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Cost to Start a TopGolf Franchise

Last Updated on December 23, 2022 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on January 11, 2021 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Summary: The Cost to Start a TopGolf Franchise

Typically a TopGolf franchise costs approximately $18 million dollars to develop, but launch expenses will vary. One facility in Austin, TX was constructed for around $15 million while a brand-new TopGolf that was constructed in Las Vegas had a final cost of over $50 million.

Top Golf Start-Up

If you are thinking about opening a TopGolf franchise; congratulations to you! This ingenious company endeavor has plenty of friendly competition, unique entertainment, and charming staff members. A vibrant location that provides remarkable entertainment value for the whole family, tasty menu selections, and guarantees lots of enjoyable activities for visitors and staff members.

Concentrating on Fun

TopGolf centers have actually reinvented the sport by taking the seriousness level down a notch. Being proficient at golf is not a requirement to have a good time and delight in a dynamic environment. Delicious appetizers, fresh beverages, and some enjoyable music offer a wonderful environment while you practice your swing and get better at the game. Almost continuous food and beverage service by servers called “caddies” allows you to stay concentrated and get in the zone.

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Micro-chipped Balls and an Outfield

Just picture hitting your golf ball and immediately seeing the statistics on your shot. The genius behind TopGolf depends on utilizing unique golf balls equipped with micro-chips. Customers then make use of real clubs (complimentary to rent for the whole family) and take shots onto an outfield. Extremely addictive and amusing, players of all capabilities will delight in the positive environment and feedback on every shot. Targets vary from 215 yards to 20 yards; perfect for any individual.

Subscription Cards

Customers will never need to stress over tracking their previous ratings as their membership card holds all the answers. Purchase your games onto your card and make use of them at any TopGolf center. Keep in mind that as soon as game credits are filled onto the card, they won’t be able to reimburse you.

Roughly 18 Million to Develop

The typical TopGolf center is 65,000 square feet and 3 floors high. Over 1250 individuals can have a good time and relax all at once inside the facility. This destination point includes month-to-month subscription costs or one-time drop-in opportunities. There are unique discount rates for Junior Members readily available. With the help of cutting edge devices, abundant real estate, and amazing facilities, these places are popping up with exceptional income reports and good growth.

Your Expected Inventory

Many Golf franchises carry generous quantities of equipment to make sure that customers have everything they would need for a fantastic game. Your franchise will have a particular build-out and display alternatives to secure the following products:

  • golf balls
  • clubs
  • bags
  • club accessories
  • shoes
  • pro-line devices
  • giftware
  • junior devices
  • men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing
  • gloves
  • together with a host of other golf-associated products.

Financial investment Estimate

TopGolf CenterThe typical TopGolf center will cost roughly 18 million dollars to develop. Coming from the UK and now with many locations all over the U.S.A.; the company has plans to expand even further internationally. At this time, the main site is mentioning that TopGolf is an independently owned business without any existing franchise opportunities; nevertheless, if you do have 10 to 20 million lying around, you might want to pursue this venture.

Environment Managed Hitting Bays

TopGolf centers provide all-year entertainment. Never experience numb hands, disruptive wind or rain, or not having the ability to see your ball due to the sunlight. Enjoy your subscription every day and visit after work or school. Plan your next business event, birthday celebration, or team building in a center that provides remarkable service and a lot of fun.

Bye-bye Dress Code and 5-Hour Games

Many individuals wish to swing their clubs yet feel discouraged at a normal driving range. Waiting on your tee time or having experienced golf enthusiasts line up behind you can be daunting. Luckily, TopGolf provides a rooftop terrace with fire pits and a great lounging center to aid you to spend your time. A dress code is not in place. Interacting socially and having fun is the most important together with improving your game obviously.

Entertainment Element

If you have ever asked yourself how close your ball made it to the target or how far you really struck it; worry not. Every golf player has had those exact concerns and it was this lack of information that was behind the TopGolf principle in the first place. With over 90% of customers rechecking a 2nd time, TopGolf has actually caught the fun and strategy of the game and made it available to everybody. Develop your abilities while you grow your bank account. Maybe one day you can open your very own TopGolf franchise. In the meantime, enjoy your subscription and see as many different locations as you can.

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