How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Pressure Washer?

Last Updated on January 13, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Are you considering renting a pressure washer for an upcoming home improvement project? Needing to clean the exterior surfaces of your home or give patio furniture a good scrubbing? Renting a pressure washer is an affordable option compared to purchasing your own pressure washing equipment.

In this in-depth article, we’ll discuss typical pressure washer rental costs, factors that impact pricing, types of rental equipment, and where to find pressure washer rentals locally or online.

After reading, you’ll know exactly how to rent a pressure washer and what it costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Pressure Washer?

The cost of pressure washer rental ranges from about $40-$150 per day on average. But pricing varies quite a bit based on these important factors:

Rental Period

The standard rental period is 24 hours, often with an allowance for going over slightly. But you can also rent pressure washers for longer terms:

  • Weekend – Pick up Friday, return Monday for 2-3 day rental.
  • Weekly – Keep the unit for full 7 days.
  • Monthly – Long term rental for an extended project.

Weekly rentals generally offer a 10-20% discount compared to the base daily rate. Monthly rates are lower still when available. The longer you rent, the lower your per-day cost is.

It’s smart to estimate the total hours you’ll need the pressure washer to complete your planned tasks. Don’t over-rent if you only need the tool for a few hours. But pad rental time if doing a large project to allow for the unknown. Nothing’s worse than realizing at 9 pm that your rental expires at 10!

Washer Type: Electric vs. Gas

The two main types of pressure washers for homeowner rental are:

Electric – Lower pressure models designed for residential cleaning uses. More affordable to rent and easier to transport. 120V or 240V plug-in.

Gas-powered – More powerful professional models. Generate very high water pressure and use hot water for tougher cleaning jobs. More costly to rent and transport.

Electric washers typically rent for $40-$60 per day. Gas models go for $60-$100 daily on average based on power and accessories.

Choose your pressure washer type based on the intensity of cleaning required. Electric models work great for light-duty jobs like siding, decks, and driveway cleaning. Gas powers through the toughest built-up grime.


Certain pressure washer accessories add functionality for specific cleaning tasks:

  • Surface cleaners – Attach to wand for cleaning flat surfaces like concrete faster. ($25-50 rental)
  • Rotating nozzle wands – Clean in a wider pattern than fixed nozzles. Good for quickly covering a large surface area.
  • Extension wands – Allow you to clean second-story and high surfaces from the ground.

Consider the accessories you might need for your planned tasks. Some rental companies will include accessories like surface cleaners at no added cost. Otherwise, plan on $25-$50 more for popular add-ons.

Delivery & Pickup Fees

Most equipment rental outfits offer free local delivery and pickup with a minimum 1-day rental. This saves you time and transport hassle.

However, some companies charge delivery/pickup fees ranging from $20-$50 each way depending on distance. There may also be added charges for fuel, insurance, and taxes.

Avoid delivery fees when possible by choosing a power washer rental location nearby. Check if the company allows you to transport the unit yourself – then you can pick it up and return it. Call around for quotes.

Of course, if renting for an extended period, delivery fees matter less when spread across multiple rental days.

Insurance Options

Pressure washers are vulnerable to damage when rented out. Rental outfits mitigate this risk by offering customers insurance add-ons:

Damage Waiver – Waives your liability for accidental/unavoidable equipment damage. Typically costs $10-20 extra per day. Purchase is recommended.

Loss & Theft Coverage – Additional coverage if the machine is lost or stolen during the rental. Extra $5-$10 daily usually.

Read the rental terms carefully to see what you’re responsible for damage-wise before purchasing any insurance options. Most rental companies require renters to pay for repairs caused by improper use or negligence.

Next let’s explore all the local options for pressure washer rentals.

Average Pressure Washer Rental Prices

To give you an estimate, here are standard pressure washer rental rates from national chains:

Home Depot Tool Rental

  • Electric pressure washer – $45/day, $140/week
  • Gas pressure washer – $65/day, $200/week
  • Surface cleaner attachment – $25/day

United Rentals

  • Electric pressure washer – $50-60/day
  • Gas pressure washer – $70-90/day
  • Weekly and monthly discounts offered

Sunbelt Rentals

  • Electric pressure washer – $59/day, $177/week
  • Gas pressure washer – $89/day, $267/week
  • Accessories and delivery extra

Your local independent tool rental stores will offer similar rates as the big chains. It pays to check and compare prices between a couple of rental companies in your area. Significant cost differences can exist.

Websites like RentalHQ.com let you quickly check area rental rates and shop multiple providers for the best deal. No need to call around or visit each store when you can compare online.

Beyond daily and weekly pricing, many rental stores offer monthly rates for long term rentals. Big projects like pressure washing a commercial building may benefit from a monthly rate.

The rental rates above are baseline costs for the pressure washer itself. Expect to pay more if adding accessories like surface cleaners or requiring delivery. Of course, sales tax will need to be added to the rental fees as well.

