Stonebridge Ranch Country Club Membership Cost

The Stonebridge Ranch Country Club is a single club with two clubhouses located in McKinney, Texas. One clubhouse is named the Ranch Clubhouse and is the home to the 27-hole Arthur Hills Course and the other one is named the Stonebridge Clubhouse and is the home to the 18-hole Pete Dye Course.

How Much Does Stonebridge Ranch Country Club Membership Cost?

Becoming a member of the Stonebridge Ranch Country Club and taking advantage of all benefits offered by the Arthur Hills Course, costs $5,500 for the initiation fee and around $500 per month for the monthly dues. On the other hand, the initiation fee for the Dye course is around $8,500 and the monthly dues are $600 per month.

According to the “2017 Best of Private Clubs” on MyAvidGolfer.com, you can have access to both courses for around $11,000 in advance.

These prices are estimative and are available for the higher membership tiers. Also, they will greatly vary for other memberships such as young executive, tennis, and social. You should use these sums just as an estimate as they are subject to change. In order to get more accurate information about the costs of a Stonebridge Ranch Country Club membership, you should contact the club’s official membership department.

Types of Stonebridge Country Club memberships


With the Social membership, you will have access to Stonebridge’s ONE club membership, fitness center, social benefits, swimming pool, and dining.

Stonebridge Ranch ONE

According to the club’s official website, the Stonebridge Ranch ONE (Optimal Network Experiences) mixes the full benefits of World, Community, and Club memberships. With this membership, you will get access to discounted offerings at more than seven hundred hotels and resorts, including entertainment venues, access to ClubCorp’s industry-leading network of more than two hundred private clubs, and fifty percent off a la carte dining at your Home Club.

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The Tennis membership offers an invitation to all social events, unlimited use of tennis courts, access to the fitness center, access to the clubhouse dining facilities, and access to the swimming pool.

Dual Club

With the Dual Club golf membership, you will get full access to both golf courses and benefits, which include access to all social/dining amenities, unlimited tee times, and access to the fitness center, tennis courts, and swimming pool. Also, members are offered unlimited use of the practice area and a complimentary range of balls.

Young Executive

This type of membership is designed for those who are younger than forty years old. The Young Executive membership offers full social, tennis, and golf access to nine extra DFW clubs. Depending on the club, members will get free green fees, access to tennis amenities, and an annual subscription to the “Private Clubs” magazine.

Hills membership

If you have a Hills country club membership, you will have access to the Ranch Club’s golf course designed by Arthur Hills. Also, you can take advantage of the fitness center, social events, swimming pool, dining, and tennis courts. Moreover, you can use the practice areas as much as you want and get complimentary range balls.


Members who possess a Dye golf club membership will have access to the Stonebridge golf course, which was designed by Peter Dye. Also, they will get an unlimited tee time and access to dining and social events, a swimming pool, dining, tennis courts, and a fitness center. Plus, they are offered unlimited use of the practice areas and complimentary range balls.

Short presentation of the Clubs of Stonebridge Ranch

Stonebridge Ranch Country Club Golf CourseThe Stonebridge Ranch Country Club offers two golf courses. The Ranch Golf Course was designed by Arthur Hills and has a surface of 6,571 yards and 27 holes. Meanwhile, the Stonebridge Golf Course, which is more challenging, was designed by Pete Dye and has 18 holes and a surface of 6,3904 yards.

Both clubhouses offer fine dining and casual dining. As there are function rooms to accommodate as many as two hundred fifty people, special events like weddings, birthday parties, and other events, are welcomed.

At both clubhouses, there is a swimming pool complex, where members can enjoy the poolside service and relax. Also, at both clubhouses, you will find fitness centers that have separate lockers, modern exercise equipment, fitness group classes, and yoga classes.

This club provides nine outdoor tennis courts, that are lighted, have a windscreen, US Open-style green and blue court surfaces, shade covers, and custom fencing.

For the young members, the Stonebridge Ranch Country Club provides a junior club where they can participate in sports, golf, swimming, and tennis programs. All lessons are offered by the club to prepare young members to participate in inter-club contests and local competitions.

Also, this club offers a kid’s club for the younger children, where they have learning time and playtime.  There is a media center where children can watch movies and TV, or play different games. At the block center, children can build various structures using blocks.

Which are the additional expenses?

An extra cost to consider is for the clinics, leagues, tournaments, and lessons, which are all offered for tennis, swimming, and golf.

Also, you should consider the expenses of social events that are commonly organized throughout the year.

In case they don’t have privileges, members and guests must pay green fees, which are around $120 per round.

Even though you are a golf member with golf privileges, you will still have to pay the cart fee.

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