How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Golf Cart?

If you are thinking about wrapping your golf cart and you don’t know anything about the costs and what your options would be, you should read this article as you will find here all the answers you need.

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Golf Cart?

Usually, the cost to fully install a printed wrap on a golf cart is anywhere between $600 and $850, while the cost of wrapping a golf cart with vinyl would cost $240 to $550.

Most people are afraid that they will have to spend on a custom job on a golf cart the same that they would pay for a car. A custom wrapping job for a car would cost anywhere between $2,600 and $3,600 and this is not the case for the golf carts. One of the main reasons the latter cost less is that they have a much less surface area that needs to be wrapped.

The surface area of a golf cart is 1/3 of a truck and half of a car, so it will be cheaper. Also, golf carts have fewer details, grooves, and trims, making them easier to wrap.

Factors that affect the cost of golf cart wrapping

The amount of material needed

The most obvious and important cost factor is the amount of material necessary to wrap the vehicle. As you would expect, the more you need the more you would have to pay. In general, the size is written in feet and begins at 5ft x 1ft going up to 5ft x 25yds for larger orders.

Brand/pattern of wrap you choose

You can choose between many different patterns and brands for wrapping your golf cart. Like purchasing branded clothes, some will be more expensive than others. Some of the most popular brands are Oracal, 3M, and Avery Dennison, while one of the most popular materials is the vinyl wrap.


The cost of installation is usually overlooked, but this should be considered as well. In case you are not a do-it-yourselfer, you will have to hire a professional and pay them by the hour. However, most professionals include the installation in the overall cost of wrapping a golf cart.

Special equipment

You will need a space like a closed garage that is well-ventilated where you can apply the materials. Also, you need safety materials such as respiratory masks and other safety equipment.

Cart brand

Wrapped Golf CartMaybe you don’t know, but some specific golf cart brands have their own types of wraps designed specifically for them. In general, when you order these types of specific wraps, make sure that you buy the right amount and the perfect type of material.

You should know that, usually, these warps are not bought directly from the manufacturer.

For instance, you will have to pay around $330 for a Yamaha golf cart graphic kit.

Some of the most popular of golf cart brands that offer wraps that are specifically designed for them include:

  • Polaris: as they have a specific design and are eco-friendly, these golf carts wraps are very expensive.
  • Yamaha: this brand is known to be cheaper than others.
  • Garia: you will have to pay a little bit more for this brand than for others.
  • E-Z-Go: this specialized wrap does not come directly from the brand officially.
  • Club car: this brand offers a fully customized type of wrap designed specifically for them in order to make sure that every inch of material is accounted for.
  • Others: American custom gold carts ACG, Tomberlin, Star EV.

Design elements of vinyl wraps

Full or partial wrap?

Expect to pay more for a full wrap than for a partial wrap because more material will be necessary to cover the entire vehicle. But these wraps are ideal for making the golf cart look brand new and protecting it from different types of debris and UV rays.

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Keep in mind that if you choose an uncommon material, you will spend much more because the installer does not take advantage of the economies of scale that get from buying large quantities of common material.

Do It Yourself or hire an expert?

You can wrap your golf cart on your own but it is recommended to hire a professional. If you don’t have experience with this job, you may misalign the wrapping and rick to get a hideous look.

You may think that you will save some money if you do the job yourself, but you will spend more money in the end if you mess up and need to purchase materials again.

Why install a cart wrap?

Installing a cart wrap is a very useful procedure that will give the vehicle additional protection and a special design. Concretely, the advantages of wrapping a golf cart are:

Provides protection against rust

When you apply the wrap, the environment between it and the body is dry, free from moisture, which will prevent the appearance of rust spots. However, if your golf cart already has rust spots from being used extensively on the golf course, it is best to remove them from the golf cart skin before applying the wrap.

It is affordable

If you want to hide certain imperfections of the vehicle body or simply want to change the color of the golf cart without having to bear the costs of repainting, wrapping the golf cart body in vinyl wrap film is an option to consider.

It has a high lifespan

Contrary to popular opinion, the wrap applied to the golf cart is quite resistant over time. In the case of a procedure carried out by a professional, in a specialized workshop, the material can last even five years without losing its properties.

Increases the value of your golf cart

The value of your golf cart will increase by 20% if it is wrapped.

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