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Cornrows are a type of hairstyle that is considered a traditional African hairstyle, called by most people braids. While many people confuse cornrows with the style of box braids, the two hairstyles are not the same.

Cornrows are those types of braids that are attached to the whole length of the braid as well as your scalp and make the hair unmovable and flat against the head. They are different from box braids in that box braids cam move freely as they are not attached to the scalp.

How Much do Cornrows Cost?

The cost to get cornrows ranges from $30 to $230, depending on several factors like the salon you’re going to, the geographical location, the density of your hair, and so on.

If you only need a simple cornrow job with no extensions or other services, then you will likely spend between $30 and $70.

Among the most expensive cornrows are those that need hair extensions or more complex designs, which will cost closer to $100 to $200.

One example is the DP Hair Visions, which is located in Virginia. This company charges about $130 for a sew-in and cornrows. If you need tree braids, then you are more likely to spend $150.

Forum members from the forum also talked about the cost of cornrows, stating that they were charged anywhere between $50 and $170. According to them, this price will depend on the salon that does the job and the style of the cornrows.

The results of a poll conducted by also show that its members paid anywhere between $15 and $60 or more for cornrows. Based on this poll, only 5% of them said they paid more than $60, 30% said that they were quoted $40, and 15% said they were only charged $15.

Factors that influence the cost of cornrows

  • One of the most important factors to influence the cost is the length of your hair, as you will be charged more the more hair you have.
  • How urgent the need for hair extensions is, is also important, as you will spend more if you need hair extensions as well.
  • The style you pick – you can pick between different options, including zig-zag and straight cornrows.
  • The exact type of braids you’re going for
  • How thick your hair is
  • The salon/stylist you pick to do the job
  • Your geographical location

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Natural hair cornrows details

Cornrows give the appearance of a continuous line of something similar to “rows” as they are braided very close to your scalp. There are cornrows that have very complicated designs, although there are also straight ones.

If you have hair that is considered long enough, the whole process should only take a maximum of 45 minutes from start to finish.

What are the extra costs?

Cornrows for WomenYou shouldn’t expect cornrows to last forever, as no hairstyle does. But even so, as long as you employ appropriate hair care, cornrows can last for several weeks without needing any touch-ups. You should still visit a professional after a few weeks, as the hair will surely need to be cared for.

Depending on the length of the hair, you will spend an additional $80 to $120 to have extensions added to the cornrows.

You will spend a lot less on a basic and straight style than you’d do for a complex design that only a handful of stylists know to pull off.

As long as you need hair added, salons like Your Natural Image, which is located in Kansas City, charge anywhere between $75 and $200. Depending on the closeness of the braid, you’ll likely spend between $100 and $150 for a weave sew-in.

There are also some oils that you will have to apply on your scalp if you want to keep the hair healthy while having cornrows. These will also have to be bought separately.

Any additional services like a trim or shampoo will likely come at an additional cost.

You should also consider leaving a tip for the barber or stylist, as this is usually required. Tipping $15 to $20 should be enough as cornrows shouldn’t take more than an hour to make.

Important things to consider about the cornrow updo

You should never leave your cornrows in for too much time as this makes room for dandruff or even major hair loss. As your hair will also be pulled pretty tightly, it isn’t uncommon for some people to develop traction alopecia.

This type of hairstyle might be considered inappropriate by some employers, although this is very rare nowadays. If you know that your employer has harsh rules, ask them whether they have a problem with this type of hairstyle before getting it.

How can I save some money at the hair salon?

Coupon websites like Groupon often have deals for local salons. Using the simple trick of looking for a coupon online before going to a salon might help you get a discount of up to 70%.

If you’re a student or a child you might be entitled to a discount depending on the salon you’re going to.

As long as you’re not set on using a certain salon, don’t be afraid to ask around to see which place charges the least. Most of them will easily provide a quote over the phone as long as you give them enough information about what you need.

You won’t be able to keep your hair in cornrows for too long without having them redone or touched up once every several weeks. YOu might be able to get a discounted price if whenever you need a touch up you’re loyal to the same salon or stylist.

Local barber shops are usually cheaper than higher-end salons so make sure you check out the prices of both these types of establishments.

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