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A bonsai tree is used in the art form of bonsai. Although this popular craft originated in Japan, it has grown increasingly more popular among other countries as well. Whether you enjoy landscaping and gardening or not, growing a BONSAI tree offers an enjoyable way to relax and feel accomplished. Some people use them for decorative purposes while others grow them just for fun; however, there are those who cultivate these trees as extra income sources.

Just how much will a bonsai tree cost?

Bonsai trees will wildly vary in price depending on the species, their age, and where you purchase them from. A simple one-gallon pot tree found at your local gardening center can cost as little as $5 whereas an aged 15-year-old Bonsai could be worth around $1,250 – Check out our table below for more information on the prices. The average 5 to 10-year-olds are anywhere between $250 and up to $400. If they’re older than this then expect them to be $500 or more.

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You may think you know what a Bonsai tree is worth, but it’s harder to tell than you might have thought. At Walmart, most retail between $30 and $60 while eBay guides say these plants can get expensive based on size or where they’re imported from – with hefty price tags up to the thousands.

The most expensive Bonsai tree, for example, sold at auction in 2013 for $1.3 million. Another costly bonsai tree was purchased by a collector and placed inside of their office building lobby that cost them $90,000 not too long ago. says the price tag on a Bonsai pot varies depending on what type you are looking to buy as well as its age at the purchase time. Older antique pots can be worth thousands of dollars even though they may have been mass-produced centuries ago; while buying cheap factory-made pots will cost just a few dollars.


Type Average Price
Boxwood $170
Brazilian Rain Tree $70
Chinese Elm $60
$330~ for 18-22 inch tall
Dwarf Jade $85
Exposed Root Grafted Japanese White Pine $690 for 13-16 inch tall
Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree $60
Gardenia $80
Ginseng Grafted Ficus $40
Golden Gate Ficus $240
Grafted Japanese White Pine $1,600 for 17-22 inches tall
Green Mound Juniper $120
Harland Boxwood Bonsai $120
Hawaiian Umbrella $95
Jaboticaba $60
Podocarpus $75
Satsuki Azalea $85
Variegated Chinese Elm Grove $320

Any additional expenses to expect?

When ordering online, make sure to check whether you have any restrictions on the minimum purchase, because there may be shipping charges to consider if you don’t meet the order requirements.

Here are some tips to keep in mind

Bonsai TreesMost people refer to Bonsai trees as small pot plants but they actually come in many different shapes and sizes. The height can vary from as little as two inches to several feet tall. If you buy a cheaper tree, they will often be grown from cuttings that make them grow up to six feet in just three years. Scars may show on the outside of the trunk because it is usually chopped off when it gets too thick, for easy transport or display purposes.

Tree planting can be tricky. Juniper, ficus, and cypress trees are good trees for those who don’t want to go all out in the beginning with their plants but still have a sense of responsibility, as they grow into luscious green bushes.

The term “prebonsai” refers to when you plant your tree inside a pot at nurseries.

Many people think bonsai trees are a special kind of plant, but they’re not. They’re just regular trees that can be found in nature; gardeners have developed techniques to prune and shape the tree so it maintains its small size and proportion. Bonsai is considered sacred because of how old some specimens are.

Is there any way to save some money?

You could save a lot of money on your bonsai by buying the seeds instead. BonsaiOutlet sells a kit with everything you need to start planting your first bonsai for just $27.95.

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