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If you have a bathroom to remodel in an apartment or house, then this article is for you. How much will it cost to renovate a bathroom or which style to go for, are questions to which you will surely find answers here. Remodeling a bathroom is a job that you have to think about in advance. A bathroom is the most intimate room in a house.

We are convinced that you have asked yourself quite a few times how much it costs to remodel a bathroom and how to get ideas or price offers. Remodeling the bathroom involves many unknowns if you are not a professional. For this, you need a tile and stoneware craftsman, a skilled plumber, and a store with products and materials at good prices. If you want a bathroom that represents you, your colors, ideas, as well as having a unique touch, you will probably have to also turn to an interior designer who is specialized in bathrooms.

Make a plan

Making a plan is the first step and also an extremely important one that you must take when you decide to start any renovation operation. Regardless of the room targeted by these remodels, without a well-defined project in mind, you won’t know where to start and where to go.

Also in the planning phase, it will help you if you set a certain budget to fit into. If you know exactly how much money you are spending on the entire renovation, then you will be able to allocate certain funds and set some limits for each sector. For example, X dollars will go to tiles and tiling, Y dollars for the toilet bowl, Z dollars will be dedicated to the bathtub and the rest, if there is still something left, will be used to change the lighting fixtures and the mirror.

Don’t forget to consider any components you want to replace, such as faucets or bathroom furniture. This way, you won’t wake up with surprises during the renovation, and the budget will be divided exactly as it should be.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

When it comes to house renovation, bathroom remodeling can be one of the most expensive projects, but if you plan it properly, you can create the bathroom of your dreams without robbing a bank.

In this article, we are going to talk about how much a basic, a mid-range, and a deluxe bathroom remodel would cost.

You should be prepared to spend 5% to 10% of your house’s value on remodeling the bathroom, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), as you can see below:

  • windows and doors: 4%
  • installation: 20%
  • design fees: 4%
  • hardware and cabinetry: 16%
  • ceilings and walls: 5%
  • fixtures: 15%
  • countertops: 7%
  • plumbing and faucets: 14%
  • flooring: 9%
  • others: 1%

The cost of a basic bathroom remodel

Expect to spend anywhere between $6,000 and $20,000 for a basic bathroom renovation. In case you choose to renovate the bathroom by yourself, you will spend less, anywhere between $2,600 and $8,700.

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Some of the jobs and elements included in this project and their costs are the following:

  • stylish embellishments: $55 to $550
  • bathtub: $3,200 to $4,700
  • paint: $600 to $1,600
  • cabinets: $2,700 to $5,600
  • toilet: $280 to 760
  • countertops: $2,600 to $4,600
  • sink: $550 to $1,700
  • flooring: $580 to $3,600
  • shower: $1,600 to $3,700
  • lighting: $580 to $1,700

The cost of a mid-range bathroom remodel

Plan on spending anywhere between $26,000 and $36,000 for a mid-range bathroom remodel. Some of the projects and their costs included in this renovation would be:

  • paint: $550 to $2,600
  • bathtub: $3,600 to $5,600
  • toilet: $560 to $860
  • cabinets: $5,600 to $8,700
  • sink: $1,600 to $3,600
  • flooring: $2,600 to $5,600
  • shower: $3,600 to $6,600
  • lighting: $1,600 to $2,600

The cost of a deluxe bathroom remodel

A deluxe bathroom remodel would cost you more than $45,000. This amount would include the costs of the following common projects:

  • paint: $1,200 to $2,700
  • bathtub: $6,700 to $11,000
  • toilet: $600 to $1,000
  • cabinets: $8,600 to $16,000
  • sink: $3,600 to $5,700
  • countertops: $5,700 to $7,800
  • shower: $6,700 to $11,000
  • lighting: $2,600 to $4,700

Cost factors

Bathroom Remodel IdeaThere are various factors that will affect the cost of a bathroom remodel such as the place where you are living, the type of bathroom, its size, and the number of fixtures.

According to Lance McCarthy of ReTouch, the costs are greatly influenced by the number of fixtures or “holes” a bathroom has and the type of materials.

For instance, a bathroom with only one sink, toilet, and tub would have three “holes” and he estimates that the cost per “hole” would be anywhere between $3,100 and $5,100. So, if you want to renovate a basic 8’x9’ bathroom with three “holes”, you will spend anywhere between $9,300 and $15,300.

Lance McCarthy created a base rate for the materials used by dividing the number above in half. So, you should budget $4,650 for base-grade fixtures. In case you want to use higher quality materials, this number will double.

The cost of a three-fixture bathroom

  • 3 x $3,100 = $9,300
  • Materials estimate: $9,300 / 2 = $4,650
  • Basic remodel: $9,300
  • Mid-range remodel: $14,500
  • Deluxe remodel: $20,000

The cost of a five-fixture bathroom

Lance McCarthy uses the same formula to estimate the costs of a master bathroom which includes a double vanity, toilet, tub, and shower. This bathroom will have five fixtures or “holes”.

  • 5 x $3,100 = $15,300
  • Materials estimate: $15,300 / 2 = $7,650
  • Basic remodel: $15,300
  • Mid-range remodel: $24,000
  • Deluxe remodel: $32,000

Final thoughts

Bathroom remodeling can be quite expensive if you want results that will satisfy you in the long run. Our advice is to choose quality materials that will last over time so that in the coming years you will not have to spend money on renovations and repairs.

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