How Much Does Awaken 180 Cost?

Last Updated on March 22, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

If you’re considering the popular Awaken 180 program for customized weight loss support, you likely want to know – how much does it cost? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll thoroughly explore the various fees involved so you can determine if this personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching program fits your budget and health goals.

Awaken 180 aims to provide clients with the knowledge, tools, and motivation required to make lasting improvements to their health and fitness through sustainable habit changes. But what exactly does this premium level of service cost? Let’s break it down.

How Much Does Awaken 180 Cost?

The exact cost of participating in Awaken 180 varies based on the level of personalization, length of membership, and array of services included in your customized plan. However, pricing typically includes:

  • Initial Consultation & Assessment: $250 – $500 for a 60-90 minute video call with your personal certified health coach to establish your goals, discuss medical history, identify dietary needs, assess fitness ability, and gather other relevant information. This consultation allows your coach to tailor the program specifically to you.
  • Membership Plans: Awaken 180 offers tiered memberships that run for 6 months, including Essentials starting at $1,500, Premium from $3,000, and VIP at $4,500. Each tier includes a set number of weekly private coaching sessions, access to all digital resources, recipe libraries, shopping tools, the member community forum, plus basic education. Higher tiers include greater coaching access, faster responses, more customization, and other exclusive perks.
  • Custom Meal Planning: While Essentials members receive more generic meal guidance, fully personalized plans tailored to your needs by a certified nutritionist cost $1,000 – $3,000 per month in addition to the base membership dues. Premium and VIP members get custom meal planning included.
  • Optional Add-Ons: Based on your coach’s recommendations, you may opt for premium extras like prepared meal delivery ($300 – $1,000 weekly), wireless fitness tracker ($150 – $500 one-time), meditation app subscription ($100 – $250 annually), or access to live virtual workout classes ($400 – $1,200 per 6 months). These provide additional support and accountability.

With all components combined, a comprehensive 6-month Awaken 180 membership generally totals between $3,000 – $6,000 depending on your level of customization. Monthly costs beyond the initial 6 months drop slightly for continued access.

What is the Awaken 180 Program?

Founded in 2015 by certified nutrition specialist Paige Lopez, Awaken 180 takes an all-encompassing approach to weight loss that goes beyond the number on the scale. This virtual program offers personalized meal planning, one-on-one coaching, community support, and comprehensive education to help clients lose weight sustainably.

Some key components that set Awaken 180 apart include:

  • Expert Coaching: Participants are paired with a personal certified health coach for motivation, accountability, and expert guidance. Weekly check-ins keep you on track.
  • Custom Meal Plans: Your certified nutritionist crafts meal plans tailored to your food preferences, dietary needs, health conditions, and more. No extreme or restrictive dieting required.
  • Proprietary Resources: Awaken 180 clients gain access to extensive recipe databases, shopping lists, home workout videos, meditation guides, journaling tools, and other assets to support their fitness and nutrition success.
  • Supportive Community: An online member forum allows participants to interact with coaches and other clients for shared accountability, encouragement, and camaraderie – which research shows dramatically improves weight loss results.
  • Holistic Education: Articles, videos, live online classes and more continue to provide members with science-backed education on nutrition, sustainable health strategies, stress management, proper workout techniques, and maintaining motivation.

Expected Additional Expenses

Beyond the standard membership and coaching costs, there are a few additional expenses that can come up over the course of the Awaken 180 program:

  • Recommended Supplements: Your health coach may suggest certain vitamins, minerals, probiotics, or other supplements to address any nutritional gaps identified in your assessment. Budget $100 – $300 per month for these items.
  • Specialty Food Items: To make your custom meal plan as convenient and achievable as possible, your coach may recommend pre-packaged snacks, sauces, frozen meals, or rare ingredients. These food items could cost $300 – $1,000 more per month, depending on your plan.
  • Fitness Equipment: To fully participate in your prescribed workouts, you may need to invest in items like smart watches, yoga mats, resistance bands, stationary bikes, or other gym equipment. Expect to spend $500 – $2,000+ outfitting your home gym.
  • Extra Coaching: For VIP members, additional coaching sessions each month are included. But others can request extra sessions as needed for $100 – $300 per 60-minute video call for helpful accountability and guidance in between standard check-ins.

