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Gutter guards by MasterShield are known to be the “gold standard” according to the business, keeping any debris out of your gutters while letting the water flow through your downspouts.

With the business’s multi-patented microfiltration innovation and strong versatile building and construction, the gutter guards can block any particles larger than half the width of your hair.

Just how much do MasterShield gutter guards cost?

On the main site of the business,, they do not provide exact rates; rather, they ask you to get a free price quote on your gutter guards today via any of the business’s regional dealerships by submitting a form with your name, postal code, telephone number, and e-mail address. Because each task is very much unique and depends upon a variety of aspects, it can be pretty hard for the business to offer an exact price quote. Bear in mind that if you do submit the price quote form, you can get a no-obligation quote from a regional dealership.

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Mastershield Gutter GuardsWhile the business didn’t offer any price quotes, we took a look at several third-party sites, which we added below, and can approximate that the expenses of the gutter guards, plus setup, ought to remain in the $20 to $30 per foot range, however, these rates can be far more if you needed any extra tasks done such as changing rain gutters and/or decayed fascia boards, for instance.

The expenses of the MasterShield seamless gutter guards, based on, is “similar to other higher-end expertly set up rain gutter guards,” however the expenses, overall, will considerably depend upon the intricacy of your roofing, the overall feet of rain gutter guard products, if brand-new rain gutters are required and/or if any repair work is needed, such as changing decayed fascia boards, for instance.

On Angie’s List, talked to a regional co-owner of a MasterShield business and he specified they charge around $5 per foot for standard to mid-range rain gutter guards, however, he also added that property owners must be prepared to pay $20 to $24 per foot on setting up if they picked a MasterShield-like product.

A negative evaluation on stated he was estimated $30 per linear foot by his local franchise. Another evaluation on the exact same site stated they paid $9,500 but the full length was unspecified.

How do the MasterShield gutter guards work?

Initially launched in 2011, the MasterShield gutter guards are made from a thin yet more powerful aluminum frame, which permits the item to comply with all of the flaws of your house’s gutters, such as deformed subroofs, irregular fascia boards, and the drop from your house’s highest point to the lowest point at the downspout. Throughout the setup, your local dealership will set up the system as close as they can to the existing pitch of your room, enabling the airflow coming down from your roofing system to work in a way to keep any debris at all from entering into your gutters. On top of this, the business’s HydroVortex Innovation, which is established to permit the guards to be set up on an angle, enables the water to be pulled into the gutters, even if installed up and down.

The setup procedure

According to the HandymanHowTo website, the setup took 2 days and included the following:

  • Removal of the old gutters and new ones will be set up
  • Caulk the spike holes in the fascia board with sealant
  • If any decayed fascia board/boards are noticed, they need to be fixed at this time
  • New rain gutters are then set up with covert wall mounts spaced about 2 feet apart
  • New downspouts, which are tied to the lower rain gutters, are set up
  • MasterShield Gutter Guards are set up
  • Wire mesh screen on all of the open elbows to keep any bugs away
All projects can be rather unique, but for the majority of tasks, this is how your setup ought to look, however, each dealership, from what we could gather, might apply different additions and/or do things in a different way. The exact same can be stated about your existing house’s condition. For instance, if your house is newer, then the brand-new utters might not be needed, which, as you can tell, can bring the expenses down.

Service warranty

The business guarantees that your gutters will not get blocked, and in the event they do, they will change them or even reimburse you the expense of the MasterShield products (not the installation expenses) set up on your house. If the gutters obstruction triggers damage claimable against your house owners’ insurance coverage, the business will reimburse your deductible up to $1,500. This service warranty comes straight from the producer and is also transferable in case you want to sell your home in the future. To get more information about the service warranty, you can do so by checking out the main site.
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