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How Much Does MasterShield Gutter Guard Cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Mastershield offers gutter guards made to be installed on any type of gutter or roof. It uses a micromesh technology invented and patented in 2001 by Alex Higgenbotham. MasterShield gutter guards are pitched in such a way that debris rolls off, just like an extension of your roof.

Mastershield’s micromesh has HydroVortex Action siphoning properties which enable the water to be pulled into the gutter through a filter made specifically to reduce clogging.

MasterShield gutters are installed at the front edge of the gutter and slide under the shingle so that they don’t void the warranty you have on your roof. It can be upgraded with additional features like heated gutters and comes in 14 colors. It is also made from about 95% recycled aluminum.

So this unique product called MasterSheld is aesthetically pleasing for curb appeal, eco-friendly, and very effective. But how much do MasterShield Gutter Guards cost?

How Much Does MasterShield Gutter Guard Cost?

The average cost of MasterShield Gutter Guards is between $1.20 and $10 per foot, although each job is unique and there have been instances in which, people were charged as high as $20 to $35 per foot with installation and any other needed repairs included. Among the most common additional jobs that people had to pay for was replacing gutters and/or rotted fascia boards.

MasterShield doesn’t list its exact prices on the official website. Instead, they have a form you can fill out with your information, including email address, name, phone number, and zip code. Based on the information you provide, they will direct you to one of their local dealers and send you a free estimate on your gutter guards.

When you fill out the estimate form, you will receive a no-obligation quote from a local dealer. As each job is unique and comes with its own particularities, the final price will depend on a lot of factors, so it will be pretty hard to get an exact price.

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Mastershield Gutter GuardsAn interview with a local co-owner of a MasterShield partner company posted on Angie’s List stated that you will be charged about $5 per foot for basic to mid-range gutter guards. The interview also argued that it’s not uncommon for homeowners to pay up to $24 per installed food if they go for a MasterShield-like product.

The HandymanHowTo website states that the cost of the MasterShield gutter protection system will depend on whether you need any additional repairs like replacing rotted fascia boards, whether you need new gutters, the total feet of gutter guard materials needed, as well as the complexity of the roof design, but overall these prices are similar to what other high-end professionally installed gutter guards would cost.

MasterShield Gutter Guards Pros and Cons


  • Designed to minimize clogging
  • Self-cleaning, micromesh technology
  • Free quotes online or by phone


  • Some dealers and locations have specific operation differences
  • No centralized list of locations
  • Requires professional installation and doesn’t offer a DIY option

One review on Pissed Consumer said that a customer was charged $9,500 for a roof guard project, although there is no information on the length of the gutters. Another review said that someone was charged $30 per linear foot by a local franchise.

How do the MasterShield gutter guards work?

The MasterShield gutter guards were first launched in 2011. These are made from a stronger, thin aluminum frame, allowing them to conform to the imperfections of the gutters of your home, like uneven fascia boards, warped sunroofs, and the drop from the home’s highest point to the downspout’s lowest point. Some people consider MasterShield the best gutter guard system on the market.

The installation involves the local dealer setting up the system as close as possible to the existing room pitch, while still leaving enough room for airflow coming down the roof. This works in a way that keeps debris from sticking to the gutters.

Also, the products designed by this company, that feature HydroVortex Technology, are made to be installed on an angle, which means the water will be pulled into the gutters even when they are installed up and down.

The gutter guard installation process

According to online sources, most installation jobs take about two days and consist of these steps:

  • First, the old gutters will have to be removed so that the new ones can be installed
  • The spike holes in the fascia board will then have to be caulked with sealant
  • Before moving to the next steps, any rotted fascia boards will have to be repaired
  • The new gutter installation is the next step. These come with hidden hangers spaced about two feed one from the other
  • New downspouts will also be installed and will be tied to the lower gutters
  • Now, the new MasterShield Gutter Guards are installed
  • To ensure no pests get in, a wire mesh screen will also be installed on all of the open elbows

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Although each job has its own particularities, most jobs will follow these steps. Of course, depending on the dealer you’re going to, you might receive different inclusions or the job itself might be done slightly differently. One example is newer homes, where new gutters don’t have to be installed. This means less work and a lower cost overall.


The company guarantees that you will have no problems with clogging gutters. In case your gutters clog, they will refund the full cost of the MasterShield product without the price of the installation or they will replace the product, depending on what you choose. But the company goes even further.

It guarantees it will refund your deductible up to $1,500 if the gutters clog and cause damage that is claimable against your homeowner insurance. This warranty is transferable in case you sell the home in the future and is provided directly by the manufacturer. You can find out more about this by visiting their official website.

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