Again, every client receives a personalized quote outlining their program expenses based on any unique needs or considerations. Be sure to budget accordingly and inquire about any employer wellness benefits that may offset costs.

Payment Options and Financial Assistance

To make the Awaken 180 program more financially accessible, it offers several convenient payment options including:

  • Pay program fees in full upfront to receive a 10-15% discount
  • Set up a 6-12 month 0% APR financing plan to split costs into manageable monthly payments, interest-free
  • Pay membership dues biweekly or monthly via automatic credit card charges

They also accept HSA and FSA accounts to put pre-tax dollars toward health coaching and nutritional costs.

Awaken 180 occasionally offers limited-time promotions like free registrationone month of coaching free, or 50% off customized meal planning that can provide additional savings on startup costs.

For those who require an extended payment schedule or financial assistance, speak with your coach to create a personalized plan that works within your budget. Investing in your health and well-being is the priority.

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The Return on Investment

Awaken180 Weightloss LogoAt first glance, the $3,000 – $6,000 upfront cost of Awaken 180 may seem quite high and require careful budgeting. However, when you consider the incredible value of holistic, personalized support to help you finally reach your health and fitness goals, the program delivers significant ROI.

When comparing Awaken 180’s all-inclusive virtual model with hiring an in-person nutritionist, personal trainer, and health coach separately, it actually offers cost savings. Plus, the peer community provides additional accountability and support lacking in traditional weight loss plans.

More importantly, successfully achieving sustainable weight loss and improved fitness is truly priceless considering the ramifications excess weight can have on energy, confidence, disease risk, and healthcare costs. Just a 5-10% body weight reduction can save thousands in avoided obesity-related medical expenses over time.

For those able and committed to making a serious investment in their health, Awaken 180 provides an incredible level of customization and care for long-lasting results well worth the financial commitment.

Insurance and Employer Options

Since Awaken 180 is an online nutrition and coaching program, typical health insurance plans do not directly cover the costs. However, certain components may be reimbursable based on your policy.

For example, the initial assessment, meal planning, counseling sessions, and prescribed supplements may qualify for reimbursement through insurers like Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, or BlueCross BlueShield, potentially covering 25-40% of costs when claims are filed properly.

A growing number of forward-thinking employers are also now offering wellness benefits that include subsidies for virtual health coaching, weight loss programs, and nutritional counseling—sometimes up to 100% of costs. Companies like Target, Google, Samsung, and PepsiCo help employees access Awaken 180 at little or no cost as part of their commitment to worker health. Check if your employer provides similar perks.

Final Words

While the initial membership investment of $3,000 – $6,000 may seem high, the holistic education, personalized care, evidence-based methodology, and lasting results delivered by Awaken 180 provide incredible value—if you’re able and ready to make the commitment. Get in touch for an accurate, personalized quote outlining your unique program options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you eat your own foods on Awaken 180?

Yes! Awaken 180 meal plans focus on real, whole foods prepared at home. Your custom nutrition plan incorporates your food preferences and dietary needs, with no extreme restrictions. You’ll learn how to eat deliciously and sustainably.

Can you cancel Awaken 180 anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time by contacting your coach or Awaken 180. Depending on your contract, you may owe the remaining payments in your current billing cycle. Review cancellation terms closely.

Is Awaken 180 worth the $3,000 – $6,000 price?

For those who can afford it and are ready to commit, Awaken 180 can provide incredible value. The personalized support and proven methodology facilitate sustainable weight loss for improved health, avoiding substantially higher future costs associated with obesity-related medical expenses.

What foods are included in the meal plans?

No foods are off limits! Your certified nutritionist works with you to build balanced, enjoyable meal plans aligned to your preferences, incorporating all foods in moderation. There are no explicitly “good” or “bad” foods when consumed mindfully as part of a healthy diet.

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