Christmas Meal for the Entire Family Cost

Christmas Meal Price

Christmas is a family event where everyone is in a festive mood and looks forward to having a good time. The whole family comes together to share some beautiful moments, as many people don’t get time during the rest of the year to do this due to their hectic schedule. These dinners tend to be a fancy affair and it is customary for people to have quite a lavish menu during the occasion. It is important to think about the cost of the Christmas meal so as to ensure that you do not end up going over your budget and spend more than you ought to.

The average cost

The cost of a Christmas dinner can vary depending on the menu you set and the number of people that attend the dinner. We are going to go through the cost of some common items which usually form part of a Christmas meal so you can have a general idea of how much a Christmas meal will cost you. We are going to discuss things that are typical of Christmas dinners. The prices we mention are standard, and there might be variations in prices in different shops. With this price list, you can decide on the menu for your Christmas dinner based on your budget.

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Let us first talk about the starters. It is traditional to have crisps, canapes, and prawn cocktails, and each costs around $3.20, thereby making the overall cost of starters to be roughly around $10.

The main course of a Christmas dinner usually comprises of Christmas turkey, which tends to cost around $18.65. The other dishes include sausages in bacon which cost around $3.20, while the cost of broccoli is roughly the same. Roast potatoes and stuffing can be bought for $1.5 each, while other items such as cranberry sauce, carrots, Brussels sprouts, gravy granules and onions can be attained at the cost of roughly around $1.05 each. Thus, the total cost of the Christmas dinner main course would be around $35.

Christmas Family DinerA Christmas dinner cannot be complete without desserts. A traditional Christmas pudding tends to cost around $2.12, while other choices such as chocolate log and cheese biscuits cost around $1.6 each. Cream would cost you around $90 cents, while a cheese selection amounts to $4.7. This makes the average cost of desserts in a Christmas dinner around $12.

You would also need to have drinks at a Christmas dinner. A bottle of wine can be purchased for $5, while a small bottle port would cost you around $6.

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If you are looking for a rough estimate for an average family comprising of four people, the cost of a Christmas meal can roughly amount to $70 to $100, depending on the menu that you set. This can vary, but if you have a tight budget and want to ensure that you enjoy your Christmas meal without worrying about your wallet running thin, our valuation will surely help you keep the dinner within your budget limits.

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Christmas is all about spending time with your family. The family dinner should be memorable and not necessarily for the food. The presence of loved ones should make simple things extraordinary. Therefore, you do not have to stretch yourself thin. It is advisable to decide upon your menu based on how much money you can set aside for the purpose without having to worry about the budget. A simple Christmas meal would work just as well as a lavish one. At the end of the day, Christmas is enjoyed with the company and not by the day’s menu. Therefore, do not spoil your Christmas Eve by entangling yourself in monetary issues and instead, enjoy the time that you have with your family.

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