How Much Does an Outboard Motor Cost?

Last Updated on June 11, 2023
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The outboard motor is an external power source that provides the boat with propulsion. This type of engine differs from in-boat motors, which are built into a space within or on top of the body.

How much do outboard motors cost?

Usually, an outboard motor will cost somewhere between just $900 and over $25,000, depending on several factors. Some of the elements that will have an impact on the cost will be its horsepower, where you purchase it from, and the brand that made it.

Below you will find a chart that will give you an insight into the price of an outboard motor based on its horsepower:

2.5 $990 to $1,650
4 $1,430 to $2,200
6 $1,760 to $2,530
8 $2,310 to $3,190
10 $2,860 to $3,630
15 $3,300 to $3,850
20 $3,520 to $4,180
25 $3,740 to $4,400
40 $5,500 to $6,600
50 $6,600 to $7,700
60 $7,150 to $8,250
70 $7,920 to $8,800
75 $8,030 to $9,130
90 $9,020 to $10,120
115 $10,010 to $11,110
150 $11,330 to $13,310
175 $12,100 to $14,850
200 $15,950 to $19,250
225 $18,370 to $21,450
250 $19,690 to $22,000
300 $22,000 to $25,300
350 $23,100 to $27,500

Remember that this chart only takes into account the horsepower factor, but a motor will also have a different price based on its weight, length, starting system, or brand. These are also just ranges based on our research, so you might find a motor you like for a cost slightly outside of this range.

The PDB Magazine has researched the costs of popular brands such as Evinrude, Honda, and Yamaha. They found that a 40 h.p motor will have an average price of $6,671 while a 250 hp outboard motor can easily reach prices of $22,000 or more.

Outboard motor details

Outboard MotorThe outboard motor is an engine that sits at the stern of a boat or ship. With its own propeller, it can power up smaller vessels easily.

Outboard motors provide boat owners with a powerful way to propel their vessels. A typical outboard motor will have a certain horsepower, weight, and number of cylinders, start type (electric or manual), and fuel type which can be gasoline. The average motors will range from 15-115 hp., but some may go even higher at 350 hp.

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The common shaft lengths for these types of motors are 15, 20, and 25 inches. Popular brands that offer these units include Mercury, Honda, Evinrude, Tohatsu, and Yamaha.

Brand Model Outboard motor prices
Yamaha 300 HP $24,200
200 HP $18,700
150 HP $14,850
90 HP $9,350
60 HP $7,700
40 HP $6,050
25 HP $3,520
15 HP $2,750
2.5 HP $935
Suzuki 30 HP $4,950
25 HP $3,850
20 HP $3,080
15 HP $2,970
6 HP $1,650
2.5 HP $825
Mercury 20 HP $3,960
15 HP $2,860
8 HP $2,200
6 HP $1,980
4 HP $1,540
2.5 HP $990
Honda 250 HP $24,200
200 HP $19,800
150 HP $15,400
115 HP $12,650
90 HP $11,000
60 HP $8,580
40 HP $6,600
25 HP $4,400
15 HP $4,400
2.5 HP $1,210
Evinrude 250 HP $24,200
200 HP $19,800
150 HP $15,400
115 HP $12,650
90 HP $11,000
60 HP $8,580
40 HP $6,600
25 HP $4,400
15 HP $4,400
2.5 HP $1,210

Factors That Affect the Outboard Motor Price

The boat motor cost is affected by several important factors. These include different features, like convenience options, which can weigh pretty hard on the outboard engine pricing.

But out of all the factors, three main ones will dictate in the strongest way how much does a boat motor cost, which means they will be the first things you should consider when you choose the boat motor you want to buy. So let’s go over them in the rows below.

1. Power

The horsepower is the most important aspect related to the capacity of the engines, although there are other aspects that should be considered as well. If you have a small boat, then it might not need an engine with a horsepower of more than 8hp to be propelled. For larger boats, on the other hand, a 300-hp engine might not even be enough.

As you add to their horsepower, the price of the outboard motors is also bound to increase.

2. Size

Boat motor sizes will fall into three different sizes: large, medium, and small. The size and weight of the boat will dictate the size and power motor you will need to run it.

Use a small motor to power something as small as a canoe or a Jon boat. If you have a boat of anywhere between 12 and 18 ft, then a mid-range or medium motor should do just fine. For anything built of heavier materials like fiberglass, this motor might not be enough.

3. Brand

As with any other products and services, different brands will have different ranges for their prices. Depending on each brand’s production method and the technology behind the products, the prices can be higher or lower. Mercury, as well as other popular brands, will likely be more expensive than other less-known names in the industry. This is because of their reliability and well-established reputation, as many boaters vouch for their products.

It also comes down to specific boat types, as some brands are better than others for making certain types of engines. So it all comes down to the performance you need. Are you looking for heavier lifting or are you more interested in a boost of speed? These are questions you should know the answer to before looking for an engine.

Another factor to influence the cost of a motor is where the manufacturer’s production facility is located. Even if a company practices higher prices overall, if they have more plant locations, this can help provide a wider availability, so the transport costs might be lower.

Any additional expenses to prepare for?

Installing a new outboard motor can be an expensive process. Prices to install a new engine vary depending on size and location of purchase as well as professional installation needs. On average, expect to pay anywhere from $400-$1,200 for installation alone.

If you purchase it online, be prepared for additional fees. Beyond the initial price tag and more complex delivery process, there may also be added shipping charges depending on where you live. In addition to this, budget for things like tune-ups, maintenance, or repairs.

Important things to consider

Boat enthusiasts are often faced with the decision of choosing between an inboard or outboard motor. Inboards are lighter, making them quicker than outboards; however, people who have experience working on motors will find that they can do more work on the outboard engine if there is a problem because they are easier to access than the ones that are incorporated in the boat.

An outboard unit will work great, especially for fishermen with smaller boats that are tired of rowing to reach their perfect fishing spot.

Is there any way to spend less?

For the savvy bargain hunter, you might be able to land a slightly used outboard motor from eBay for 40% off, or in some cases, even more. But as with any purchase of second-hand gear, it’s wise to test it in person and check its condition before making your decision. If buying from a dealer (and you should always do this), make sure that they include a limited warranty, so if anything does happen after your purchase, you are protected.

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