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How Much Does it Cost to Pledge AKA 1908?

Last Updated on December 28, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

AKA 1908, or Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded on the Howard University campus on January 15, 1908. It is known as the first Greek-lettered sorority that African American women college students established. Currently, it is both a sorority and a fraternity and can be joined by students who want to be part of a great community.

Joining a sorority like Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) can be an exciting and rewarding experience for college women. But between membership dues, fees, and other costs, it also represents a significant financial investment. If you’re interested in pledging AKA’s 1908 chapter, what should you budget for this commitment?

How much does it cost to pledge AKA 1908?

A student can pledge an AKA 1908 and become a member with full rights for a cost of $300 to $900. There is an undergraduate membership level as well, which is priced anywhere between $500 and $800. These fees can be lower, of course, based on the chapter you are joining and the institution you are attending.

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If you’re one of the lucky ones who get selected to go further with the membership intake procedure, you will most likely be required to pay around $1,250 to $1,400.

New Member Fees When First Pledging AKA 1908

When you first decide to pursue AKA membership, there are a number of one-time fees to be aware of:

  • National intake fee – Covers processing and membership kit, typically $100-$300
  • Local chapter intake fee – Contributes to local education and activities, around $100-$500
  • Membership badge – Distinctive pin or jewelry identifying AKA affiliation, $50+
  • Sorority paraphernalia – Associated jewelry, bags, jackets representing AKA, $200+
  • New member activities – Retreats, workshops, events for pledging, $500+

Be prepared for these initial expenses when you commit to membership in AKA through the 1908 chapter.

Ongoing Aka 1908 Membership Costs and Dues

Once you are initiated after pledging, regular dues continue as an active AKA member:

  • National dues – Required annual fees to maintain membership, around $100-$200
  • Local chapter dues – Monthly or annual dues to support 1908 activities, $100+
  • Paraphernalia – Some chapters require continuing branded purchases
  • Participation fees – Events like formals, sisterhood activities, volunteering

Over four years or more, recurring dues and costs add up for active members. Continue budgeting for these expenses.

Additional AKA 1908 Chapter and Greek Life Costs

Depending on the campus and culture, other costs may include:

  • Living in AKA housing – Some campuses offer/require Greek housing
  • Running for chapter office – Campaigning and leadership costs
  • Attend conferences – Travel and expenses for AKA conventions
  • Join sub-organizations – Alumnae chapters, NPHC groups, etc.
  • Host and attend events – Shows, fundraising efforts, networking

Factor in these potential extras as an involved member in the 1908 chapter community.

Let’s compare some of the options and how they differ from AKA 1908:

Organization Pledge Costs Key Differences from AKA
Delta Sigma Theta – National intake fee: $125

– Local chapter fees: $300+

– Paraphernalia and accessories: $300+

– Lower national intake fee

– Emphasis on public service in addition to sisterhood

– Smaller membership of around 300,000

Zeta Phi Beta – National intake: $425

– Local chapter: $200+

– Paraphernalia: $500+

– Founded later in the 1920s

– International reach including abroad

– Around 125,000 initiated members

Professional Fraternities (e.g., Alpha Kappa Psi) – New member fees: $200 – $600

– Dues: $100 – $500 yearly

– Co-ed membership

– Connections to business, sciences, specific industries

– Join anytime, not just as students

Multicultural Greek Council (e.g., Sigma Lambda Gamma) – New member fees: $250 – $1,000

– Dues: $100 – $600 yearly

– Celebration of specific cultural backgrounds

– Newer organizations founded in the 1990s onward

– Smaller regional chapter networks

Strategies to Reduce AKA Pledge Costs

Here are some tips to limit expenses:

  • Seek out financial assistance and payment plans
  • Join with a friend to share costs
  • Buy used or borrow instead of new paraphernalia
  • Limit participation to required events only
  • Live at home instead of sorority housing
  • Carpool when attending distant events
  • Take advantage of any available member discounts
  • Focus on dues-paid membership activities

Careful budgeting and taking advantage of cost-saving opportunities can help keep overall pledge expenses down.

Estimating Your Total AKA Sorority Pledge Costs

While costs vary between chapters, you can expect to spend an estimated $1,000-$3,000 or more altogether when pledging AKA 1908. Factor in one-time new member fees, recurring dues, additional participation expenses, and strategies to limit costs.

