How Much Does Ground Turkey Cost?

Last Updated on February 22, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Ground turkey can be an affordable, lean, and versatile meat option for many shoppers. But with prices fluctuating based on factors like quality, sourcing, and promotions, how can you get the best deal on ground turkey for your budget?

This comprehensive guide examines the most important cost factors, purchasing considerations, budget tips, nutrition stats, and ethical impacts to consider when buying ground turkey.

How Much Does Ground Turkey Cost?

Ground turkey prices typically run between $3 to $6 per pound at regular supermarket pricing. But costs can fluctuate based on:

  • Type of turkey (organic, free-range, etc)
  • Leanness or fat content
  • Packaging and sizing
  • Where it’s purchased
  • Temporary sales or offers

For example, organic ground turkey generally ranges from $4.50 to $8 per pound. Higher-fat ground turkey is usually $1 to 2 cheaper than leaner versions.

Fischer Farms offers ground turkey in various quantities at these prices:

  • 1 lb tube: $7.13
    1 lb (10): $67.74 ($3.56 each)
    1 lb (20): $132.62 ($9.98 each)

Bringhurst Meats lists two types of ground turkey:

  • Regular ground turkey: $3.49 per pound
  • Ground turkey white meat: $4.59 per pound

Redbird Cafe sells ground turkey at $7.85 per pound.

Prime Cut NY provides kosher ground turkey white meat at these unit prices:

  • 1 lb: $11.99
  • 2 lbs: $23.98
  • 3 lbs: $35.97
  • 4 lbs: $47.96
  • 5 lbs: $59.95

Factors Influencing Cost

Several important factors impact what you’ll pay for ground turkey:

  • Organic turkey that is antibiotic-free and vegetation-fed commands 20-60% higher prices than conventional ground turkey.
  • Free-range or pasture-raised turkeys that had outdoor access average $1 to 1.50 more per pound.
  • Lean percentage – ground turkey with 93% or 99% leanness costs up to $2 more per pound than 85% lean options.
  • Ethical farming from local providers with published humane standards can add $0.50 or more to the price compared to factory farmed.
  • Bulk purchases in 5 or 10-pound packages offer 15-30% savings per pound over smaller amounts.
  • Seasonal pricing means costs peak near the holidays and then drop in January through October.

Purchase Options

Where you buy ground turkey also affects the price:

  • Supermarkets offer convenience, with occasional sale prices competitive with butcher pricing.
  • Club stores like Costco provide good bulk pricing with the purchase of larger packages.
  • Butchers may have better bulk or per-pound rates if you buy 5+ pounds. Ask about trimming deals.
  • Online specialty turkey can be $1-2 cheaper per pound through direct delivery subscriptions. Factor in shipping.

Market Trends Impacting Cost

In addition to production factors, larger market forces also affect ground turkey prices over time. Being aware of these trends helps predict pricing patterns.

Seasonal Fluctuations

Ground TurkeyAround November and December for the holidays, demand for turkey meat increases resulting in higher prices. Stocking up before the rush or buying during other months can provide 10-15% seasonal savings.

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Food Inflation

As food costs and meat prices in general increase, ground turkey costs also rise. Comparing inflation-adjusted prices and watching year-over-year turkey price changes helps buyers budget accurately.

Where To Buy for Best Prices

Where you purchase ground turkey can impact how much you pay as well. Here are some of the major options:

Supermarkets – Likely the most convenient source, but not always the most affordable. Comparing regular and sale prices across grocers helps identify deals. Consider loyalty programs for additional discounts.

Butchers – Local butchers may offer more competitive bulk pricing or custom grinds to your specifications. Ask about deals on trimmings.

Online Stores – Buying directly from online retailers can provide 10-20% savings through subscription bulk orders and bypassing grocery markups. Check delivery fees.

Budgeting Tips and Cost-Cutting Strategies

Use these practical tips to keep ground turkey purchases affordable:

Find Deals and Discounts

Check weekly flyers, clip coupons, and monitor deals through grocery apps. This can save $1 or more per pound.

Buy in Bulk

Bulk-purchased ground turkey can cost up to 30% less per pound. Split larger packages across multiple meals and freeze extras.

Purchase Whole Turkeys

Buying a whole turkey and grinding the meat yourself results in the lowest cost per pound. Requires time and a grinder.

Nutrition Stats and Cooking Advantages

In addition to being cost-effective, ground turkey also provides nutritional advantages:

High in Protein

A 3-ounce serving of lean ground turkey provides over 20g of protein for muscle recovery and satiety.

Lower in Saturated Fat

Ground turkey can have about 30% less saturated fat than the same amount of ground beef – a heart-health bonus!

Versatile for Different Cooking Styles

Ground turkey works great in chili, pasta sauce, burgers, meatballs, and more! Get creative with recipes.

Ethical and Environmental Considerations

The production and sourcing of ground turkey has impacts beyond nutrition and affordability:

Sustainable Farming

Opting for free-range, pasture-raised ground turkey supports smaller farms with sustainable practices.

Meat Grades

Understanding USDA grade labels like ‘Organic’ indicates higher standards were followed to earn the designation.

Safety and Quality

Always cook ground turkey to 165°F internal temperature. Choosing high-quality products from reputable brands ensures safety.

Final Words

  • Ground turkey prices range widely based on organic designation, leanness, promotions, and where it’s purchased. Compare unit prices.
  • Seasonality, inflation, and bulk options further influence cost. Use deals and shop strategically.
  • Cooking versatile ground turkey boosts meals’ nutrition and budget-friendliness. Focus on value, not just cost.
  • Consider environmental impacts, ethical raising practices, and meat quality when choosing ground turkey.

With this guide to cost considerations, purchasing strategies, quality comparisons, and budget-friendly cooking tips, you are fully prepared to shop smart, save money, and use ground turkey meat to power healthy, affordable family meals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ground turkey cheaper than beef?

Yes, ground turkey is generally cheaper per pound compared to most types of ground beef. The average cost of ground turkey ranges from $3-6 per pound, while 85% lean ground beef can cost $5-8 per pound depending on the brand and quality.

Even premium lean ground turkey is usually priced lower than the majority of ground beef options. The cost advantage makes ground turkey a more budget-friendly choice.

Is ground turkey worth it?

Ground turkey is absolutely worth buying over ground beef for the right recipes. The lower saturated fat content makes it healthier for heart health. It also costs less per pound while still providing high protein content.

The milder flavor of ground turkey allows spices and sauces to shine in recipes like chili, burgers, meatballs, and taco filling. Just be mindful of leanness, as extra lean turkey can dry out if overcooked. Overall, ground turkey provides quality nutrition and good value.

How much is a serving of ground turkey?

A standard 3-ounce cooked serving of ground turkey contains around 160 calories and 18 grams of protein, making it a high-protein option. Recommended serving sizes vary by recipe and the cook’s appetite, but a general guideline is 1/4 pound of uncooked ground turkey per adult portion.

This converts to around 3 cooked ounces or a palm-sized amount. Check the recipe or label for specific serving sizes to determine how many you need to purchase. Buying ground turkey in bulk enables grabbing just what you need per meal.

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