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Seeking to spread your marketing message without paying a great deal of money? Automobile graphics covers will get you just that. You’re guaranteed to get seen without blowing the marketing spending plan.

Automobile wraps are basically moving billboards. For a portion of the expense of paper ads or tv commercials, you’ll reach hundreds or even thousands of possible consumers every day. Promote your brand whether you’re driving down the highway or parked at any shopping center.

About Car Graphics Wraps

Graphics wraps can be applied to all kinds of cars: sedans, SUVs, buses, tractor-trailers – even boats. You can choose a wrap that covers the whole car, half the car, or only a couple of individual areas.

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Vehicle covers are printed on one of two kinds of vinyl:

Cast vinyl offers a paint-like touch and lasts one to five years. It’s the more pricey of the two alternatives.
Calendared vinyl lasts anywhere between 3 months and one year, making it perfect for a short-term ad campaign. It is far less costly.
Automobile wrap service providers can deal with every phase of the procedure, from creating your wrap to its installation.

Automobile Wrap Average Prices

Numerous service providers charge by the square foot:

  1. Cast vinyl wraps generally run from $12 to $15 per square foot.
  2. Calendared vinyl covers run from $5 to $8 per square foot.

Others charge a flat rate based upon the kind of car you have. If you go for the longer-lasting cast vinyl wrap, you should be ready to pay:

  • $200 to $500 for area graphics
  • $2,000 to $3,000 for smaller vehicles and small SUVs
  • $3,000 to $5,000 for big SUVs, trucks, and vans
  • $5,000 to $8,000 for tractor-trailers and buses
For a calendared vinyl wrap, you should cut those costs in half.
Down the road, if you will have to change a broken area of the wrap or fix any of the details, you should be ready to pay the square footage rates pointed out above. Taking it down generally costs $50 to $100 per hour.

Going for a Car Wrap Provider

Car Wrap CostExpense should not be your only factor to consider when going for a company or professional. A low-priced service provider may cut corners, leaving your wrap with unsightly bubbles or wrinkles. Pick a provider that has a strong track record and a long history in the business.

Before you talk with a prospective wrap provider, have a general idea of what you’re actually looking for. What message do you wish to send out to prospective clients? Do you wish to add contact info or some sort of call to action? You’ll also have to know details about the make and design of the car to be covered.

Before you hire any wrap provider, try to request a quote that consists of the expense of design itself, proofing, and setup. Many providers include all of those services in their rates, however, it never ever hurts to check.

This isn’t a new advertising concept, and you’ve surely already noticed a lot of cars that use this type of advertising, especially vehicles belonging to bigger companies.
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    It’s good to know that advertising vehicle wrap services can also be used on sedans. A friend of mine is thinking about using that kind of marketing strategy for her an escape room business she is thinking about starting. Since it’s quite a niche genre of interactive entertainment, it’s going to need al the time it can get in the limelight.


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