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Your teeth are constantly being bombarded by a myriad of oils, sugars, and acids. These substances have the power to break down tooth enamel into harmless molecules that seep away from your mouth. Fortunately for you, there’s an easy way to prevent this destruction: brushing.

Brushing can be done twice per day in order to maintain healthy teeth and keep them looking their best at all times.

The benefits of engaging in regular brushing practices go beyond keeping your teeth clean. Regularly brushing with toothpaste has been linked to the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease, two very prevalent health issues that can lead to more severe conditions such as heart issues if left untreated. The ingredients found in our food cause plaque buildup on the surface of our teeth which is removed when we brush properly- so make sure you get it done every day.

How much does toothpaste cost?

A tube of toothpaste is going to cost somewhere between $1 and $5 per four to six-ounce tub. The size of the tube, the ingredients inside the paste, as well as the brand will all have a direct impact on the final price of the toothpaste.

Walmart offers many different types of toothpaste with prices from $1.50 to $4 depending on factors like brand, size, packaging, etc… Higher-end products containing only plant-derived or natural ingredients will cost about $8, while ones with traditional ingredients like Sodium Bicarbonate will have a price of about $9.

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Kids can have their own types of toothpaste. This specific kind of toothpaste is safe for children to swallow. It comes in flavors that kids will love, like bubble gum or strawberry. Toothpastes may cost from $1 to $5 per tube depending on the flavor and packaging size you choose.

Toothpaste Brand Average Price
Colgate (6.3 ounces) $5
Aquafresh (5.60 ounces) $4
Sensodyne (4 ounces) $6
Biotene (4.3 ounces) $4.50
Aim (5.5 ounces) $2
Crest (3.5 ounces) $5
Listerine (4.2 ounces) $4.50
Nature’s Gate (5 ounces) $3
Oral-B (4.2 ounces) $3.50
Parodontax (3.4 ounces) $6.50
Rembrandt (2.6 ounces) $5
Arm and Hammer (4.3 ounces) $4.50
Tom’s of Maine (5.5 ounces) $5
White Glo (5.2 ounces) $7

Toothpaste details

Pink ToothpasteToothpaste can come in a variety of forms, including gels and pastes. Most containers will be anywhere from less than an ounce to around six ounces in size. Different kinds of toothpaste have different components with varying amounts of water content as well as abrasives such as baking soda or calcium carbonate to remove plaque from teeth.

The toothpaste you use can make a big difference to your health. Toothpaste may include ingredients such as fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and an antibacterial agent in addition to cavity-fighting agents like calcium pyrophosphates or silicas for remineralizing teeth. Organic brands will not contain any of these additives but instead might have baking soda or plant extract – currently, there are some with strawberry extracts available that promote healthy gums too.

If it’s considered a herbal/organic toothpaste then the ingredients may also be baking soda, aloe, eucalyptus oil, or myrrth.

Any additional expenses to consider?

You’re going to need a toothbrush if you want to use that new, fresh tube of toothpaste. There are many varieties available for different teeth and brushing styles (manual or electric). Dentists also recommend flossing twice each day after the brush with dental paste.

Important things to remember

Experts recommend choosing a toothpaste that contains fluoride and has the seal of American Dental Association. Be sure to check for natural components like tea tree oil or peppermint extract, which have antimicrobial properties as well as giving your breath an added refreshing boost.

Any way to spend less money?

Buy toothpaste from the manufacturer to save money. It’s as easy as checking out their site and ordering online. Doing so will usually also land you a coupon code for discounts of up to 10%.

Research has shown that consumers spend a lot more on toothpaste at grocery stores than drugstores. In fact, the markup for these items can be anywhere from 75% to 90%. If you’re looking for an affordable way to stock up on your favorite brands and flavors of toothpaste products then we suggest checking out local pharmacies or big box retailers like Walgreens and Target.

When shopping for toothpaste, take advantage of printable coupons offered online by store chains. Use them on top of discounts offered in their physical stores to save even more money! When buying online, look out for products that offer free shipping or have large volume deals available. Buying in bulk and getting the right deal will help you get your teeth squeaky clean with less hassle and less money than ever before.

In some cases, making your own toothpaste can help you save money and avoid the harmful chemicals that are found in commercial brands. You’ll only need baking soda, sea salt and peppermint extract to get started – which will cost as little as $0.75 per five ounces when done right.
You can also use dollar store packages for name-brand items from top companies.

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