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The Safe Step Walk-In Tub is an American company that manufactures showers and tubs specially designed for senior people who have mobility problems. They are known as being America’s number one selling walk-in tub producer. All of the shower’s parts are made in the United States of America.

How Much Does a Safe Step Tub Cost?

According to the official website of the company, the cost of a Safe Step Walk-In Tub will be affected by factors such as the dimension, whether any promotions and/or discounts are available at the time, and the installation. According to information readily available online, the cost of this type of shower will be greatly influenced by the actual place of installation in the bathroom.

Even though there is a wide range of prices, the average cost of a Safe Step Walk-In Tub starts at around $5,500 for a simple model without any extra features and goes up to more than $10,500 for a model that includes most of the available features. It is important to mention that this cost will include the professional installation. In case you will hire a contractor, you will need to spend another $5,200 or even more if the professional says that the installation job is complex and labor intensive. To sum up, you have to budget anywhere between $9,500 and $22,000 to have a Safe Step Walk-In Tub installed.

Please remember that these are just price estimates that we were able to find from various online and offline sources. If you would like to get an exact quote, you will have to contact Safe Step directly and they will send out a representative to your home to make the measurements of your bathroom and present a price offer according to your needs.

In the table below you will find the average costs of a Safe Step Walk-In Tub in different US states.

Location The price paid by the customer
California $11,400 for a fully-loaded tub
Indiana $13,000 for an installed tub
Kentucky $12,000 for a tub + another $1,000 for a new hot water heater
Minnesota $18,000 for an installed tub
Ohio $8,000 for an installed tub
Ohio $14,000 for an installed tub on the second floor of the home
Oklahoma $11,000 for an installed tub
Oklahoma $16,000 for an installed tub
Oregon $18,000 for an installed tub
West Virginia $12,000 for an installed tub
Wyoming $12,000 for an installed tub

Safe Step – short presentation

Safe Step Tub for SeniorsA Safe Step Walk-In Tub includes standard features such as a quick-release drain, that, in contradistinction to a traditional plug which is installed at the bottom of the tub, will be installed in an easy-to-reach place to avoid bending your back.

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Some other features will include an ergonomic locking handle to make the locking of the door easier, a door so it will be easier for you to walk in and out, a heated seat, a safe water ozone system that removes bacteria, and a 17 inches ADA compliant mounted chair which has anti-slip properties.

The Safe Step company offers a lifetime warranty on the Walk-In Tub, which includes the door seal, manufacturing defects, blowers, faucets, heaters, and water pumps.

Which are the additional expenses?

Besides the standard characteristics mentioned above, the optional features of a Safe Step Walk-In Tub may include personal hygiene therapy, a hydrotherapy massage system, aromatherapy, a light therapy system, a MicroSoothe therapy system, and/or a lower back heating system. Your total bill may increase by a few hundred or thousands of dollars, depending on the extra features you would like to add.

In some situations, you may have to upgrade your water heater so you can completely fill the tub.

How can I save money?

Members of the American Association of Retired Persons are offered a discount.

The Safe Step Walk-In Tub is only one of the companies that produce walk-in tubs. Make sure you look for other similar companies and compare their offers and prices.

The company offers special prices and discounts from time to time. Make sure you visit their official website to see if any promotions are available at the time you want to purchase a Safe Step Walk-In Tub.

You may be able to save up to 50% of your purchase if your local dealer has any older models or canceled orders.

The dealer’s installers tend to be more expensive than a local licensed contractor. So, try to hire your own installer. You can find one in your area by searching online.

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