Cost to Solder Rings Together

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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Soldering a ring is used to join different pieces of jewelry together. The process involves heating the metal, melting it, and then connecting the pieces so that they stay together forever.

One of the main reasons people choose to solder their jewelry is to join their engagement and wedding rings. It is common for a woman to receive an engagement ring from her future husband, and she is going to wear it until the big day. On the wedding day, she will receive another one, the wedding ring. In order to wear them together and not as two separate rings, many women choose to solder them.

How much does it cost to solder rings together?

The price to solder rings together can vary depending on the number of sections being soldered, as well as the materials they are made from. For example, two gold bands might cost $35 to $50, whereas three silver ones would set you back around $60 to $75. As an average, the price for soldering two rings is somewhere between $35 and $100.

According to their statements, the customers of Zale jewelry store are being charged almost $45 for soldering their rings.

Jewelercam.com’s prices for soldering two pieces of jewelry can vary depending on how many rings are being connected. A set with just two rings costs around $45, but if you’re connecting three or more items in tandem, then the price will rise accordingly to account for additional materials needed as well as the labor fees. For example, for three soldered rings, you will have to pay around $75.

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According to the members of a BabyCenter.com forum thread, the price for soldering rings is anywhere between $35 and $65 per job.

At Long’s Jewelers store, in particular, they have different prices depending on whether your jewelry will be made from gold or platinum. So for soldering golden rings, expect to pay around $50 and about $80 for the platinum ones.

Soldering rings details

When all the pieces are cleaned and polished, the jeweler will proceed to solder them. After the jeweler has positioned both rings evenly for a perfect match, theye will hold them with tweezers to make it easier to solder. The rings are placed on fire and heated gradually, with a bit of solder applied to seal the gap. They cool down before being rinsed off and dried. Finally, the ring should be soldered in two spots. A file and saw will be used to redefine any seams that need polish so it returns back into its original glossiness.

What are the extra costs?

Expect to pay some additional fees in case you need to resize your rings before soldering them.

Important things to consider

Soldering a couple of rings


The benefits of soldering rings together can include preventing the two rings from rubbing against one another, which could lead to costly repairs in the future.  Solders also prevent tarnishing and corrosion due to chemical reactions between different elements like sweat or salt water exposure throughout time as well. Soldering is the best way to ensure a comfortable fit because it creates an airtight seal. There are no gaps between your rings, which means you won’t have those annoying lines showing up when they’re not soldered together.

There are some cons of this process, such as wearing both rings together and not being able to mix them up if you have already done a soldering job before. Also, it’s important to note that you might damage your solder rings when separating them in the future.

How can I save money?

You can save money by asking around. You should compare prices and talk with at least three jewelers in your area, but never forget that it’s important always to make sure you’re talking to the actual place of purchase as well. Most jewelry stores can offer an estimate over the phone if they know what kind of work is needed, so don’t be shy about giving them a call before making any decisions.

One way to avoid soldering is by purchasing ring guards. These inexpensive accessories can help keep your rings together and are as cheap as $6 to $12 each.

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