Rack of Lamb Cost

The Cost of a Rack of Lamb

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A rack of lamb is a spectacular dish that can be served during special occasions. This cut is made from six or seven rib chops, and the meat’s flavor comes from different herbs combined with flavorful enhancers. The presentation itself is enough to capture your guests’ attention due to its bone made into a handle for each chop.

How much does a rack of lamb cost?

A rack of lamb will cost, on average, anywhere from $16 to $30 per pound. The price, of course, will depend on multiple factors, some of them being the quality of the meat and the cost of living in your area. The overall price you will have to pay will ultimately depend on the weight of the pack.

For example, Costco, along with many other grocery stores offers an already vacuumed, sealed, and prepared rack of lamb for around $16 per pound.

Rack of lamb details

Rack of Lamb RecipeIt’s typically best to purchase a rack of lamb with six or so chops, which is enough for two to three people. The French roast and ready-to-broil option usually weighs three to four pounds; it can also be boned, semi-boned or boneless according to the preference of the buyer. Some packs will also come with instructions or a recipe on how to prepare the dish.

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Local grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and even wholesale clubs will have racks of lamb available, especially during the holidays. You may also be able to find it at your local butcher shop. Its availability will mostly depend on where you live.

Most lamb racks today come from lambs three to six months old, but this will depend on your distributor. Good farmers won’t let their sheep graze because they know it can lead to parasite infections and instead feed them non-GMO grains like oats or barley. All the distributors you buy from will have different standards when raising livestock for food purposes.

A rack of lamb is an excellent dish for a dinner party or other special occasion. Roasting is the most common cooking method and there are popular articles that offer different roasting recipes to try out.

Any extra expenses to consider?

Adding garnishes to a dish can make it more visually appealing and add that special finishing touch of elegance. Parsnips, carrots, potatoes as well as other colorful vegetables like red peppers are great for adding color or texture to your meat dishes. All these will not be included in the price of the lamb and will have to pay extra. There is no shortage of good lamb recipes in the world with helpful recipe books offering easy ideas on how you can create a stunning dinner plate.

You can also purchase pre-made packaged racks of lamb at grocery stores or butchers. These packages often include additional items such as spices and vegetables, so you don’t need to worry about getting these ingredients separately before cooking the dish. You simply have to put it in an oven for a quick meal.

Any way to spend less?

Buying meat in bulk can be a great way to save money. Butcher shops often offer discounts on bundles of lamb, and anything under $10 per pound is considered a good deal.

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