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85 Degrees Bakery Franchise Cost

Last Updated on November 11, 2022
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Searching for another store that is on par with Starbucks? You may wish to give 85 Degrees (85 ° C) Bakery Café a try. The shop, which initially was launched with big success in Taiwan, provides a wide range of treats from brewed coffee to delicious cakes.

Due to its growing appeal, lots of people have actually asked if the business is open for franchising. Many of them have actually asked just how much will it cost to open an 85 Degrees Bakery franchise. If you are among them, keep reading to find out more about the sugary foods store.

Obviously, there are no readily available figures for the 85 Degrees Bakery franchise expense. According to their main website, the business’s shops in the United States are currently just corporate-owned, thus the non-availability of start-up costs.

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Still, the business might enable individual franchise owners if they consider it suitable in your geographical location.

Minimum Requirements

According to forums like Quora, the business is presently searching for franchise owners in the United States, however, just on an area basis. In case you are permitted by 85 Degrees to apply, here are the expenses:

  1. A minimum of $750,000 in liquid possessions
  2. A minimum net worth of $1.5 million
Keep in mind that the business’s main site has no information about franchising. If you have a company, you might instead propose a collaboration with 85 Degrees.

Applying With Your Company

Based upon the initial information we gathered while doing our research, the initial 85 Degrees Bakery franchise start-up cost will be somewhere around $15,000. You can start to do business with them by applying for a company partnership.

The business is open for “global license” applications. If you’re trying to sign up with 85 Degrees Bakery’s worldwide growth, you must complete this online form.

Similar to most franchise applications, you would have to include the following:

  • Total assets
  • Total liabilities
  • Net worth
  • Important info such as company/business name and other general details

How long would it take before they would look over your application and authorize it? The processing time will be anywhere from 3 to 6 months. The precise length of time would depend on your background, licensed location, and the head offices’ decisions on the matter. The business would notify you of its decision through email or by phone.

Real Estate

In case you’re not yet aware, the 85 ° C Bakery Café attracts quite an interesting crowd. It is very common to see a long line of individuals waiting on their turn to get in the store.

That being said, your place must be roomy and easily accessible. Establishing a shop, according to Quora, might cost approximately $1 million depending upon your location.

Keep in mind also that aside from your consumers, you would have to consider your employees. For example, the 3,200-square-foot shop in Sacramento could make use of around 50 workers at any given time.

Equipment and devices

The 85 ° C Bakery Café is widely known for making fresh-from-the-oven bread every 2 minutes. Aside from being pretty much always warm, the variety of bread and pastry will most likely never disappoint. Americans and Asians alike would really enjoy the taste of the shop’s goods.

The “Starbucks of Taiwan” is also a preferred nook for excellent coffee. Among their bestsellers is the Sea Salt Coffee with a taste that is downright incredible.

To make food and beverages that clients would enjoy, your 85 ° C Bakery Café unit needs to operate using quality equipment and devices. Aside from the 85 Degrees Bakery franchise start-up charge, you must also purchase:

  • Ovens
  • Heated cabinets
  • Oven proofers
  • Fridges
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Racks and tables
  • Smallware like dough sheeters and mixers
  • Display cases
  • Espresso makers
  • Coffee makers

The 85 ° C Bakery Café reserves its right to offer you the list of devices (and their expenses). That is when your business is approved as a business partner.

If you’re set on launching an 85 ° C Bakery Café, you should know the following things:

The business does not yet have a system for accepting online orders and making deliveries
The store does not provide any catering services. Instead, party trays and tea travelers for any event are supplied by the shop
The store does not provide products at wholesale cost. You will be able to buy wholesale at retail price, however.
The pastry shop will only make single-tier cakes. No wedding event cakes are readily available.

Why 85 ° C Bakery Cafe?

85 Degrees Bakery Why would you want to open an 85 ° C Bakery Café business when there are more popular chains like Starbucks? Well, for one, the long line of people purchasing bread from the Bakery speaks for its quality and great taste.

What makes the pastry shop a hit amongst clients?
Obviously, the quality of their product is not directly proportional to the rates. This means that you can purchase fresh-from-the-oven bread without digging deep into your pocket. The exact same is true with their coffee and cake products.

This price is lined up to the philosophy of the initial founder, Mr. Cheng-Hsueh Wu. That is, to sell 5-star products that individuals can buy on an impulse.

Since 2003, the business has actually expanded worldwide, boasting over 900 shops all around the world.

Other reasons for which you might wish to go with an 85 Degrees franchise are:

  • A high rate of consumer turnover and revenue
  • Can make it through the competitive market
  • Development of brand-new products
  • Steady financial background
  • Over 60 kinds of bread and 40 kinds of cakes offered to consumers
  • Top Quality coffee
  • High brand name recognition in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, the U.S.A., and Australia

Things to consider

Bear in mind that the expense to set up an 85 ° C Bakery Café business differs based upon the following:

  • Franchise cost
  • Area costs
  • Devices and Supplies
  • Other opening expenses
  • Staff Training

The initial financial investment requirement would only be disclosed by the business if you are accepted as a franchise owner or company partner. So if you would make it to the list, you should make sure that you can adhere to the monetary requirements. Also, complete the application in such a way that will give reasons for the owner to take you into consideration.

After finding out information about the required financial investment, you need to also secure your financial resources. Luckily, potential franchise owners might rely on financing companies. The majority of these investors provide support for start-up expenses, equipment, and initial inventory.

If you’re brand-new to the food retail business, do not worry as you will get some training from the business itself. You would get knowledge about the business through observing everyday operations and management.

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