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Chipotle Mexican Grill Menu Prices

Last Updated on February 19, 2022
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a well-known fast-casual dining restaurant that serves mainly Mexican-inspired foods like burritos and tacos. This restaurant distinguishes itself from the others thanks to the high-quality natural and organic ingredients. Though this quality comes at a cost and Chipotle menu prices are a little bit higher than the majority of the fast-food restaurants.

The slogan of Chipotle restaurant is “Food with Integrity”, so they are proud to say that they are using only ingredients that come from farmers and ranchers who raise their livestock naturally and humanely.

At a first glance, you may say that the Chipotle menu has only a few items, but you can put together many different combinations. Some of the main entrees include salads, tacos, bowls, and burritos.

In the table below you will find the latest Chipotle Mexican Grill Menu prices.


Burrito, Bowl, Tacos & Salad

Burrito (Steak)   $7.80
Burrito (Chicken)   $6.80
Burrito (Barbacoa)   $7.80
Burrito (Carnitas)   $7.20
Burrito (Vegetarian)   $6.80
Burrito (Sofritas)   $6.80
Bowl (Steak)   $7.80
Bowl (Chicken)   $6.80
Bowl (Barbacoa)   $7.80
Bowl (Carnitas)   $7.20
Bowl (Vegetarian)   $6.80
Bowl (Sofritas)   $6.80
Taco (Steak) 1 Pc. $6.80
Tacos (Steak) 3 Pc. $2.50
Taco (Chicken) 1 Pc. $7.80
Tacos (Chicken) 3 Pc. $3.00
Taco (Barbacoa) 1 Pc. $7.20
Tacos (Barbacoa) 3 Pc. $2.80
Taco (Carnitas) 1 Pc. $7.80
Tacos (Carnitas) 3 Pc. $2.70
Taco (Sofritas) 1 Pc. $2.50
Tacos (Sofritas) 3 Pc. $6.80
Taco (Vegetarian) 1 Pc. $2.50
Tacos (Vegetarian) 3 Pc. $6.80
Salad (Chicken)   $6.80
Salad (Steak)   $7.80
Salad (Carnitas)   $7.20
Salad (Barbacoa)   $7.80
Salad (Sofritas)   $6.80
Salad (Vegetarian)   $6.80


Chips & Guacamole   $3.45
Chips & Salsa   $2.15
Guacamole   $2.15
Chips   $1.45

Kid’s Menu

Meal Includes Fruit or Kid’s Chips & a Drink
Build Your Own   $5.00
Cheese Quesadilla (No Meat)   $4.00
Cheese Quesadilla (with Meat or Guacamole)   $4.50


Patron Margarita   $7.40
Sauza Margarita   $4.90
Beer Regular $3.90
Beer Large $4.30
Bottled Water   $2.40
Bottled Drink   $2.80
Soda Regular $1.90
Soda Large $2.25
Kid’s Drink Regular $1.85

Brand History

Chipotle Mexican Grill company was created by Steve Ellis, a classically trained chef, in 1993. He started with the opening of 16 locations, all of them based in Colorado. Ellis had in mind the idea of creating a fast-food chain that focused on high-quality ingredients which are produced and grown locally, with a great accent on agriculture and responsible farming.

In 1998 McDonald’s Corporation invested in Chipotle Mexican Grill and in 2001 became its biggest investor. With the help of such an investor, Chipotle Mexican Grill developed quickly and in 1998 the first restaurant outside of Colorado was opened in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 2006, when McDonald’s chose to leave the Chipotle Mexican Grill company, it already had more than 500 restaurants in different areas around the world.

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Nowadays, there are more than 2,800 Chipotle Mexican Grill locations in different countries such as Germany, the United States of America, Canada, France, and the U.K.

When talking about Chipotle Mexican Grill we must say that they had completely eliminated the use of GMO ingredients in all of their food since 2015. Also, in 2010 they hired Nate Appleman, who was voted as “Best New Chef” by Food and Wine magazine, to assist in developing a new menu.

Our review

Chipotle Mexican Grill Menu PriceThe Chipotle Mexican Grill menu is simple and focuses more on quality and not on quantity. Their menu includes four main items: salads, burritos, tacos, and bowls. Though, all of these options come with a large variety of customizable choices like four different types of salads, rice, lettuce, beans, cheese, and sour cream. Also, as fillings, you can choose from vegetarian options, chicken pork, tofu-based “sofritas”, steak and barbacoa. If you want to take your children to Chipotle Mexican Grill, they will have their own Kids menu.

The most popular items from the menu are the burritos which are a flour tortilla wrapped with meat or “sofritas” depending on what you choose, as well as cheese, rice, guacamole, beans, sour cream, and mixed vegetables. Also, the steak and the tofu-based “sofritas” are the customer’s favorite. The food served here is delicious, hot, and authentically Mexican. Moreover, the prices are anywhere between $5.25 and $9 for almost all of their food items.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the most popular restaurants so the wait times may be longer than in other restaurants, but it is worth every minute you wait. Though you can save time by pre-ordering online and just going there and taking your order.

Chipotle Mexican Grill FAQs

What are the opening hours at Chipotle?

Chipotle Mexican Grill opens at 10:45 a.m., from Monday until Sunday, but it depends on the location. It is recommended to check their official website for this information.

What are the closing hours at Chipotle?

Chipotle Mexican Grill closes at 10:00 p.m., but again, it depends on the location.

Why is the Chipotle Mexican Grill menu so expensive?

Chipotle Mexican Grill is more expensive than other fast-food restaurants because they use high-quality ingredients which are costly. Their products are all locally sourced and the meat is free-range and free of hormones.

How much does the Chipotle Mexican Grill delivery cost?

The cost of the Chipotle Mexican Grill delivery depends on the location, but it is anywhere between $5 and $8 per order.

What is the most popular food item at Chipotle Mexican Grill?

The most popular food item at Chipotle Mexican Grill is their chicken bowl with black beans.

Is Chipotle Mexican Grill celiac friendly?

Yes, Chipotle Mexican Grill is celiac friendly. Everything at Chipotle Mexican Grill is gluten-free, except for the tortillas.

Does Chipotle Mexican Grill charge for the extra rice?

Chipotle Mexican Grill offers extra rice for free. There are some side dishes you can double up for free such as tortillas, beans, cheese, fajitas, sour cream, and lettuce. Also, you can add their vinaigrette for free.

What are sofritas at Chipotle Mexican Grill?

Chipotle Mexican Grill’s sofritas are entirely organic and are made from shredded tofu which is sauteed with roasted poblanos, a mix of several spices, and Chipotle chilies.

Is sofritas vegan at Chipotle Mexican Grill?

Sofritas at Chipotle Mexican Grill is vegan and vegetarian approved. Also, their guacamole, tortillas, chips, vegetable, salsas, rice and beans are vegan and vegetarian approved.

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