How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Motorcycle?

Last Updated on January 26, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you likely take great pride in your bike. While some opt for a custom paint job to make their motorcycle unique, a vinyl wrap offers another way to transform the look while protecting the original paint. But how much does it cost to wrap a motorcycle?

In this article, we’ll break down the typical price range for wrapping your bike in vinyl film. We’ll look at the factors that impact the overall cost. And we’ll give tips for saving money whether you DIY or hire a professional.

Key Takeaways

  • Partial wraps cost $800-$1,800 for vinyl and professional install
  • Full wraps run $3,000-$7,000+ with complete vinyl coverage and pro labor
  • Vinyl amount, complexity of the design, and size of the bike impact costs
  • DIY wrapping saves on labor but mistakes can get expensive
  • Compare quotes, wrap partially, and simplify designs to lower cost

How Much Does a Motorcycle Wrap Cost?

The cost to wrap your motorcycle is anywhere between $1,000 and $7,000 depending on the type of wrap you use, the size of the motorcycle, and so on. For a full wrap covering gas tanks, side panels, fenders, and every painted section, plan on:

  • $1,000 to $3,000+ for high-end vinyl to wrap an entire large motorcycle. Smaller bikes require less vinyl, reducing cost.
  • $2000 to $4000+ for professional removal, wrapping, and reassembly. Larger projects take more labor hours.
  • Total for full wrap – $3000 to $7000+ on average with high-end cast vinyl and pro installation.

Full wraps require meticulous work to wrap complex angles and recesses while avoiding seams, bubbles, and folds. This pushes up labor hours significantly for pros.

How Much Does a Partial Motorcycle Wrap Cost?

For a partial wrap covering just the main tanks and side panels, expect to pay around:

  • Vinyl cost – $300 to $800 just for the vinyl, depending on the amount needed and the type used.
  • Professional installation – $500 to $1,000 or more for removal, wrapping labor, finishing, and reassembly.
  • Total cost of wrapping a bike partially – $800 to $1,800 on average.

This covers a basic color change or graphic on the most visible parts of your bike. It leaves cheaper areas like fenders and lower parts unwrapped.

Factors That Determine Motorcycle Wrap Job Cost

Several key factors influence the total cost to wrap a motorcycle:

  • Coverage area – A partial wrap of just tanks or fenders costs less than covering the entire bike.
  • Graphics complexity – More complex designs, colors, and details are pricier.
  • Vinyl type – Premium cast vinyl films run higher than standard calendared. Unique finishes like chrome, matte, or textured also cost more.
  • Motorcycle size – Wrapping a larger bike with greater surface area ups the vinyl quantity needed.
  • Professional vs DIY – Pro installation is pricier but looks flawless. DIY saves money but requires skill.

Why Wrap instead of Paint?

Vinyl wraps have become a popular alternative to painting for customizing the appearance of motorcycles. Here are some of the benefits wraps offer:

  • Protection – Vinyl coatings shield your paint from scratches, UV damage, and road debris.
  • Removability – Wraps can be removed later to restore the original paint if desired. Paint is permanent.
  • Affordability – Vinyl costs less than a premium custom paint job.
  • Customization – Choose unique colors, graphics, patterns and finishes.
  • Resale value – Wraps won’t lower value like repaints might.

So for the look you want while safeguarding your bike’s finish, wraps are a smart choice. Next, let’s look at cost.

Types of Vinyl Film for Motorcycle Wraps

When getting a quote for a motorcycle wrap, the first consideration is the type of vinyl film to use. Some options include:

Cast Vinyl – This is a premium “conformable” film that molds to complex curves easily. It produces flawless finishes on challenging motorcycle surfaces. Cast vinyl ranges from $150 – $600+ per 54” wide roll.

Calendared Vinyl – A more affordable standard film alternative but tougher to apply on compound 3D shapes. Calendared vinyl runs $20 – $150 per roll.

Specialty Vinyl – Unique tinted colors, chrome, matte, brushed, carbon fiber and textured vinyl add cool effects but cost more, often over $300+ per roll.

