Acetylene Tank Refill Cost

Acetylene Tank Refill Cost

Acetylene is a usual component of numerous chemicals as well as plastics and is generally utilized as a gas for welding and metal cutting lanterns.

How much does an acetylene storage tank re-fill cost?

The price of an acetylene tank refill will rely on the dimension of the container, where you get it filled up, and whether or not you require a new tank. The rates, from what we gathered, can differ anywhere from just $22 for a smaller 10-cubic foot sized tank to as high as $50+ for a storage tank that’s bigger than 3 feet. These are the costs for an exchange only and would not include the price of a new tank.

Check below the typical refill cost:

The dimension of Storage tank (weight empty) and the Price Quoted

  • MC-10 (7.5 extra pounds) – $35
  • B-40 (23.5 extra pounds) – $40
  • 60 (42 pounds) – $50
  • 4 (72.5 pounds) – $75
  • 4.5 (101 extra pounds) – $110
  • 5 (114 extra pounds) – $120
  • Jumbo (174 extra pounds) – $175

According to a forum discussion, an individual was able to swap his container at his regional Tractor Supply for around $30.

We were able to locate a practical acetylene pricing sheet by means of Stoody Industrial & Welding Supply, a specialist welding supply merchant located in San Diego, California.

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What are the added expenses?

In some states, and according to a regional seller policy, an environmental fee may be charged. This charge is typically less than $10.

Acetylene and oxygenIf acquiring a tank for the first time, pay close attention to the contract as many retailers only rent them out on a yearly basis. If you authorize a rental arrangement instead of all-out buying the container, after that you might find yourself paying an annual fee. Rentals are often less than $75 per year, however, this cost can raise relying on the size. The same could be said about purchasing a brand-new storage tank. If you need a new container for any reason, this can cost into the hundreds, depending on the brand name and dimension.

Tips to remember

Acetylene is extremely unstable because it easily ignites when it gets in contact with oxygen. The properties of this gas are so unsteady that even a little leak can cause severe repercussions; as a result, it is really important that acetylene is dealt with very carefully and also stored appropriately.

To lower a possible threat and decrease its volatility, this gas is generally liquified in acetone and then saved in a specially created tank with an absorbent product. These cylindrical tubes are normally full of a small amount of acetone and also absorptive material such as diatomaceous earth.

Acetylene tank dimensions

  1. WQ/ 70 cubic feet/ 7 ″
  2. WS/ 100 cubic feet/ 8.5 ″
  3. MC/ 8 cubic feet/ 4 ″
  4. B/ 35 cubic feet/ 6 ″
  5. # 3/ 70 cubic feet/ 7 ″
  6. # 4/ 100 cubic feet/ 8.5 ″
  7. # 4.5/ 200 cubic feet/ 10 ″
  8. # 5/ 300 cubic feet/ 12 ″

But how can I save money?

In general, the price of acetylene per cubic foot capacity will certainly lower as the tank size gets larger. For that reason, you will get a much better deal buying acetylene wholesale and/or bigger amounts, similar to a propane storage tank. Some merchants of acetylene typically offer a lowered cost per cubic foot when a customer leases a storage tank from them. For the leased containers, it is much more effective to handle a dealership that prices by the cubic foot instead of the cylindrical tube dimension.

Look around as prices will vary. Experts often suggest checking out local plumbing or welding supply home for the best bargains and attempt avoiding the big-name box stores.

Stay clear of leasing and try to buy a tank instead. Comparable to renting a vehicle, you can either take into consideration acquiring a somewhat used storage tank on eBay, Craigslist or if you intend to get it new, you could find one with the help of a neighborhood seller.

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