Pressure washer rentals cost

Now that we know typical rental rates, how do we decide whether to rent or buy a pressure washer?

Why Rent a Pressure Washer?

Renting a pressure washer is the ideal solution when you need serious cleaning power for occasional projects. Pressure washers use high-pressure water spray to blast away dirt, mold, grime and debris from surfaces. They make quick work of cleaning jobs like:

  • House siding, roofs, decks
  • Driveways and walkways
  • Patios, brickwork, stucco
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Vehicles, RVs, boats
  • Farm equipment

For most homeowners, renting a pressure washer on an as-needed basis makes more sense than buying one. Benefits of renting include:

  • Cost savings – No upfront purchase cost is required. Just pay for the time you need it.
  • Convenience – Easy pickup/delivery options at most rental stores.
  • No maintenance – Avoid the hassle of winterizing and storing a unit you rarely use.
  • Flexibility – Rent a bigger, more powerful model for tougher jobs.
  • Peace of mind – Let rental company handle repairs if equipment fails.

Many landscaping contractors rent pressure washers frequently for their business use. Rental costs are a regular operating expense that’s passed on to their customers.

We also have articles on the cost of renting: A Bounce House, An Apartment, A Backhoe

For occasional pressure washing tasks, renting a moderate PSI (pounds per square inch of pressure) washer delivers great value and convenience.

Buy or Rent a Pressure Washer?

The choice between pressure washer rental vs. purchase depends mainly on planned usage:

Ongoing frequent use – If use a pressure washer for cleaning vehicles, equipment, etc. regularly around a homestead or business, buying your own often makes sense long-term. Rental fees add up quickly when you use the tool consistently. Look for a quality gas-powered model in the $300-$800 range.

One-time projects – For a single driveway cleaning, exterior painting prep, fence restoration etc., renting a pressure washer for 1-3 days is likely the most cost-effective option. No storage or maintenance required.

Occasional light use – Only going for a major washing project every year or two? Opt for renting. The cumulative rental fees are cheaper than the upfront cost of purchasing a water pressure washer.

No storage space – Rent when needed if you don’t have a shed or garage to store a pressure washer and accessories long-term.

Calculate when rental fees outpace the purchase price of a pressure washer. Renting 1-2 weeks per year may cost less than buying. But around 2-3 weeks of cumulative rental equals the purchase price.

Where to Rent a Pressure Washer

Fortunately, pressure washers are readily available to rent at many local retailers and rental yards. Typically you can find pressure washer rentals at:

  • Home Depot – Rents electric & gas models. Online rental reservation available.
  • Lowes – Selection of electric and gas powered pressure washers for rent. Reserve online or in store.
  • Ace Hardware – Many locations rent pressure washers. Electric options primarily.
  • True Value – Electric and gas models available at participating stores.
  • Sunbelt Rentals – Pressure washer rental from 200+ locations. Online reservations.
  • United Rentals – Gas & electric choices. Over 500 outlets nationwide.
  • H&E Equipment Services – Pressure washer brands including Mi-T-M. 100+ branches across 20 states.
  • Tool rental yards – Check local results for specialized rental yards leasing equipment.
  • Party rental stores – Source for pressure washer rental in many areas. May have limited selection.
  • Power equipment dealers – Retailers selling power washers also rent models in inventory.
  • Online rental marketplaces – Rent equipment from local owners on sites like RentalHQ.com and RentyThing.com.

Looking beyond physical rental stores, some home improvement pros offer pressure washer rentals with operator included. The pro transports the equipment and performs the washing service – you just relax! Typical rates range $150-$250 for a half day’s cleaning work + rental fees.

Evaluate rental providers based on:

  • Convenience of pickup/delivery
  • Unit availability when needed
  • Rental terms like included accessories, insurance, cancellation policy
  • Condition of equipment – inspect before accepting!
  • Cost – search for best rental rates

With so many local and online options, it’s very easy to find and then rent a power washer that works for you.

Final Words on Pressure Washer Rentals

To recap our core advice on pressure washer rentals:

  • Estimate rental time needed and compare rates across rental companies. Anticipate some padding time.
  • Consider rental extras – accessories like surface cleaners improve efficiency.
  • Electric washers work fine for light duty cleaning. Rent gas models for heavy grime removal.
  • Take photos/video of unit at pickup to document condition, avoiding later damage claims.
  • Review rental terms and opt for damage waiver insurance for peace of mind.
  • With increasing rental time, look for weekly/monthly discounts from providers.
  • For one-time projects, renting is the clear cost choice over buying a pressure washer.

Renting the right pressure washer model and accessories for your particular cleaning work will make the job faster and easier. With daily, weekend, and weekly rental rates typically ranging from $40-$150, it’s an affordable option vs. purchasing a unit outright.

Now that you know where to find rentals and how much they cost, you can start planning your next pressure washing project. Grab a rental washer this weekend and get busy making your home’s exterior shine!

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