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Trip To Legoland Florida Cost

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First Published on December 5, 2014 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Mickey and Minnie move over, there is a new star: Legoland Florida is the newest Lego brand park that was launched in the United States.

After Denmark, England, and Germany, on the list of locations where you can have fun with your family is also the US with its state of Florida.

Legoland attraction sprawls on approximately a mile and is the biggest compared with its “sisters” in Europe.

Located in Winter Haven, south of Orlando, the park has over 50 trains and places specially set up for the whole family. The target audience for which the attractions were created is made of children aged between two and twelve, but the creators assure the parents that they too will have a great time and lots of fun.

The park has ten thematic areas: The Beginning, Fun Town, Miniland USA, Duplo Village, Kingdom Lego, Lego Technic, Pirate’s Cove, Land of Adventure, and Lego City.

The Beginning is the entrance area where visitors can buy the tickets. Here, they will also visit the restaurant and the gift shop. In terms of attractions, the Island in the Sky will be available for children, a platform from which they can view the entire park.

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Typical costs:

For a One-Day Pass, you will pay from $74 to $81

legoland-florida attractionsA one-day pass for adults costs $81 and for children with ages between 3-12, while seniors over 60 will pay $74. If you have a two-year-old or younger child, he is admitted for free. For one-day Legoland Florida tickets, a four-member family will pay around $310.

For a One Day Hopper you will pay from $89 to $96;

A one-day Hopper pass includes admission to the Water Park and costs $96 for adults and $89 for seniors and children. For a four-member family, the price will be around $370.

For an Annual Hopper Pass, you will pay from $149 to $179.

An annual Hopper pass costs $129 for adults and $99 for children and seniors. For the amount of $179 for adults and $149 for children you can take advantage of the Merlin’s Annual Pass, a package with unlimited admission to the Legoland Park Florida and also to the Legoland Water Park Florida, including discounts off selected retail and food purchases, and free parking.

There is one more type of package, the Ambassador Annual Pass that costs $2500 per person. For this amount, you have unlimited admissions for life to all Legoland parks in Florida, free preferred parking, and retail and dining discounts.

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What will be included?

Even the One-Day Pass covers the admission cost and also most rides and attractions from each park.

legoland-florida typical costsAdditional costs:

You are not allowed in the park with outside drinks or food. You have different dining options like sandwiches for about $6, hot dogs for about $6 – $7, and hamburgers for about $9 – $10. Another option is the “all-you-can-eat pizza and drink” package that costs $11 for adults and $7 for children. Depending on the meal and beverages you chose, expect to pay anywhere between $50 – $70 for a four-member family meal.

Car parking costs $14 and if you book it online you get a $2 discount. RV owners and campers will pay $15, and motorcycle owners $7. Preferred parking costs $20.

If you want to spend the night there you should know that depending on the location the hotel prices vary from $60 to $220 per night.

If you’re an average working Joe in the US and you have one or more kids, you should take your family to Legoland at least once, because this will be a vacation that you won’t regret for sure.

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