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Last Updated on February 21, 2024
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The Bilco company’s basement/cellar doors are the perfect way to add outside access or egress for your storage space.

These clever doors accessorize your home in a way that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them. When it comes to storing the perishable items of summer outdoor furniture, these doorways are designed with an extra-wide opening so they can accommodate anything from folding chairs and umbrellas to pool tables or water heaters.

The Bilco company has been in the building industry since 1926, supplying engineering and architecture firms with products they can rely on. The reputation of unmatched workmanship will continue for decades to come.

How much does it cost to install Bilco doors?

Installing a door in your home can be expensive. The cost of installation is often between $2,000 and $5,000+, depending on the circumstances. For example: if you need to cut into an existing foundation or add stairs for access then that will increase the price by quite a bit more than installing when there’s nothing blocking it.

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A Bilco door can cost anywhere from $500 to a whopping $750 without installation, which will depend on the size and where it is purchased. For example, The Home Depot currently has more than 50+ models of doors for sale with prices that start at as low as $600.

According to one person on, they were quoted $5,200 to have doors and stairs installed in their home.

One person on the forum received a quote from one installer who said it would cost $2,500 to remove some blocks and replace them with new ones, to lay dirt to grade any water away, and of course, to install the door.

Houzz is a great way to find inspiration for home projects. But, it can also be used as an informational resource! For example, Houzz user Marilyn says they were quoted $5,200 just in order to cut into their existing concrete foundation with precast steps bolted onto it and a 36″ door at the entryway.

Details on Bilco doors

Bilco Door ExampleThe process of installation is simple and straightforward. When the old door is removed, a new one can be assembled in its place with just some drilling for screws to fasten it there securely. The concrete will usually need to be repaired and some holes may need to be drilled into it, but other than that, with the right tools, it will be a simple job.

Bilco doors are designed to be long-lasting. The weather-resistant construction will never rust and you’ll never need painting due to the corrosion-resistant material. Not only is this door set up for use, but it also features hinges that index into hinge receiver brackets which have been secured in place with strong hardware such as pins, making them very easy to set up.

The doors’ gas-spring pistons don’t just make them quieter, they also help raise and lower the heavy door with ease. Without these handy features, you would need two hands to open a basement doorway.

These heavy-duty metal doors and panels have been powder-coated using a polyester resin to provide what you need in terms of durability and weather resistance.

The high-quality, corrosion-resistant doors by Bilco offer a flanged construction and an improved header design that sheds water. The optional durable weather-resistant powder-coated coating on their steel doors is sure to last under all seasonal conditions and provide protection from the elements of nature like snow or rain.

Powder-coated doors will be available in four basic colors. These are white, light gray, sandstone, and brick. The finish will result in a long-lasting, very durable coating that ages well while looking remarkable even after a considerable amount of time.

Any extra expenses to think about?

You should put some money aside if you think that repair work will be required on either the stairs or the doorframe.

Important things to remember

The door system created by Bilco is able to meet the requirements for an emergency exit from a finished basement, in accordance with the IRC 2012 Building code.

When you install a new Bilco door, it will come with the full warranty package. Certified installers guarantee all installations for five years. If any of their components fail to work properly during that time period, they will provide free replacements right away and at no extra charge.

Bilco doors give you direct access to your basement, which allows full use of the space. These special features also provide an accessible escape route or egress in case of emergency.

Is there any way to save some money?

Powder-coated Bilco doors will help you save money by reducing the need to paint basement doors. These powder-coated steel doors come in all of the popular sizes, including sizes B and C for your standard steel door size. They are also available with extension panels that expand them by one foot on both sides so you can cover gaps.

DIY options can help cut the cost of installing a door, especially if you have experience or are comfortable following how-to videos. As with any bigger job when professional help is required, it is always a good idea to get as many quotes as possible.

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