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Windows are one of the essential elements of a house. Beyond their aesthetic appearance, windows are important because they protect your home against climatic factors while letting natural light into the home. When damaged, windows cannot perform their functions and therefore need to be repaired or replaced quickly.

On average, most windows have a lifespan of about 20-25 years. On the other hand, if you weren’t the homeowner when the windows were installed, there’s a good chance you’ll be upgrading them.

Pella company comes with a wide variety of windows to meet all of the customers’ needs. This company is on the market since 1925 and has more than 150 design patents and products in its portfolio.

How Much Do Pella Windows Cost?

The cost of Pella windows starts at around $200 and goes up to $1,200 per window (plus the installation expenses), depending on the type of window and other factors.

Factors affecting the cost of Pella windows

  • Size of the project: the size of the window and the number of windows will affect the cost.
  • Installation: in some situations, the DIY installation makes more sense, depending on whether you are replacing or repairing the windows. Though, you may want to hire a professional to better install the windows.
  • Style: a customized window will be more expensive than a single-hung or standard casement one.
  • Material: you can pick between fiberglass, vinyl, and wood windows. The most expensive will be the fiberglass option, but it offers the most protection.
  • Location: the purchasing and installation costs will be also affected by the location as well.

The cost of Pella Windows by Series

As we already mentioned, Pella offers many options you can choose from when talking about windows. Below you will find the average costs for the most common series of Pella windows.

The table below will show you the prices of the Pell Single/Double Hung series.

Pell Single / Double Hung Wind0w Cost Installation Cost Low End High End
850 Architect Wood Windows (double-hung) $1,150 $900 $1,000
Encompass Vinyl Windows (double-hung) $275 $150 $250
Encompass Vinyl Windows (single hung) $275 $180 $210
250 Vinyl Windows (double-hung) $290 $200 $250
250 Vinyl Window (single hung) $230 $135 $160

The table below will give you the prices of the Pell Awning series.

Pell Awning Wind0w Cost Installation Cost Low End High End
850 Architect Wood Windows $1,100 $900 $1,150
750 Designer Wood Windows $800 $750 $800
450 Proline Wood Windows $375 $310 $350
Impervia Fiberglass Windows $300 $210 $230
Encompass Vinyl Windows $220 $150 $175

The Cost of Impervia Series

Impervia Series is the strongest with its flexible styling and timeless designs. These windows are made with a five-layer fiberglass material which helps them withstand bad weather conditions like strong UV rays, drastic cold and heat, or the seacoast weather.

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Expect to pay around $360 for a Pella Impervia window.

The Cost of Lifestyle Series

The Lifestyle Series offers great protection against outside noises and is really energy efficient. Expect to pay anywhere between $180 and $1,000 for a Pella Lifestyle window. These windows have received many certifications and awards, including the Most Efficient 2019 by Energy Star, Best for Kids, and PFWBS.

The Cost of Pella Architect Series

The design of the Architect Series is timeless and suits both traditional and modern houses. They have minimalist finishes and come in a standard of whole custom sizes. Plus, they include a wide variety of custom glass, grille patterns, and exterior colors. Some of the options include Awning windows, Double Hung, Bay and Bow Windows, Wood Casement, and Single-Hung.

Be prepared to pay around $900 per window.

The Cost of Pella Window 250 Series

These windows are made through a formula stronger than normal vinyl, which makes them resistant to twisting, fading, and warping. The cost of such a window is around $300.

The Cost of Pella Window 350 Series

Pella Window TypesThese windows are the most durable vinyl windows you can buy as they are made with Hurricane Shield impact-resistant glass. Moreover, they can reduce the outside noise between 29% and 59%, based on OITC ratings, and are easy to maintain.

Such a window costs around $320.

The Cost of Encompass Series

If you are on a thigh budget, the Encompass Series is for you. These windows are made of high-grade vinyl, which reduces warping and fade, and are durable. These are the most affordable Pella windows as the cost of a window is around $230.

We have gathered the costs of the most common Pella windows and you can find them in the table below.

Pella Casement Window Cost Low End Top End Installation Cost
Encompass Vinyl Windows $260 $390 $325 each
250 Vinyl Windows $275 $350 $375 each
350 Vinyl Windows $350 $400 $425 each
Impervia Fiberglass Windows $375 $410 $490 each
450 Proline Wood Windows $425 $450 $500 each

Types of Pella Windows

Pella offers a wide variety of windows that can be made of vinyl, wood or fiberglass. You can choose between the following types of Pella windows:

  • Custom
  • Casement
  • Picture
  • Double-Hung
  • Sliding
  • Single-Hung
  • Bay & Bow
  • Awing

When it is necessary to change the windows?

The answer is simple: whenever you feel the need. But because windows are a long-term investment, the moment must be well chosen. There are a few key times when changing joinery is absolutely necessary:

  • if you move to a new place, where the windows are not exactly to your taste;
  • when the windows of your home are too old and can no longer cope, both in terms of thermal insulation and sound insulation – and for this case, it is good to opt for replacement with thermal insulating glass windows;
  • when the old glass is cracked, broken, or has stains that cannot be removed with chemical solutions;
  • when the joinery is too worn;
  • in case you want to change the size of the windows, whether you want bigger or smaller ones.

So, if you are in one of the situations above, get the courage and call the Pella Window company and replace your windows.

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