Cornish Game Hen Cost

Cornish Game Hen Cost

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The Cornish game hen is a variety of broiler chicken. It is a product of cross-breeding between the Cornish and White Plymouth Rock chicken. It is labeled as the Cornish chicken heritage, as it is the first bred to develop a large breast over a short period of time.

In 1949, after a devastating farm fire in Connecticut, Tea Makowsky began cross-breeding chickens to try and create a fast-maturing bird with a particular eye towards its breast meat. By the 1950s, the Cornish hen enjoyed tremendous popularity because the chicken grew gigantic breasts very quickly. The chickens were ready for slaughter in less than five weeks and were enough to serve one bird per dinner.

How much does the Cornish game hen cost?

Typically, you can purchase a Cornish Game hen for a cost of anywhere from $2.50 to as much as $5 per pound, depending on where you live and how far the nearby store is. The other factors are their size and any current promotions. The price shown will be for an average size range of 1.75-2 pounds each.

Details on the Cornish game hen

Cornish game hen CookedCornish is a large-sized stocky breed. As for the body structure, it is known for its thick, compact body, which makes it a unique breed. The other features of this hen include its wider back and deep breasts. There are three general color varieties: dark, having dark blue, green with a brown patterning, and white with a buff patterning. A mature rooster weighs approximately 10 pounds, and comparatively, a hen weighs around 8 pounds. They can lay between 160 and 180 light brown eggs per year, and they are good table birds. Their close-fitting, somewhat textured feathers have a distinctive luster and brilliant shine. Despite their appearance, they are bulky in size.

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The nature of the animal is also an important aspect. Males are aggressive by nature, and females are calm. It is a lot better to raise Cornish chickens free-range. Cornish hens are good to keep as pets as there are many reports of them chasing foxes and other small predators away from the land they live on.

The Cornish breed has revolutionized the bird meat industry known as broilers. As a result of this hybrid being extremely fast-growing, it had enlarged breasts that satisfied the white meat appetite of the market. The Cornish crosses are shipped around the globe and raised commercially in purpose-built broiler houses. In small farms and homesteads, chickens produced for consumption are typically 49 days old or younger, from hatching to harvesting. Increasingly, Cornish crosses are brought and raised in chicken tractors, where grass bugs and fresh air are readily available. With this method, a bird is healthier and more tasteful, also increasing its nutritional content. Chicken tractor systems increase soil fertility as one of their positive side effects. Cornish Game Hen is world-class broiler chicken.

A Cornish game hen, as explained by the US FDA dictionary, is either a male or a female, weighing one to two pounds, and harvested when it is less than five weeks old. The bird has one of the more desired types of meat in various parts of the world. For the majority of the occasions, Cornish game hens make an excellent alternative to beef or poultry.

Cornish game hens sold in grocery stores are usually 100 percent natural, hormone-free, and high in omega-3 fatty acids. This unique white meat makes it fit for consumption and healthier too. It possesses a body that is different from that of the other chickens. The female hen is known for its distinctive size breasts and short legs. This feature distinguishes it from the types of birds and makes it more searched for.

Known for their leanness and niacin-rich meat, Cornish hens were a popular alternative to pheasant within European restaurants. The way of presenting it is also unique and interesting. Cornish hens served under glass will have a new and elegant presentation altogether.

It is a type of young chicken which has not reached its fully mature stage. Although, the Cornish bird originated in Cornwall, England. Its sudden rise to fame is due to it being liked in various parts of the United States. These birds are not known as being skilled egg producers, so they are only bred for their white meat.

A treat to an appetite, this Cornish hen, when seasoned with a mixture of lemon pepper, garlic powder, olive oil, and salt, gives a different height to the taste bud. Another great way of serving it can be apple glazed. The mixture contains a glaze of apple with cinnamon and lemon slices. You can even use roasted apple as siding to make the presentation more appealing.

When purchasing this particular type of bird, a crucial factor to consider is storage. If the product is bought fresh, it is best to cook it the same day. The storage of this type of meat should be only for short durations, as it is best to keep it in the freezer within 24 hours. Wash it well and seal it in an airtight container to maintain freshness and keep it well preserved for cooking purposes. This way, you will be sure you eat it fresh and healthy.

Any additional costs to consider?

Cornish game hens fetch a higher per-pound price than regular broilers or fryers, and one of the reasons for this price is mostly their long-standing reputation as exotic, harder-to-breed birds.

Any way to spend less on the Cornish game hen?

When it comes to meat, you should keep an eye out for special offers, discounts, or even coupons at your local grocery store. If you are shopping for this type of bird in bulk, then there are considerable chances that you will get a better deal, or you can lower the cost on your purchase when shopping from big retailer chains like Sam’s Club or Costco.

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