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Cost to Replace a Furnace Ignitor

Last Updated on November 19, 2020 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on November 19, 2020 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Typical Expense of Furnace Ignitor Replacement

Property owners generally pay somewhere between $120 and $225 to have the ignitor changed on their furnace. If the system is still under its warranty, you’ll only have to spend on labor which will take around 2 hours overall and will cost around $150.

This consists of the price of diagnosing the repair work, the furnace ignitor itself, elimination and replacement, in addition to screening and all labor expenses.

  • Typical DIY cost $20 – $45
  • Typical Specialist cost $120 – $255
  • Average Normal Expense $195 to have it installed

Summary of Furnace Ignitor Replacement

Most of the gas furnaces, both gas and propane, are fired by an ignitor instead of a pilot burner. The ignitor (or igniter) is usually a hot surface area ignitor (HSI). It is also described as a glow plug or glow bar since electrical resistance triggers the ignitor to glow red-hot, about 1200 F, to spark combustion.

With age, the ignitor wears or develops cracks. Continuity is decreased or broken, and the ignitor will need to be replaced. This can normally be seen throughout yearly upkeep and screening along with a visual evaluation.

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The expense of heater ignitor replacement is inexpensive enough that lots of house owners have it done pre-emptively throughout routine furnace cleaning and upkeep or do it themselves at a hassle-free time. This can aid to avoid waking up to a house without any heat throughout the coldest weather conditions of the winter season.

This article discusses this typical furnace and heating system repair work. Aspects influencing the price, the retail cost of an ignitor, and whether the project can be done in a DIY way.

Job Cost Information

The Cost of Replacement Components

There are only a couple of basic elements that will determine the furnace ignitor replacement price.

  1. Requirement vs Emergency Repair Work – This is the most substantial element to influence the cost. When a professional needs to come out in the evening or throughout the weekend, the labor rate might be 2 to 3 times more than rates throughout regular business days/hours. The most inexpensive time to have the repair work made is during arranged furnace cleaning and upkeep dates.
  2. Ignitor Type – Many are universal, however, if an OEM part is utilized, the expense might be more considerable.
  3. Ignitor or Ignitor Set – Generally only the ignitor with a small wire lead and plug is changed, and the expense isn’t a big one. If the whole assembly consisting of longer electrical wiring and mounting brackets is changed, the cost of parts and labor expense will be more noticeable.
  4. Igniter Access – Reaching the igniter is generally simple once the furnace panel has actually been eliminated. Nevertheless, some disassembly is needed on a couple of heating system brand names, and this will increase the labor part of the repair work expense.
  5. Furnace Access – Expense is more noticeable for repair work made to heating systems that are hard to reach – in an attic or confined crawlspace, for instance.
    Whether the part is Under any type of warranty – Many furnace service warranties are 5 or ten years on standard parts. Nevertheless, labor isn’t covered after the very first year (if at all), and labor is the bigger part of this heating system repair work cost. The part is so economical that warranty claims are hardly ever made. They’re more of an inconvenience than they are worth for a $25 part.
  6. General Cost of Living – In big cities, specifically in the Northeast and on the West Coast, basically everything will cost more. These expenses are more common in cities of the Midwest and South and tend to be most affordable in backwoods and villages.

The Cost of Installation Tools

Furnace Ignitor ReplacementFurnace ignitors are low-cost and commonly sold online and in hardware and house improvement shops. A lot of them are produced by third-party makers like Emerson, White Rodgers, and Honeywell. You’ll also see those made particularly for Provider, Rheem, and so on

  • $15 – $35 – Universal hot surface area ignitor only.
  • $24 – $90 – OEM/Furnace brand name hot surface area ignitor only.
  • $50 – $75 – Full universal ignitor assembly with brackets (not usually needed).

Authorizations and Examination Fees

$0 – A license is not required to change a furnace ignitor.

Associated Expenses and Setup Time

If you get the job done yourself you’ll save quite a lot on labor costs. The repair work takes less than an hour, however, the majority of businesses charge a minimum of one hour of labor, which varies from $65 to $125.

Set-Up Time Schedule

Changing an ignitor is among the easiest repair works a heater specialist will have to make.

It takes 15 to 45 minutes to change a gas furnace ignitor.

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