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How Much Does a Pizza vending Machine Cost?

Last Updated on October 12, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

From one year to the next, the vending industry is developing at an accelerated pace. The number of those who build a business in this field increases considerably and, with the development of the market, the utility of these devices also diversifies in an innovative way.

The vending machine unit, for which 3 Italians have a patent, is like a 6.5×6.5 feet cupboard and can make the dough on the spot from water and flour, add the topping, bake pizza, and deliver it, on the spot, in a cardboard box.

Three Italians, Marco Pilati, Pierluigi Malfatti, and Claudio Torghele, applied in 2001 to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for an innovation patent for the “Pizza Product Device”. Two years later they received the patent and after another six years, the pizza vending machine was already the subject of an article in the New York Times.

How much does a pizza vending machine cost?

Pizza vending machines can cost anywhere from $33,000 to $56,000. The higher price point is usually for more expensive brands of fully automatic pizza vending machines.

A PALINE-branded pizza ATM vending machine is sold for the price of $56,000, but it offers an extraordinary one-year ROI.  You can earn more than $92,000 a year with the average leading automated pizza machine selling more than 40 pizzas each day.

On the other hand, you can purchase a Let’s Pizza vending machine for the price of only $33,000.

You can find on pizza vending machines for sale at a price between $5,350 and $9,850.

The average cost of a pizza inside the vending machine will be $6 to $11, depending on which brand you choose.

Fully automatic pizza vending machines

Here are some examples of specific pizza vending machine fully automatic models and their typical price points perfect for an outdoor business self-service fast food making:

PizzaForno’s – Their flagship forno oven machine ranges from $28,000 to $38,000 depending on size and features. Produces up to 70 12″ pizzas per day.

Pizzato – Their F708 model is around $25,000. Makes pizzas in 3 minutes and can produce 70-100 per day. Comes in 7 different size options.

Julia – Their Chef Julia machine is approximately $34,000. Churns out up to 100 12″ pizzas daily.

Pizza ATM – Basic models like LA910 start at $22,000. Higher capacity machines like LA920 are $28,000. 70-90 pizza daily capacity.

Gizmodo – Their standard vending machine is $21,000. Capable of up to 40 12″ pizzas per day.

Let’s Pizza – One of their conveyor oven models is $32,000. Produces up to 80 personal-size pizzas per hour.

AZZ Food – The AZZ-200 is priced at $52,000 and can output 60-70 pizzas per hour. The larger AZZ-400 model is $85,000.

Pizza machine details

As a mode of operation, the dough is prepared by a special mixing system in 40 seconds and then transferred to a hydraulic press that gives the shape and size of the countertop. Another device concentrically distributes the tomato sauce and then adds the cheese and ingredients chosen by the customer. An infrared oven cooks the pizza, from the center to the outside, so that the baking process is fast. The freshly prepared and hot pizza is placed in a cardboard box and transferred to the delivery area of the product by a robotic arm. The whole process takes two and a half minutes. It is interesting that two of the stages of preparation are visible to consumers, namely mixing the dough and baking the fast pizza.

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Customers can choose from a touchscreen some varieties of pizza: Margherita, pepperoni, ham, smoked bacon, vegetarian and cheese pizza. The size of the final product is 10 inches with an average weight of 0.57 pounds.

Good to know

Self Pizza VendingThe number of pizzas that an average pizza vending machine can hold at one time is somewhere between 70 and 90.

The main advantage of vending machines, such as the automated pizza vending machine, is that they can sell the products 24-hour.

The most important technical condition is to be connected to a power source, but quite strong because, according to the technical sheet, the consumption – maximum 7KW – is high for a regular power outlet.

Once the connectivity is ensured, the pizza machine needs access at any time in order to be refueled with consumables (water, flour, ingredients, packaging).

The smart pizza vending machine is one of the greatest business ideas and can be placed in locations with heavy traffic, where consumers are in a hurry, in transit, in search of a hot snack, prepared quickly: stations, bus stations, airports, parking lots, gas stations, student dormitories, schools, high schools, stadiums, performance venues, concerts.

Pizza from automated vending machines will probably not convince the more demanding restaurant customers, for whom the quick preparation of the dough and the infrared baking would mean compromises to the final taste of the product.

However, for hurried consumers in transit areas or for those who cannot find a quick snack at night, for example, the automatic preparation solution may be acceptable.

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