How Much Does LEGOLAND Florida Cost?

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Want to plan a fun day out for the family at Legoland but not sure what to expect for ticket prices? With different parks around the world and a range of ticket options, knowing the cost of Legoland admission can be confusing.

This guide will break down everything you need to know about Legoland ticket prices, deals, passes, and packages so you can budget and save money on your theme park vacation.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that Legoland admission costs vary depending on the location. There are Legoland theme parks and attractions in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Ticket prices at Legoland Florida or Legoland California will differ from a Legoland park in Germany, for example. Pricing also fluctuates based on the date and season.

Generally, a one-day ticket to Legoland will cost between $50 – $100 per person. Multi-day and annual passes offer a discount per day but have higher upfront costs. There are many ways to save on Legoland tickets through discounts, deals, and special packages. Planning your trip during slower seasons and booking well in advance also helps lower admission fees.

Let’s explore the key factors that influence Legoland pricing and tips on finding the best ticket value:


  • Basic admission starts at $50 – $100 per person for a one-day ticket. Go online for 5-10% discounts.
  • Multi-day tickets, annual passes, and hotel bundles offer the best value and biggest savings.
  • Avoid peak times in spring, summer, and holidays for the most expensive ticket prices.
  • Use Legoland deals, offers, and promo codes to save on admission costs.
  • Budget for food, merchandise, parking, and other add-ons beyond tickets.
  • Premium experiences like VIP tours allow special park access for $300+.

How Much Does LEGOLAND Florida Cost?

The base price for one-day admission to Legoland ranges from $50 for off-peak child tickets to $120 for peak one-day adult tickets. Children under 3 years get free entry. Standard gate prices typically include access to the main Legoland park attractions, shows, and rides.

Upgrades and add-ons like a water park pass, SeaLife aquarium access, or parking cost extra per person. Dining and merchandise are also separate expenses in the park.

Online ticket prices may be $5 – $10 cheaper than buying at the gate on the day, subject to availability. Some ticket types, like multi-day and annual passes, can only be purchased online in advance.

For reference, here are the average Legoland Florida ticket prices in 2023:

  • Child One-Day Ticket (ages 3-12): $70 online, $80 at gate
  • Adult One-Day Ticket (ages 13+): $90 online, $100 at gate
  • Two-Day Ticket: $140 online
  • Annual Pass: $199 online
  • Parking: $25 per day

Other popular Legoland locations like California and Germany have similar base admission fees starting at $60 – $70 for kids and $80 – $90 for adults online. Prices are highest during peak spring and summer months.

Discounts and Deals

Beyond the gate price, there are many ways to save on Legoland tickets:

  • Online discounts and promo codes – Look for coupon codes on the Legoland website for % discounts on admission.
  • Package deals – Bundled hotel stays and park tickets offer per-person savings.
  • Military discounts – Active and retired military get special ticket pricing.
  • AAA or travel club discounts – Members can get 10-15% off Legoland admission.
  • Season passes – Pay a flat rate for a year of unlimited entry and parking.
  • Group rates – Big groups and schools get discounted bulk tickets.
  • Kids’ free offers – During slower seasons, kids’ tickets may be free with a paying adult.
  • Buy tickets early – Prices rise closer to travel dates, so book early.
  • Soft drink promos – Get free or discounted tickets by purchasing drinks.
  • Legoland gift cards – Give the gift of tickets for birthdays or holidays.
  • Employer or organization discounts – Many companies and groups partner for reduced-rate tickets.

Taking advantage of any current Legoland deals, special offers or ticket promotions can make the theme park more affordable.

According to the Deals page on the official Legoland Florida website, LEGOLAND Florida offers limited-time deals and exclusive savings on vacation packages, annual passes, and tickets from their official website. Vacation packages start as low as $93 + tax per person, per night, and include a hotel stay plus Multi-Park LEGOLAND Florida tickets.

How Dates Impact LEGOLAND Admission Costs

Legoland ticket prices are highest during the peak spring and summer season and major holidays when demand is highest. You’ll pay a premium for admission during:

  • Spring break and Easter holidays
  • Summertime, especially June to August
  • Halloween season in October
  • Christmas holidays in December

The biggest discounts and lowest prices at Legoland occur in:

  • January to February
  • Early May and September/October
  • Early December after Christmas

If possible, visit during off-peak times to take advantage of lower rates before the crowds arrive. However, hours may be reduced during slower months.

