Ragamuffin Cats Cost

Ragamuffin Cats Cost

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Ragamuffin felines have special characteristics, different from regular cats. You shouldn’t make the error most people make and confuse it for the Ragdoll; these are 2 pretty different breeds. They have a much shorter nose that is scooped, a rounded skull, and most of them are “cubby” looking. The majority of them look sweet due to their walnut-shaped eyes. This is among the main reasons why these particular feline types are pricey. VetStreet notes that the breed was more than likely developed by crossing the Turkish Angora, Persians, and Birmans.

What should you expect in terms of a ragamuffin price?

The typical rate for ragamuffin cats will vary anywhere from $600 to $1,500 depending upon the breeder, quality, coat colors, and geographical location. It’s not very unusual to discover a pure-blooded quality kitty that can cost as much as $2,500. Older ragamuffin felines, which are older than 2 to 3 years of age can cost anywhere from $25 to $150.

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What’s should you expect to get for the adoption cost?

A trustworthy breeder will usually include a health certificate accredited by a veterinarian, a health warranty, up-to-date vaccinations, and a travel cage if the cat will be shipped to your location. Some breeders might also add microchipping, a genetic test, a spay/neuter, and a starter pack which can consist of food, toys, and other accessories. All cats need to also be FeLv/FIV negative. If the pedigree is registered with ACFA or CFA, this documentation will be added to the adoption papers.

What are the additional expenses?

Sending the cat via an airline company can cost $150 to $400, depending upon the airline company and how far it needs to travel.

Repeating expenses won’t be different than for any other cat breed and can consist of the cat litter, food, accessories, toys, and routine/unexpected veterinarian consultations. Cat owners should be ready for costs of at the very least $50 monthly to keep a healthy way of life for their cats.

Registration charges will need to be paid according to local city and county codes.

Any tips you should know about?

Ragamuffin KittyIts coat is known to be plush, smooth, shiny, and thick and can be bigger in size when compared to other cats. A male can weigh 12 to 20 pounds, while a female can weigh 8 to 15 pounds. Typical coat colors will be white, blue, red, cream, black, lilac, fawn, and cinnamon, and also come in different colors and patterns. Cat professionals note that the patterns and colors can be similar to those of a ragdoll.

The typical life span is 12 to 16 years.

When it comes to its character, it’s known to be exceptionally mild, friendly, calm, and caring with almost anybody around. When they aren’t on your lap, they will more than likely follow you everywhere you go.

Like a lot of other cat breeds, when presenting them to other cats that they aren’t familiar with, it’s a good idea to put them in a safe space for a couple of weeks. Permit the other felines to smell the feline through the door and get utilized to the aroma. Cats will only know each other by smell and it can take a couple of days, if not weeks to start to get along with each other.

Kitties are very much like kids. You should always make sure that you walk around and clean up anything that they can get into. It’s also a good idea to remember that they can reach rather high areas also. Keep dangerous plants, chemicals, and other items out of sight, locked in a safe place.

Before adopting a kitty, a lot of respectable breeders will request a deposit, typically around $300 to $500, to hold the feline for adoption. This cost will be added towards your final cost but will be kept if you end up not buying it for any reason.

The majority of kitties will be all set to go to their new home at 14 to 16 weeks.

This particular breed is recognized by the ACFA.

Typical health problems consist of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most typical cardiovascular disease that can be found in felines, and polycystic kidney illness, which can trigger kidney failure.

Is there any way to save some money?

Call or talk with many different shelters and breeders in your geographical area. Do not concentrate on the prices, but take a look at their history, certifications, and what they can give you.

Think about talking with a regional shelter or Humane Society to see if older felines are available for adoption. While you might not find a ragamuffin, you might stumble upon an alternative that looks almost like this breed. Breeders, no matter their track record, have to be put last on your list when adopting any animal. This is how you make sure you spend the least possible on the cat you get.

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