The vinyl film is the biggest material cost, so the type chosen dramatically impacts the overall wrap price.

Professional Wrapping Process

Here’s an overview of the meticulous process professional wrappers undertake and what goes into pricing their custom wrap services:

  • Design consultation – Discuss ideas, colors, graphics, finishes, and other details with the client. More complex designs take longer to complete.
  • Removal – Removing existing parts like tanks, side panels, fairings, and lights takes time. Larger bikes mean more removal hours.
  • Surface prep – The substrate must be absolutely clean before wrapping, adding prep work hours.
  • Wrapping – This is the most tedious part, slowly applying the vinyl ensuring no seams, overlaps, or bubbles. Intricate textures or graphics increase wrapping time.
  • Finishing – Trimming vinyl edges precisely along contours and finishing clear coat application adds to labor.
  • Reassembly – Finally, reattaching all removed parts like the fuel tank, for example, completes the process. Rushing this risks damaging newly wrapped components.

Expect professional wrap prices to take all these labor factors into account, in addition to the square footage vinyl cost.

DIY Motorcycle Wrapping to Save Money

One way to reduce wrapping costs is to DIY the project if you have the skill. However, successfully applying vinyl requires:

  • Patience to work slowly and methodically
  • Steady hands to smoothly apply the film
  • Eye for detail to produce a flawless, seamless finish

Expect the learning curve to be steep. While DIY saves on labor costs, mistakes can get expensive if you waste vinyl film. If you botch the job, you may have to pay a pro to redo it correctly.

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Accounting for materials plus potential rework costs, budget $500 to $2000+ for a DIY wrap. This saves over professional rates if done right the first time. But the finish may not be as perfect.

Wrap Total Price (10’) Price per Square Foot 
3M Carbon Fiber Vinyl $42 $4.20
3M Gloss Black $25 $2.50
3M Gloss Metallic Gold $27 $2.70
3M Metallic (Brushed Black) $50 $5.00
Arlon Brushed Silver $34 $3.40
Avery Black Carbon Fiber $36 $3.60
Avery Brushed Black $32 $3.20
Avery Gloss Black $22 $2.20
Avery Glow-in-the-Dark $250 $25
Avery Matte Black $25 $2.50
Avery Reflective $70 $7
Avery Silver Chrome $100 $10
Oracal Camo Pattern $42 $4.20
Oracal Carbon Fiber $50 $5
Oracal Glow-in-the-Dark $110 $11
VViViD Camo Pattern $25 $2.50
VViViD Gloss Chrome Black $19 $1.90

Vinyl Wrap Maintenance and Durability

Wrap a Motorcycle in CamoOne advantage of vinyl wraps is their long lifespan compared to paint. With proper care, a high-quality vinyl motorcycle wrap can last 5-10 years before needing replacement.

To maximize the durability of your wrap:

  • Use motorcycle cleaning products designed for vinyl and avoid harsh chemicals
  • Carefully wash by hand using microfiber cloths to prevent swirl marks
  • Avoid using abrasive polishes or brushes that could scratch the vinyl
  • Apply vinyl protectant sealants to guard against fading
  • Touch up any small nicks immediately to prevent further lifting or peeling

Tips to Save Money on Your Motorcycle Wrap

Here are some ways to control wrapping costs:

  • Wrap just part of your bike – Partial wraps cost less in vinyl and labor time.
  • Use lower-cost calendared vinyl – Skip the premium cast films to save money.
  • Wrap yourself if skilled – DIY can cut labor expenses if done properly.
  • Simple, single color designs – Intricate graphics or multi-color wraps add expense.
  • Shop around for quotes – Compare material and labor costs from several wrap shops.
  • Provide your own vinyl – Supplying film yourself keeps material costs down.

Give Your Bike a Makeover!

While wrapping a motorcycle is a significant investment, the dramatic transformation is often worth it for bike lovers seeking a one-of-a-kind look. And the protection and removability of vinyl provides freedom to switch up styles over time.

Final Words

With smart budgeting and design choices, you can give your motorcycle the custom appearance you’ve always dreamed of with a vinyl wrap. Ride in style and protect your paint at the same time!

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