dining options provided at the club including Casual Dining Rooms; Member’s Lounge; Formal Dining Room; Exclusive Wine Room; Pool during summertime, and much more.

The club’s golf course is private and features a year-round season. With 35 tee stations, a driving range, a pro shop as well as other amenities, it is the perfect place to practice your swings.

The country club offers a plethora of different sporting activities. Members can enjoy tennis in the summer and platform tennis during winter months, as well as other events for all ages. Clinics and events are readily available all the time regardless of your playing level or age. You can also try your luck with either skating or hockey. Through it all, there is access to an ice rink facility nearby which means members who have signed up for winter participation will get their chance on the frozen surface.

gatherings or big events like wedding receptions and corporate getaways, they will usually have what you’re looking for. Their beautiful facility includes a variety of venues that can accommodate as few as four guests all the way up to 250 people. This country club can be a great venue for any event. The team of on-site professionals will help plan and organize an event to make it the best possible one, whether that’s a golf tournament or wedding reception. There are many different customizable settings, linens, and menus available so you’re sure to find what suits your needs.

Any extra costs to consider?

The well-manicured golf course at the club is open to guests and members with no golfing privileges for an average green fee of $130, including a cart. If you want more perks like private lessons, clinics, participation in leagues, and tournaments, all of these will come with additional prices.

Important tips to consider

Navesink Country Club is a private club, and members are required to follow the detailed dress code in order to enter. The country club’s policies cover everything from casual wear all the way up to black-tie attire for themed events. For more information about what constitutes appropriate apparel at NCC, check out their official dress code page.

You should also know that the club will follow a strict “with member only” policy, so guests aren’t allowed inside without being accompanied by an active member.

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