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Passes and Packages

One way to lower the per person per day cost of Legoland tickets is to purchase:

  • Legoland Annual Passes – Pay one flat rate for a year of unlimited admission and parking, valued over $500 for a Premium Pass. Season passes range from $129 – $249 per person. Monthly payment plans are available. Passholder discounts and benefits apply.
  • Hotel Packages – Booking a Legoland Hotel or Legoland Beach Retreat stay bundled with tickets earns big savings versus separate purchases. Packages start at $599 for a family of 4.
  • Multi-Day Tickets – The more days at Legoland, the lower the per day cost (around $40/day for a 3-day Florida ticket).

These money-saving Legoland passes and packages allow you to maximize value from your theme park vacation budget.

LEGOLAND Food, Merchandise, and Upgrades

legoland-florida typical costsBeyond basic admission, additional costs at Legoland include:

  • Food – Dining packages range from $30 – $50 per person. A la carte meals are $10 – $20 per entrée. Snacks and drinks cost $5+ each.
  • Merchandise/Souvenirs – LEGO Minifigures and sets range from $10 – $200. Branded apparel and toys are $25+.
  • Parking – Daily parking is $25 at Legoland Florida and California.
  • Water Park – Access to the Legoland Water Park is $30+ extra per person.
  • Premium Upgrades – VIP tours, photo passes, and character dining experiences are $60 – $300 per person.

When budgeting for your Legoland trip, account for these additional costs beyond just admission tickets. Limiting expensive add-ons helps control the total spending.

Special Access and Events

Legoland offers special events, attractions and services for an added fee:

  • VIP Tours – Private guided tours with line skipping access cost $350+ per group.
  • Water Parks – The Legoland Water Park is $30 extra per person at most locations.
  • Special Events – Holiday events like Brick or Treat in October or Christmas Bricktacular in December have unique pricing and activities.
  • Education Programs – LEGO workshops and classes range from $20 – $75 per child.
  • Food & Wine Festivals – Sample food and drinks at these seasonal adults-only events for $40+.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours – Go backstage at Legoland with an expert for $80+ per person.

While pricier, these premium Legoland experiences create extra magical memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to go to LEGOLAND in California?

A one-day ticket to Legoland California Resort typically starts at $95 for kids ages 3-12 and $115 for adults. However, booking online early and looking for any available discounts or deals can help save $10-20 per ticket. The best value comes from multi-day and annual pass options:

  • Legoland California 2-Day Ticket: $140 online for kids, $170 online for adults
  • Legoland California Annual Pass: $229 for kids, $249 for adults

Adding the Legoland Water Park is $30 extra per person. Parking costs $25 per day. Beyond admission, visitors should budget $40-60+ per person for food, merchandise, and upgrades like specialty tours or character dining. Overall, accounting for deals and added costs, plan on $150-250+ per person to enjoy a full day visiting Legoland California Resort.

How much are LEGOLAND tickets in Germany?

Ticket prices at Legoland Deutschland in Germany are similar to other parks worldwide. Current 2023 rates start at:

  • One-Day Child Ticket: 75€ ($80 USD)
  • One-Day Adult Ticket: 87€ ($92 USD)

Like other parks, booking online in advance saves about 10% off gate prices. Two-day tickets offer a discount at €66 per day, and annual passes are €199 per person.

Beyond basic admission, visitors to Legoland Germany should budget for:

  • Parking – €12 per day
  • Food – €15-25 per meal
  • Merchandise – €10-50+
  • Premium add-ons like Sealife access or boat rides – €5-15 each

Overall, most visitors pay €100-150+ per person for a full day visit to Legoland Deutschland. Taking advantage of discounts and package deals can help reduce these costs.

What age is best for LEGOLAND?

The best age for kids to enjoy Legoland is between 3-12 years old. LEGOLAND parks are designed specifically with children in that age range in mind.

Attractions at Legoland are tailored towards younger kids, with ride height restrictions starting at 34 inches. DUPLO Valley is best for preschoolers under 5. LEGO Ninjago World offers action for older kids.

Tweens and teens may still enjoy Legoland, but usually prefer more thrilling roller coasters and rides which Legoland does not offer. Adults without children may appreciate Legoland more for the impressive LEGO models and nostalgia than the kid rides.

Legoland is ideal for that elementary school age bracket who love LEGO toys. Kids get the most magical memories from Legoland between ages 5-10. Rides, shows, and attractions engage their interests best at that age before they outgrow the park.

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