Accoustifence Noise Cancelling Cost

The Acoustiblok corporation initially established Acoustifence for offshore oil-rig sound isolation, and ever since, it has had guaranteed success in numerous demanding applications.

Acoustifence is an economical alternative and much easier to set up compared to sound panels or concrete walls.

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Frequently used in industrial applications, building and construction worksites, mass-transit railway, highways, and even pet dog kennels, Acoustifence is currently offered for domestic and commercial usage.

Just how much does Acoustifence cost?

Typically, the rates are about $750 per 30-foot roll. Eventually, the expenses will depend upon the size, density, and where you acquire it from.

FenceFabricsOnline has its prices listed online, stating that a 30 foot by six-foot-high roll would cost $805 per roll, whereas a 30 foot long by three-foot-high roll would cost $591 per roll. If you were to require a tailored length, then the expenses would be $38 per linear foot.

While we did our research online, we came across one seller on offering the roll for $4.5 to $5.5 per square foot.

Acoustifence explained

Acoustiblok, Inc is a world leader in sound-canceling for both indoor and outdoor setups. It launched AcoustiFence, an advanced brand-new defense against sound pollution outdoors. This product is a cost-effective method to abate sound or satisfy sound legislation by utilizing innovative sound-canceling products. In essence, it changes low-frequency acoustic waves into a mechanical motion and internal friction energy. Besides, the Acoustifence becomes an absorbent product at such frequencies with test results showing a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) as high as 0.78 (with 1.00 being the maximum).

A basic, affordable sound reduction option for domestic and commercial use, Acoustifence is a unique 1/8-inch thick mineral-filled, barium-free viscoelastic acoustical product measuring 6 feet by 30 feet long having black anodized brass grommets/eyelets along the top and bottom edges. This makes it a viable solution for any wire mesh fence or any other structure with the 70, 125 pound, durable nylon ties included with every roll.

What are the additional expenses?

Black anodized brass eyelets will be needed every 6 inches on the top edge with some on the bottom edge. This setup enables easy fixing or hanging the Acoustifence fence to practically anything. The durable nylon wire ties are usually provided with the Acoustifence fence; nevertheless, stainless wire ties come at an extra expense.

You can also decide to work with an expert to set up Acoustifence at an agreed cost. To get a quote for your specific task, think about getting several quotes from experts in your location.

Tips to keep in mind

Accoustifence and its usageAcoustifence can be attached to a personal privacy fence to reduce roadway sound, put onto a cinderblock wall, or attached to stud walls to decrease sound in sensitive locations.

The brand-new Acoustifence is really strong and has actually been crafted to withstand outdoor building sites, offshore oil well, and highway environments. Complete exposure to grease, oil, mold, dirt, or being driven over isn’t a problem for the Acoustifence.

Acoustifence is easy to install or get rid of. It is also UV tolerant, paintable, impermeable to water, made from more than 90% natural or recycled products, completely non-mold (rated 10 from 10), and 100% recyclable. It’s clear, that as a barrier, this item not just lowers noise but in lower frequencies, it serves as an acoustically absorbent product that is not reflecting back those short frequencies as other barriers would do (sheet-lead operate in the same way).

Multi-level building and construction jobs might quickly overlap a variety of Acoustifence products connected to the fence scaffolding to achieve a number of floorings of vertical height acoustical obstruction.

The staggered wood shadowbox personal privacy fences (that definitely provide no sound privacy) are able to integrate Acoustifence quickly without changing the visual appeal. The Acoustifence product is just hung with the help of grommets. This product can be set up or removed in less than one hour.

Unlike landscaping or wood fences (which do rather little to obstruct noise), this product does a great job in obstructing noise and also produces less reflective noise, unlike strong walls. This distinct characteristic sets Acoustifence far apart from any other similar products when handling radio frequencies, such as air conditioning units, heat pumps, and railroad/truck roadway sound.

How can you save some money?

Talk with a few sellers to see who can provide you with the very best price.

According to the main business, the fence is extremely simple to set up as it can be secured to any fence with the installing grommets it comes with.

Big rates might apply with some merchants, so be sure to check more than one.

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