How Much Does Regal Nails Cost?

Last Updated on March 7, 2024
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With over 200 convenient locations across the United States, Regal Nails has firmly established itself as a popular destination for professional manicures, pedicures, gel polish services, acrylic nails, and a wide range of beauty care treatments.

But what exactly can you expect to pay for a visit to your local Regal Nails salon and spa? Gaining insight into Regal Nails’ comprehensive pricing structure – from basic manicures and pedicures to more lavish gel manicures, acrylic sets, and dip powders – allows you to accurately budget and plan finances for your ideal spa experience.

However, in general you can expect to pay right around $15 for a basic manicure, closer to $25+ for a basic pedicure, approximately $35+ for gel polish manicures, and $45+ for a full set of acrylics or dip powder nails.

Specialty add-on services like paraffin wax treatments, collagen gloves, decadent massage time extensions, and customized nail art designs will tack on additional fees incrementally. But knowing which specific deluxe pampering services fit your budget and preferences allows you to curate the perfect visit. Read on for a detailed cost breakdown!


  • Basic manicures range $15 – $40
  • Basic pedicures range $25 – $60
  • Gel polish manicures average $35+
  • Acrylic and dip powder sets run $45+
  • Add-ons like extended massage and nail art cost extra
  • Pricing varies moderately between franchises

How Much Does Regal Nails Cost?

To start, here is an overview of the standard essential nail care services offered at most Regal Nails salon locations and their typical pricing:

  • A basic classic manicure includes shaping and trimming nails, cleaning up cuticles, a light hand massage, and painting nails with your choice of polish colors. Pricing starts around $15 for basic and extends up to $40 for deluxe manicures depending on extras chosen.
  • Pedicure services begin with foot soaking, followed by exfoliation, cuticle cleaning, nail shaping and trim, smoothing calluses, and a foot and calf massage before finishing with polish. Basic express pedicures start at $25 with deluxe spa pedicures ranging up to $60 for the full treatment.
  • Quick kid’s manicures and pedicures tailored for little fingers and toes with fun elements average around $15. Services are abbreviated but provide a good intro to salon care.
  • Individual waxing services like eyebrows, upper lip, arms, and legs average $5 to $15 per area depending on size and complexity. Speed wax options are available for convenience and affordability.

According to Salon Price Lists, the prices at Regal Nails include White Tips (Fills Only) for $14.99, a Manicure with French or color for $9.99, and a Spa Pedicure with French or color for $17.99.

Regal Nails Salon & Spa inside Walmart offers a Mani/Pedi for $22, as mentioned in a Yelp review.

Mom Deals writes that Walmart’s nail salon, Regal Nails, provides services like Acrylic Nails for $30, Manicure for $17, Spa French Pedicure for $22, and more, with prices varying by location and additional services incurring extra charges.

While pricing ultimately comes down to the specific franchised location, costs for classic essential nail services at Regal Nails locations generally fall in line with industry averages and direct competitors.

Opting for extras like extended massage times, collagen gloves, paraffin wax, and similar service upgrades will tack on additional costs to your base manicure or pedicure pricing. But the indulgence is often worthwhile for special occasions.

Pricing for Specialty Nail Services

Regal Nails CostBeyond classic nail shaping and polish looks, Regal Nails offers a wide range of more specialized manicure services that involve added products and techniques – therefore warranting appropriately higher pricing:

  • Gel manicures mix the strength and chip resistance of gel polish with standard manicure grooming for flawless fingers that can last 2-3 weeks when properly maintained. Pricing starts at $35 for gel manicure services.
  • Acrylics or dip powder full sets extend natural nails for length and strength via sculpted forms or powders building out the nails and finished with polish. Given the extra product and time involved, most locations charge $45+ for initial full set applications, with maintenance fills every 2-4 weeks running cheaper.
  • Intricate contemporary nail art like chrome powder ombre, floral designs, abstract marbling, and more provide the ultimate in unique custom styling and self-expression. These services average $5+ per nail for highly detailed designer creations as labor and artistry require additional skill.
  • Upgrading your polish to premium long-lasting Shellac formulations can add $10+ per service for the upgraded nail lacquer.
  • Subtle French tip accents providing contrast on the nail tip cost around $5 extra when adding to manicures.

Investing in these more specialized nail services allows you to change up your look with transformative enhancements and indulgent treatments. Be sure to thoroughly discuss any complex designs or custom requests with your technician when booking appointments to ensure expectations align on pricing.

PAdd-Ons to Enhance Your Experience

Seeking the full spa experience? The following upgraded add-on treatments can further relax and rejuvenate your visit:

  • Paraffin wax treatments envelop hands or feet in soothing warm wax to deeply moisturize skin. This hydrating add-on averages $10 per paraffin service.
  • Collagen gloves or booties packed with marine collagen help reverse aging in hands and feet. Allow $5 extra for this anti-aging booster.
  • Add an extra 15 minutes of extended massage time to any manicure or pedicure for $10 to heighten relaxation – perfect for unwinding.
  • Cucumber water provides a refreshing beverage for $1.
  • Transport your senses to the tropics with aromatherapy essential oils added to any service for $5.

While seemingly small, taking advantage of these upgrades enhances the overall spa experience substantially. But the little indulgences do add up incrementally, so weigh the additional value against staying within your ideal budget when selecting optional pampering services and treatments.

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An occasional splurge manicure with all the trimmings may be worth it!

Tips for Estimating Your Budget

Since pricing can vary slightly between franchised locations, it helps to have a game plan when planning and budgeting for your ideal Regal Nails services menu:

  • Call ahead to the specific salon you plan to visit to learn their precise current pricing for the exact menu of services you want. This helps set accurate budget expectations.
  • Factor in tips for your nail technician, usually around 18-20% of the total cost, when determining your total budget. Tipping appropriately for good service is customary.
  • Ask at each location about new client specials like first-time discounts or free nail art they may offer to attract new customers. Promotions vary.
  • Inquire about membership programs – Some Regal Nails salons offer perks like free gifts, referral bonuses, birthday discounts, and loyalty points with signups. These can provide savings.
  • Review the salon’s complete service menu online or in-store. This allows you to select your ideal combination while avoiding any surprises.

Final Words

Doing a little research on location-specific pricing, services, special offers, and membership benefits allows you to plan finances accordingly and allocate the right budget for your special salon visit. A relaxing spa experience feels infinitely more satisfying when it has been planned for and cost expectations are set in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which nails are more expensive?

Acrylic nails and dip powder extensions tend to be pricier service offerings compared to more affordable polished gel manicures because acrylics and dips require much more intensive preparation, product use, and highly skilled application by the technician compared to polishes or gels which simply bond to the natural nail.

Expect to pay around $10+ more for acrylics or dips versus gel manicures.

Is acrylic or gel cheaper?

Overall, polished gel manicures are considered slightly more budget-friendly versus acrylics or dip powders. Standard gel manicure services start around $35 at most locations, while a full set of acrylics averages $45+ and dips run $50 or higher for a starter set.

However, there can be occasional promotions making acrylics or dip powder sets more affordable for new clients. Pricing ultimately comes down to each individual salon’s policies.

Is gel as damaging as acrylic?

Yes, most professionals agree that gel polish manicures tend to be noticeably gentler on natural nails versus acrylics or dip powder extensions.

Gels simply bond pigmented polish to the real nail surface versus acrylics and dips which require intensive filing and application of a molded or built-up extension that can stress the natural nail over time with the added weight and pressure, making lifting or damage more likely.

For those with weaker nails or health conditions, polished gels provide fabulous protection and color while carrying far less risk of damage.

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