Is Pledging AKA 1908 Worth the Investment?

Joining AKA 1908 or any sorority represents a major time and money commitment. Be sure to weigh the benefits and satisfaction of membership against the required pledge expenses. College is an investment in yourself, so make sure you evaluate if AKA aligns with your goals and budget.

The lifetime of sisterhood and opportunities associated with AKA are invaluable to many women. But the costs should be carefully considered before pledging. Do your research and make the best choice for your unique situation.

AKA 1908 membership details

Alpha Kappa Alpha is made mainly of women who come from all kinds of backgrounds and from all parts of the world. Currently, the membership isn’t restricted to African Americans. People of Indian, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, and Even Caucasian descent can also join.

AKA 1908 has over 900 chapters spread all around the US and other nations around the world and is comprised of around 250,000 members in total. If you’re interested, you can use the undergraduate chapters at colleges and universities to apply for membership. You can also apply to become a full member in any graduate chapter, although this is only possible after getting a bachelor’s degree or an advanced college degree.

Becoming a member of this sorority allows you to participate in improving the social and financial-economic. For instance, the AKA carries out community services and social work programs through the development of associations, and programs and even influences federal policies.

This organization supports programs associated with education, business, health, and family. Becoming a fully-fledged member of the AKA 1908 sorority also offers one esteem and acknowledgment. In addition, connections with fellow members from all over the world can lead the way for even brighter professional opportunities and develop connections that will be of benefit to you.

If you go to a school that does not have an active AKA 1908 chapter for you to sign up with, you can find one at another school. If you meet all of the requirements at your own school, other AKA 1908 chapters will still accept you.

Here are some tips to remember

Alpha Kappa Alpha CrestEach Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter is unique and will have its own tasks, requirements, or programs. As such, costs will differ depending on these things.

AKA 1908 is also part of the NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council). You can take a look at the organization’s archives and files at Moorland-Spingam Research.

Seeing that the membership fees are expected to increase each term or year, you should try to save up early enough. Remember that college life can be rather pricey, so it is best to prepare beforehand for your AKA 1908 membership if you really want to become a member.

According to AKA1908.com, there are particular requirements you need to fulfill in order to be able to become a member of the AKA sorority:

  • Potential members should have high ethical and moral standards.
  • You can only become a member after you finish the sorority’s Membership Intake Process (MIP).

Interested individuals must not take part in demeaning or degrading, or unkind acts. Should members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority ask you to carry out jobs or take part in activities besides those laid out in our MIP, they will be in infraction of the sorority’s policies and practices and do not represent the values of the organization. This behavior will not be tolerated and might lead to exclusion.

Not only are there requirements to get in, but there are also things that will reject your membership request:

  • A person who purposefully takes part in activities outside the Membership Intake Process.
  • A person who purposefully takes part in activities that are demeaning, degrading, or demoralizing.
  • A person who purposefully sends falsified files or credentials.

Final Words on AKA 1908 Pledge Costs

While specific expenses vary, prospective members should plan for total pledge costs in the range of $1,000-$3,000 or more. This covers one-time intake fees, recurring dues, and additional participation expenses. Review your financial situation carefully before embarking on the pledge process.

Frequently asked questions

How long will the pledge process take for Alpha Kappa Alpha?

You will start the pledging period with a probation period, and at the end, you will go through an initiation ceremony. The usual probation period should start one week before the initiation. There is an exception to the rule, and this is for campuses where Panhellenic of administrative regulations are different. With the pledging ceremony, you will become a full member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha 1908.

This should take around six weeks before initiation.

What are Alpha Kappa Alpha pledges called?

When you pledge with Alpha Kappa Alpha you will be called a line sister. Also, you, as a pledge, will have to call all current members of all chapters prophets or big sisters.

How do you get invited to AKA Grad Chapter?

You can access the MIP or Alpha Kappa Alpha graduated Membership Intake Process only through invitation and a 2-week long process.

The invitation shouldn’t be solicited and should be extended by one of the current local graduate chapters. You can receive an invitation by attending public events that are hosted by this sorority, where you can get acquainted with members.

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